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Why we celebrate Diwali :'The Festival of Light' - 12 Oct 2014
appeared from their 12 years of banishment as a result of their defeat in the hands

Life saving drug have become expensive: Sharad Yadav - 12 Oct 2014
, as a result of which these medicines will be beyond the reach of the common man

Lakme Fashion Week 2014: Sonakshi opened the show for Manish Malhotra - 12 Mar 2014
for her latest movie Queen. Needless to say, Lake Fashion Week is one

India to face tougher challenge in 2009-10: Subbarao - 27 Mar 2009
of inflation rate to 0.26%, as per the latest inflation data, RBI indicated

Rise of McCain in polls marks shift in US Congress races - 01 Jan 2008
jeopardy compared with only six to eight Democrats at real risk. As a result

Lucknow zoo unable to provide shelter to rising number of leopards - 01 Jan 2008
for visitors to the zoo. The couple gave birth to many cubs. The latest birth of a cub

PPP ministers in Punjab not even on talking terms with CM Shahbaz Sharif - 01 Jan 2008
for Sunday and as a result of which the visit was cancelled, reported the Dawn. He

Mugabe loves tennis, cricket and BBC, says former aide - 01 Jan 2008
will not relinquish power willingly and I am very pessimistic about the latest talks

Australia to go ahead with its India tour - 01 Jan 2008
said yesterday.  "We want to find out if the latest bombings will change

Cell phones as harmful as alcohol when mixed with driving - 01 Jan 2008
Toronto, Sept 15 (ANI): We've always been told not to talk on cell phones while driving, now Ontario's doctors are the latest to advise the same, insisting that the cell phones can be as fatal as alcohol when mixed with driving. 

Soon, Google's "computer navy" for green internet computing on the high seas - 01 Jan 2008
.  As a result, the internet is not very green.  Data centres consumed 1

World Ozone Day (Sep 16) and our commitments - 15 Sep 2008
, which will first result in floods and then a long lasting drought * Exposure

McCain's running mate Sarah Palin hurls 'Hillary-salvo' at Obama - 01 Jan 2008
are reversed. The latest average of polls has McCain ahead of Obama by 2.3.... But, her latest comments about Hillary evoked strong reaction from women

'Golmaal Returns' attempts to tickle audiences' funny bone - 01 Jan 2008
of us and we are very happy with the final result," said Shetty. Talking about

How Beyonce won her battle against junk food cravings - 01 Jan 2008
and trim body for the latest US Sports Illustrated magazine. (ANI) 

Child mortality rate worldwide comes down to 27 percent since 1990: UN report - 01 Jan 2008
to result in further declines in child mortality over the coming years,"

Lucknow Zoo faces space crunch for housing leopards - 01 Jan 2008
. With tiger population dwindling in recent years as a result of poaching

Shivraj Patil to conduct aerial survey of flood-affected areas in Assam - 01 Jan 2008
on the latest flood damages to the Home Minister.  On Saturday, state Chief

Serial blasts shake Capital, 10 dead - 13 Sep 2008
at Greater Kailash-I and one in Connaught Place. As a result of this blast

Nothing new in IAEA's report: Pak Foreign Office - 01 Jan 2008
and the conclusions drawn by the agency as a result of its follow up

Eva Mendes gets 10 out of 10 when it comes to lesbian lip-locks! - 01 Jan 2008
Washington, Sep 13 (ANI): Hollywood actress Eva Mendes has been branded a great kisser by Natasha Alam, after she locked lips with her in the latest flick 'The Women'. The 'Hitch' actress plays the 'other woman' in Jada Pinkett

Democrat strategist slams media for being hard on Palin - 01 Jan 2008
Washington, Sep 13 (ANI): A former aide to Hillary Clinton's campaign has told CBS News that the media have been much harder on Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin than the other candidates in the race, and as a result "have

Tests reveal Microsoft has fixed problems plaguing Windows Vista at launch - 01 Jan 2008
with the latest updates. "From a performance, stability, and security standpoint... performance or stability if you want to run the latest version of Windows," the Sydney

Proton's spinning ways are a result of moving quarks - 01 Jan 2008
Washington, September 13 (ANI): New theory work at the U.S. Department of Energy's Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility has shown that more than half of the spin of the proton is the result of the movement of its building blocks

Another Brit Asian police commander in Met probe - 01 Jan 2008
has surfaced. The latest case involves Commander Ali Dizaei, the President... of the Metropolitan Police.  The investigation is the latest twist

Hackers who hit "Big Bang" machine's website mock its "bunch of school kids" security - 01 Jan 2008
no longer be accessed by the public as a result of the attack. Scientists

PML-N warns of Pak pulling out of US-led War on Terror over unilateral strikes - 01 Jan 2008
American flags after the latest missile attack.  The missile from US Drone hit

US strikes leave Zardari "between proverbial government and a hard place" - 01 Jan 2008
the alliance with Washington has become much harder as a result of the US incursions

State HC reserves order on Amarinder's plea - 12 Sep 2008
for London to participate in a charity show, finalise the publication of his latest

10 killed in US drone missile strike in Miran Shah - 01 Jan 2008
as 12.  The latest strike comes amid reports that U.S.President George W

Indian Navy to refit Seychelles coast guard ship Topaz - 01 Jan 2008
in the region.  The latest initiative in this direction is the IONS

Soon, kids to be trained the Jedi way for their personal development! - 01 Jan 2008
. Lightsabres not provided." The course comes in line with Britons' latest

Becks desperately wants fans to fall in love with England team again - 01 Jan 2008
this result can lift the nation as a whole. The fans we have travelling all the time...."Hopefully this result will help that too and we can carry it forward," he added

1 in 10 Brit pupils believes in creationism - 01 Jan 2008
from common ancestors as a result of Darwinian natural selection, he said. (ANI

Concerned Democrats want Obama to take control of campaign, be more strident - 01 Jan 2008
;The uneasiness among Democrats is the result of a confluence of factors in the week since

Global warming is going to shrink the world's species - 01 Jan 2008
London, September 12 (ANI): Ecologists have warned that global warming might result in species shrinking in size. According to a report in New Scientist... are smaller as a result of pressures of the fishing industry. The degradation

Kenyan kin suffer Obama's quest for the White House - 01 Jan 2008
goats.  According to The Times, the attempted burglary is only the latest

Bangladesh launches climate action plan - 01 Jan 2008
as a result of climate change. At the conference, the UK and Bangladeshi... access to the latest science and technological developments.  Bangladesh should

Inflation slips for third straight week to 12.1% - 12 Sep 2008
latest Wholesale Price Index (WPI) data, it has slipped to 12.1% for the week... year that was at 3.72%. According to latest index report of inflation, the WPI

A sigh of relief for pepperoni pizza sufferers - 01 Jan 2008
;The latest discovery may now tell how the body actually "hears" pelvic pain... is published in the latest issue of Nature Clinical Practice Urology. (ANI) 

Rural HIV care still riddled with inefficiencies - 01 Jan 2008
.  The study appears in the latest issue of the journal AIDS Patient CARE

Pak Army claims killing 100 militants in Bajaur - 01 Jan 2008
," the official told reporters. "According to the latest information from... for some time. The latest death toll was based on intelligence intercepts

Health clubs for rural youth in Punjab villages - 01 Jan 2008
-equipped with the latest multi-purpose health machines and other required

Timbaland sues Oz tour company for ruining concerts, tarnishing image - 01 Jan 2008
the required production elements for the tour. "As a result, on the eve

Urge for sex almost always fatal for small male spiders - 01 Jan 2008
consumed while small males were consumed 80 percent of the time.  This result

Magma chamber beneath Mount Vesuvius rises towards the surface - 01 Jan 2008
Washington, September 11 (ANI): A new study has indicated that the magma reservoir beneath Mount Vesuvius in Italy has been migrating toward the surface over the past 20,000 years, which might result in a mild eruption. According

Feasible emission scenarios identified that could keep CO2 below climate threatening levels - 01 Jan 2008
by about 2080 at the latest, with levels in two of the scenarios always

Assembly expels Amarinder for alleged corruption charge - 11 Sep 2008
. Meanwhile as per latest report, the former chief minister has filed petition

Sex for oil scandal surfaces in US Interior Department - 01 Jan 2008
;The findings are the latest sign of trouble at the Minerals Management Service, which has

Obama would have been better off picking Hillary Clinton than me: Biden - 01 Jan 2008
of this election."  It was the latest shot in a spate of political crossfire

England on road for World Cup 2010 qualification: Capello - 01 Jan 2008
to the top of Group Six with two wins out of two."The result is better than I... together. This result is great but it's just a start. It was a good performance, a good result - but it's only one victory, not more," Capello said. (ANI) 

McCain leads Obama 45 percent to 42 percent in latest Fox News poll - 01 Jan 2008
Washington, Sept.11 (ANI): Republican John McCain continues to maintain a slim lead over Democratic rival Barack Obama, almost two weeks after the Republican convention in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Top US army official calls for major strategy shift to win war-on-terror in Afghanistan - 01 Jan 2008
insurgency fueled by havens in Pakistan. As a result, the war is exacting a worsening

McCain's VP pick sitting well with most American voters - 01 Jan 2008
percent believe it is the result of gender-based considerations. (ANI) 

McCain's VP pick sitting well with most American voters - 01 Jan 2008
percent believe it is the result of gender-based considerations. (ANI) 

"Naked-eye" gamma ray burst was aimed squarely at Earth - 01 Jan 2008
their findings in a paper in the latest issue of the journal Nature, following

The Queen is seeking an audience with YouTube makers at Google! - 01 Jan 2008
up to date with the latest technology. The visit to Google is another example

Pak safe haven has turned Qaeda, Taliban combo into an out-of-control Frankenstein - 01 Jan 2008
. As a result, new militant groups, most notably Tehreek-i-Taliban (TTP

Bleeding gums 'up heart attack risk' - 01 Jan 2008
in our mouths.  As a result, the risk of having a heart attack increases

If we are guilty, punish us: Amitabh Bachchan - 01 Jan 2008
from the Maharashtra.  The latest row erupted after Bachchan''s actress

Jharkhand artists seek proper marketing facilities - 01 Jan 2008
.  The result is that the artists are compelled to live a deplorable life

Why intelligent people also possess better self-control - 01 Jan 2008
, intelligence and delay discounting may result in improved techniques of increasing self

Ellen DeGeneres may be the new face of 'Cover Girl' - 01 Jan 2008
New York, Sept 10 (ANI): Ellen DeGeneres is set to follow in the footsteps of supermodels, including Christie Brinkley, by becoming the latest face of CoverGirl makeup, according to reports. The 50-year-old star is rumoured to have

Oz brides flocking to botox clinics to look perfect on their big day - 01 Jan 2008
one bride per week. And the latest treatment for would-be brides

Human embryonic stem cell secretions reduce heart injury by 60pc in pigs - 01 Jan 2008
Lane, IMB's Executive Director, said, "This is a very exciting result from Dr

July systems' Mi channel gives Network 18's a Mobile 2.0 upgrade - 01 Jan 2008
channels result in significantly increased usage, advertising inventory... section that displays the latest price of your recent search queries

Imprisoned Zia overcomes all legal obstacles to be freed - 10 Sep 2008
held local body elections and swept the result in their favour. After

Pain killing drug can prevent diabetes induced retinal destruction - 01 Jan 2008
is published in the latest issue of Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual

Daniel Craig reminds Rachel McDowall of her dad! - 01 Jan 2008
a CIA stewardess in the latest Bond flick but she does not share an onscreen smooch

Disruption of gatekeeper gene may trigger colon cancer - 01 Jan 2008
, a protein complex that plays an important role in cancer development. The latest... in the latest issue of the journal Cancer Cell. (ANI) 

Bacteria's sticky glue may pave way for superbug vaccine - 01 Jan 2008
to the sugar compound does not result in most people and animals making an immune

Republicans term Obama's "lipstick on a pig" comment as disgraceful, demand apology - 01 Jan 2008
"disgraceful." She said, "This is just the latest in a series of comments

'Magical' snake venom anti-wrinkle cream becomes instant hit! - 01 Jan 2008
London, Sept 10 (ANI): A face cream made with venom from an Asian snake is being touted as the latest miracle to ward off wrinkles. Coming at 60 pounds a jar is an instant hit amid claims that it 'freezes' muscles in a way similar

Four-member joint panel to inspect Singur site today - 01 Jan 2008
contrary to the arrangement and which may result in not honouring

Pak Al Qaeda chief killed in US' air strikes in Miranshah - 01 Jan 2008
since the fall of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan in 2001. The latest

CB and I Awarded Contracts for World-Scale Petrochemical Complex in India - 01 Jan 2008
Lummus' latest generation SRT(R) VI cracking furnaces and recovery technology.  

Independents flocking to McCain - 01 Jan 2008
;The latest Zogby International survey showed the McCain ticket ahead 49.7 percent

Toyshop flash cards, Brit cops' latest crime busting secret! - 01 Jan 2008
London, Sept 9 (ANI): With there being so many crime victims who cannot speak English, a new innovative way has been found to help cops deal with them - flash cards.

Internet-enabled TVs set to hit Aussie lounges - 01 Jan 2008
of next year at the latest. Other big TV makers including Sony, Philips

Log on to to help you deal with your teen kids - 01 Jan 2008
through it and the problems seem a lot bigger as a result," Times Online quoted her

SC sets arrears price rate at Rs 110/quintal for cane - 09 Sep 2008
; As a result of the decision, the cane growers will now be able to get net

In India smoking among youngsters is a major concern: Dr. Ramadoss - 01 Jan 2008
is the most common preventable cause of death in the country. The latest round of NFHS-3, chooses Akamai to optimize performance and scalability - 01 Jan 2008
of said, "Akamai-optimization of our search application will result... optimization and connection optimization technology. The result is increased

McCain's hug with Palin leaves "room for the Holy Ghost", say etiquette experts - 01 Jan 2008
to be cognizant that she is wandering into the danger zone, with the result that as she hugs

McCain leads Obama for first time - 01 Jan 2008
Washington, Sep 9 (ANI): Republican presidential nominee John McCain leads Democratic rival Barack Obama 46 percent to 44 percent in the latest CBS News poll... a better opinion of the Alaska governor as a result of the speech; just 16 percent say

Daniel Craig's 'Flashbacks of a Fool' producers sued for damaging millionaire's house - 01 Jan 2008
London, September 9 (ANI): The producers of James Bond star Daniel Craig's latest film 'Flashbacks of a Fool' have been sued by a millionaire for causing extensive damage to his house, and destroying his prized driveway.  Glen Haysman

Sports-cheat drug can improve memory functions - 01 Jan 2008
of EPO were thought to result from the blood-boosting effects of the drug

Is Stephanie Rice's new mystery man her long-time training partner? - 01 Jan 2008
;However, Rice refused to be drawn on her latest romance. "I really don't want

Tele Atlas expands to deliver digital map of India - 01 Jan 2008
, Mumbai (including Mumbai, Thane, Kalyan and Navi Mumbai) and Pune. 

Critics brand Keira Knightley 'too skinny' to play hourglass figured 'Duchess' - 01 Jan 2008
London, Sept 9 (ANI): English actress Keira Knightley, who had been criticised for being too thin in her latest role in 'The Duchess', arrived at the Toronto Film Festival wearing a strapless grey gown showing off her slender frame. 

Now, a Sarah Palin doll with a $27.95 price tag! - 01 Jan 2008
London, Sept 9 (ANI): Forget Batman, or GI Joe, the latest action doll to rule store shelves has arrived in the form of Sarah Palin, the Alaska Governor who John McCain has chosen to be his Republican presidential running mate. Toy

Why walking men seem to always come towards you and women away - 01 Jan 2008
figures always as facing in their direction.  But, in the latest study... reasons." The study is published in the latest issue of Current Biology

Pain and Parkinson's go 'hand-in-hand' - 01 Jan 2008
in the latest issue of Archives of Neurology, one of the JAMA/Archives journals

Failed policies, poor strategic choices have overstretched US military: Lieven - 01 Jan 2008
largely been a result of the dynamics of Pakistan's domestic politics, he said, adding

Fake news programmes teach voters less about politics than TV news shows - 01 Jan 2008
impressions about a candidate based on their background.  "The end result

Now, a Polish 'dungeon dad' who raped his daughter for 6 years surfaces - 01 Jan 2008
probably a result of rape".  The cops said that the Polish dad watched over

Jaya Bachchan apologises for 'anti-Marathi' remarks - 01 Jan 2008
the local people from the Maharashtra.  The latest row erupted after

Astronomers detect presence of planets in young gas discs - 01 Jan 2008
and will most likely result in very different planetary systems," concluded Pontoppidan

Valley networks on Mars carved by long period of episodic flooding - 01 Jan 2008
would result in features not seen in the Martian landscape, because water would

Ramadoss to inaugurate tobacco control workshop today - 01 Jan 2008
in the country. The latest round of NFHS-3 (2005-06) indicates an increasing prevalence

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