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Ayurvedic Tourism of Kerala

Ayurveda, the ancient natural healing science from India which is now celebrated all over the world as the prime source of natural strength and remedies in a world too infested by array of lifestyle oriented diseases, has come into international prominence and focus because of healing tourism initiatives boasted off by few states across India and undoubtedly Kerala still retains the crowning status among them. Nowhere in India and the world will you find such widespread practice of Ayurveda as it is in Kerala and this is precisely our motivation in projecting Ayurvedic tourism of Kerala our theme of discussion.

Ayurveda is not just a branch of medical wisdom and practice, Ayurveda in its core belief and philosophy is simultaneously a culture, a holistic way of living synchronized with nature and enlightening way of developing our crucial faculties and Kerala for thousands of years in every sphere of life has boasted off this living tradition of Ayurveda. In relation to providing here detailed account of Ayurvedic tourism of Kerala we must begin with the history of Ayurveda practice in Kerala, then a brief discussion on the herbal resources available in Kerala and finally end up our discussion with the most luminous places with rich tradition of Ayurvedic healing practice.

History of Ayurveda in Kerala

To obtain the insights into the rich heritage of Ayurvedic tourism in Kerala the historical accounts the development and growth of Ayurveda practice in this state is important. Ayurveda as the natural healing science went through development in both practice and theory for centuries and for more than five millenniums in different parts of India this natural holistic science continued to develop in various regards through incorporating local traditions and medical knowledge that existed in various parts of India even before Ayurveda came with its classical text.

As per several historical accounts long before classical Ayurvedic texts found their practicing standard in this herb rich state, there were different preexistent herbal medical traditions of local origin all over Kerala that subsequently merging with Ayurvedic mainstream practice as directed in Vedic texts and other seminal texts like Charaka Samhita or Sushruta Samhita actually developed the Ayurvedic oeuvre as a whole and this is the historic reason behind the modern development of Ayurvedic tourism of Kerala.While most part of the India for a strong medical tradition was still looking towards Brahminical tradition of classical Ayurveda, Kerala was there with its authentic homegrown version of herbal medical and Ayurvedic practice that subsequently merging with the mainstream Brahminical classical Ayurveda would help to develop Ayurveda to become more complete and inclusive.

Kerala had been famous for millenniums for exotic herbs and natural spices which besides its delicate aroma and culinary application for satiating taste buds have also played a crucial role in developing Kerala as a resourceful hub of natural herbal preparations for medications. Even after widespread industrialization and encroachment of civic life Kerala still is considered to be the quintessential hub of medicinal plants and herbs in India. This availability and predominance of Kerala in herbs is one aspect that made Ayurvedic tourism of Kerala so well known a specialty.

Top Tourist Places in Kerala for an Ayurvedic Tour

Kerala is the home to so many natural wonders, from the lush greenery of tropical forests and plantations to the mirror still crystal water ways of backwater lagoons, lake to the splendor of mighty Arabian sea along one of the most natural coastline, but no natural wonder or splendor can match the astounding heritage and ancient tradition that Kerala offers with its quintessentially authentic homegrown version of healing Ayurveda. Ayurvedic tourism of Kerala more than other natural splendor and color made Kerala such a great place for travelers from all over the world.

Most importantly while you are on an Ayurvedic tour in Kerala the state can enthrall you with its beautiful nature right around your Ayurvedic resort or treatment center. Just keeping an eye on the silent and picturesque backwater you can experience a hot oil massage on your body or just in between your regular doses of yoga or Panchakarma you can walk into the splashing blue water of Kovalam beach to sooth your sensation from the monotony of going through the treatment. Ayurvedic tourism of Kerala is just not about health but soul soothing and refreshing. Here we would introduce top five locations in Kerala famous for their richest tradition of practicing authentic Ayurveda for decades.


Kovalam undoubtedly is the most popular beach of Kerala, but for tourists seeking a rejuvenating Ayurvedic massage or natural detoxification therapy, there are wide range of Ayurvedic therapy and rejuvenation centers starting from luxurious resorts to simple and economic treatment centers. If you have long cherished the imagination of getting Ayurvedic healing touch with the sea water splash in front of your eyes with all natural splendor of sand, blue and sun, Kovalam is the place to be. Somatheeram Ayurvedic Resort, Ideal Ayurvedic Resort, etc. are some of the special choices that made Ayurvedic tourism of Kerala so prominent.


Palakkad is a district in Kerala too rich in varying landscapes, natural splendor and great range of Ayurvedic resorts of international recognition and fame and the authentic treatment and rejuvenation of these resorts gave Palakkad as a district a special place in the Ayurvedic treatment map of the country. From the scenic heights of Neliampathi Mountains to the wide open lush green paddy fields the district can offer picturesque Kerala in its most vibrant splendor along with the Ayurvedic resorts and treatment centers like Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort, Kalari Kovilakam, Rajah Healthy Acres, etc.


Alleppy or Alappuzha is worldwide known for its scenic splendor and soul soothing green coconut palms and mirror still blue water of sprawling backwater alleys and picturesque islands and lakes, but equally Alleppy came into prominence as one of the most prominent centers of Ayurvedic tourism of Kerala. From luxurious spas and resorts to houseboat Ayurvedic treatment, Alleppy has a wide range of options to offer to suit your budget and treatment requirement. A rejuvenation therapy by the specialist while you are floating on the backwater on a spacious houseboat can make you convinced why Kerala is called God's own country.


Trivandrum as the capital of the state and as one of the scenic beach tourism centers offers wide range of Ayurvedic rejuvenation centers and therapeutic resorts to satisfy the healing need of all types of disorders and health complications. Trivandrum can offer sea facing resorts to peaceful and economic stay with a budget Ayurvedic package according to your need. There are wide number of luxurious and economic choices like Beach and Lake Ayurvedic Resort, Kerala Ayurvedic Health Care and many more.


Kerala has got to offer some lustrous splendors of quaint hill stations with lofty and thick forest cover, plantations, mist and lush green valleys. The district of Idukki along with the bright mountain specter offers some of the most scenic hill resorts and Ayurvedic spas to rejuvenate your soul with the silent and healing company of nature. Some of the top Ayurvedic resorts that contributed immensely for the Ayurvedic tourism of Kerala thrive are in this district. Some of the top names among Ayurvedic resorts in the hill stations across this district are Ananya Hill Ayurvedic Resort in Vagamon, Surya Ayurvedic Health Resort in Munnar, etc.



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