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Resul Pukootty is ecstatic as he shows off his Oscar trophy to Amitabh Bachchan at an award ceremony.
Resul Pukootty is ecstatic as he shows off his Oscar trophy to Amitabh Bachchan at an award ceremony.

Resul Pukootty is ecstatic as he hugs Amitabh Bachchan who later gave him an award for his contribution to sound industry on behalf of Western India Motion Pictures & TV sound engineers association in Mumbai.
Resul Pukootty is ecstatic as he hugs Amitabh Bachchan who later gave him an award for his contribution to sound industry on behalf of Western India Motion Pictures & TV sound engineers association in Mumbai.

Resul Pukootty is ecstatic as he displays his Oscar and Bafta awards after recieving an award from Amitabh Bachchan for his contribution to sound industry.
Resul Pukootty is ecstatic as he displays his Oscar and Bafta awards after recieving an award from Amitabh Bachchan for his contribution to sound industry.

Resul Pukootty is ecstatic as he hugs Amitabh Bachchan who later gave him an award for his contribution to sound industry on behalf of Western India Motion Pictures & TV sound engineers association in Mumbai.
Resul Pukootty is ecstatic as he hugs Amitabh Bachchan who later gave him an award for his contribution to sound industry on behalf of Western India Motion Pictures & TV sound engineers association in Mumbai.

Resul Pukootty is ecstatic as he displays his Oscar and Bafta awards after recieving an award from Amitabh Bachchan for his contribution to sound industry.
Resul Pukootty is ecstatic as he displays his Oscar and Bafta awards after recieving an award from Amitabh Bachchan for his contribution to sound industry.

Singer Rageshwari at the launch of music album
Singer Rageshwari at the launch of music album "Dancing Flute" in Mumbai.

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Putin opens 2014 Winter Paralympics in 'spectacular' ceremony at Sochi - 08 Mar 2014
debut as the youngest member of the team.Meanwhile, the Ukraine team confirmed

UN envoy to leave Ukraine after mission cut short - 08 Mar 2014
United Nations, March 8 (IANS) UN special envoy to Ukraine Robert Serry..., it is not yet known when he will return to Ukraine. But he will continue... Ki-moon to Ukraine and went to the crisis-gripped Crimea to take stock

Obama likely to get the support of five Republicansfor his policies - 21 Jan 2009
, the two traveled together to Russia and Ukraine in 2005 to examine those countries

Russian gas from Ukraine reaches Czech Republic - 21 Jan 2009
Prague, Jan 21 (DPA) Russian natural gas flowing via Ukraine has reached... via Ukraine Jan 7 amid a bitter row with Kiev over a new contract and alleged...;  Russia and Ukraine clinched a deal Monday paving way for renewal

Ukraine opens gates for Punjab farmers - 20 Jan 2009
Mohali (Punjab), Jan 20 (IANS) Ukraine is all set to woo experienced farmers... on the fertile soil of Ukraine,' Anatoily Pylypko, managing director of Vedi Chna, a private company that facilitates foreign investment in Ukraine, told reporters here

Ukraine starts receiving Russian gas for transit to Europe - 20 Jan 2009
Moscow, Jan 20 (RIA Novosti) Ukraine's gas system started receiving Russian gas... supplies to Ukraine for 2009-19.   'They (Ukrainians) are ready to open... consumers.  'Gas supplies to Ukraine will total 40 billion cubic meters

Russian gas for Europe pumped into Ukrainian pipeline - 20 Jan 2009
;  Ukraine said it would not obstruct the deliveries, but experts said even... Russia cut all supplies via Ukraine Jan 7, accusing it of stealing gas transits... gas to Ukraine Jan 1 after it refused a fixed price of 250 dollars per 1,000 cubic

Russia, Ukraine sign new gas deal - 19 Jan 2009
Moscow, Jan 19 (DPA) Russia and Ukraine clinched an agreement Monday ending a protracted dispute that froze gas shipments to Europe for nearly two-weeks. Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and his Ukrainian counterpart Yulia

Federer needs a fight to pass first round(Australian Open round-up) - 19 Jan 2009
Koryttseva of Ukraine 6-3, 6-4 and 16th-seeded former Wimbledon finalist Marion Bartoli

Australian Open first day's results - 19 Jan 2009
;  Alize Cornet, 15, France, def. Mariya Koryttseva, Ukraine, 6-3, 6-4..., 4-6, 8-6;   Nathalie Dechy, France, def. Viktoriya Kutusova, Ukraine

Australian Open: Ivanovic, Roddick make winning starts - 19 Jan 2009
, completed the early sweep against Mariya Koryttseva of the Ukraine 6-3, 6-4

Russia, Ukraine reach deal on gas transits to Europe - 18 Jan 2009
Moscow, Jan 18 (DPA) Russia and Ukraine settled their contractual dispute over...;After talks in Moscow that ran late into the night Monday, Putin said Ukraine would...;  Ukraine will switch to market price for gas from 2010, Putin said. 

Russian gas supplies to Europe may resume soon: Putin - 18 Jan 2009
Moscow, Jan 18 (Xinhua) Gas supplies from Russia to Europe through Ukraine may resume soon, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Sunday after talks with his Ukrainian counterpart Yulia Tymoshenko. Russian news agencies said

Medvedev says Moscow gas summit was useful - 18 Jan 2009
to represent Ukraine during the negotiations on the gas crisis.  Leaders from Russia, Ukraine and the European Union (EU) gathered here Saturday

Russia, EU close to solution on gas row: Putin - 17 Jan 2009
with Ukraine has damaged his country's image as a reliable supplier to Europe, Russian... companies, forming a consortium to share the financial risks of providing Ukraine... for the first three months of 2009, noting that Ukraine had asked for 360 million cubic

Bulgaria to restart nuclear reactor in face of gas row - 17 Jan 2009
, in the face of severe ongoing gas shortages due to the energy dispute between Ukraine... by Russia due to a commercial dispute with Ukraine.   The country

Moscow summit 'last chance' to resolve gas crisis: EU - 17 Jan 2009
and Ukraine is the 'last and best chance' for both sides to salvage... was in Germany ahead of the summit, is to sit for face-to-face talks with Ukraine's Prime... and resolve its dispute with Ukraine as soon as possible when she meets with Putin

Putin proposes EU consortium to aid gas flow - 16 Jan 2009
its energy giant Gazprom the amount of gas that Ukraine says is necessary... the necessary amount of gas and immediately send it to Ukraine to secure gas transit to Europe,' Putin said Thursday.   According to Putin, Ukraine has

Russia-Ukraine gas summit 'long overdue', says EU - 15 Jan 2009
Kiev/Brussels, Jan 15 (DPA) High-level talks between Ukraine and Russia over... between Russia and Ukraine on this issue are long overdue,' commission spokesman...;With Russian gas via Ukraine still not flowing to Europe by Thursday afternoon

Hungary lifts gas restrictions, offers help to Slovakia - 15 Jan 2009
despite its main supply route staying closed in the ongoing row between Ukraine..., the minister said.   Although there is still no gas coming in from Ukraine... from Russia.   The main supply pipeline from Ukraine was shut off Jan

Moscow to hold summit on gas row Saturday: Kremlin - 15 Jan 2009
and Ukraine, which has resulted in a huge gas shortages in Europe, will be held... of gas transits to Europe.   But Ukraine said the gas supplied... the gas summit to be held in a neutral country.   'Ukraine's president

Gas dispute shows need for energy diversification: Brown - 15 Jan 2009
Berlin, Jan 15 (DPA) The gas dispute between Russia and Ukraine demonstrates... and Ukraine to return to the negotiating table and resolve their differences so that gas... Putin when he visits Germany Friday.   Russia and Ukraine have been

Ukraine government at odds over new talks in gas dispute - 15 Jan 2009
Moscow/Kiev, Jan 15 (DPA) Ukraine's government is divided by internal...;  Ukraine's leaders maintain their position that they are not responsible... said.    Russian President Dimitry Medvedev invited Ukraine and all

Ukraine refuses to transit gas for Europe: Gazprom - 14 Jan 2009
Moscow, Jan 14 (RIA Novosti) Ukraine's national energy company Naftogaz refused...;Russia, which has accused Ukraine of siphoning gas meant for Europe, resumed... Union (EU) monitors at gas metering stations in Ukraine.   However

Russia accused of tricking EU on gas supplies - 14 Jan 2009
Union after gas supplies delivered through Ukraine were turned off again. ... to Ukraine. But within three hours EU officials announced that "little or no" gas was getting through. Both Russia and Ukraine then blamed each other

EU to go to court if gas supply not restored - 14 Jan 2009
to ditch Russia's Gazprom and Ukraine's Naftogaz as gas suppliers and take court action unless shipments to Europe are immediately restored. 'Russia and Ukraine... to Western European clients via Ukraine.   Despite the deal, Ukraine

A last bid to save the Arjun main battle tank project - 14 Jan 2009
and Pakistan's decision to purchase the T-80 from Ukraine, prompted India to order

Gas stolen in Ukrainian transportation system: Russian firm - 14 Jan 2009
into Ukraine's gas transportation system, an official spokesman for Russian energy...) and Ukraine, Gazprom Tuesday resumed pumping gas into Ukraine for transit... thing - the Russian gas that is currently in Ukraine's transit pipelines has been

EU in frantic talks as Russian gas flow stalls - 13 Jan 2009
of telephone diplomacy with Russia and Ukraine Tuesday as the two countries blamed one... gas monopoly Gazprom re-opened gas supplies through Ukraine to Europe, almost a week after it cut them off in a row over contracts for gas deliveries to Ukraine

Ukraine denies block, says Russian gas is flowing - 13 Jan 2009
was slowly moving into Ukraine's pipeline system, rejecting allegations from Moscow that Ukraine was blocking the flow. 'Gas has started to come in (to Ukraine's pipeline system from Russia),' an official from the Ukrainian natural gas

Gazprom accuses Ukraine of blocking gas transits again - 13 Jan 2009
Moscow, Jan 13 (DPA) Russian gas export monopoly Gazprom said Tuesday Ukraine... Gazprom began realising its plan to restore gas deliveries to Europe. Ukraine blocked... and Itar-tass cited sources in the gas monitoring team at Ukraine's southern

Ukraine's opposition calls for president's impeachment - 13 Jan 2009
Kiev, Jan 13 (RIA Novosti) Ukraine's biggest opposition faction Tuesday started... between Russia and Ukraine. He was supported by the Ukrainian Communist Party.  ... gas to Ukraine after talks on outstanding debt and a gas price for 2009 broke

Russia resumes gas flow to Europe - 13 Jan 2009
as observer teams began measuring gas flows through Ukraine in an effort to mediate the ongoing standoff between Moscow and Kiev. Ukraine's Naftogaz said it had... halted all shipments in an attempt to stop what it called Ukraine's theft of gas

US urges Russia to restore gas supply to Europe - 13 Jan 2009
restore gas supply via Ukraine to the European Union (EU). 'The US welcomes... flows immediately. We also urge Russia and Ukraine to conclude quickly a deal... Minister Mirek Topolanek brokered an agreement between Russia, the EU and Ukraine

Russian gas supplies to resume Tuesday: EU - 13 Jan 2009
following the signing of an accord on a gas monitoring mission in Russia and Ukraine... monopolist, Gazprom, and Ukraine's Naftogaz, whose pipelines are used by Moscow... and Ukraine has caused severe gas shortages in Europe amid freezing winter

No excuse for Russia not to turn gas on: EU - 12 Jan 2009
Brussels/Moscow, Jan 12 (DPA) Ukraine and the European Union (EU) have done... journalists in Brussels.   Ukraine, which Sunday looked to have scuppered a deal... declaration to a joint Russia-Ukraine-EU monitoring agreement, has signed a new

Ukraine to sign fresh accord on gas monitors - 12 Jan 2009
Moscow/Prague/Brussels, Jan 12 (DPA) Ukraine has agreed to sign a fresh accord... Timoshenko late Sunday night.   The commission said that Ukraine's... Sunday rescinded the EU-brokered accord, citing changes by Ukraine.   

Global warming could starve half the world by century-end - 12 Jan 2009
severe episodes in France in 2003 and Ukraine in 1972. In the case of Ukraine

Medvedev rescinds agreement on gas monitors - 12 Jan 2009
, citing changes by Ukraine. Moscow Sunday said that it would not reopen gas... statement, Medvedev urged EU officials to pressure Ukraine into withdrawing a 'false... Sunday evening.   With the additions, Ukraine had not only distorted

Nine-year-old Shah beats GM Ibrayev Nurlan to create history - 11 Jan 2009
in their kitty.   While top seed Grandmaster Areshchenko Alexander of Ukraine... of Ukraine, GM Yuriy Kuzubov (1) of Ukraine beat P Chakrapani (0), Niraj Saripalli (0... of Ukraine, GM Evgeny Gleizerov of Russia (1) beat M Natarajan (0), DK Chopra (0

Ukraine okays international gas observers - 11 Jan 2009
Moscow/Kiev, Jan 11 (DPA) Ukraine joined Russia to approve a European Union (EU... Ukraine, raising hopes of a possible end to a Kremlin embargo on energy supplies... Topolanek, whose country currently holds the EU presidency, arrived in Ukraine

Slovakian government defies EU to reopen nuclear plant - 11 Jan 2009
gas transited through Ukraine that has been shut off in a dispute over payments

Gazprom turns taps back on as 'gesture of good will' - 11 Jan 2009
Moscow, Jan 11 (DPA) Russian energy monopoly Gazprom said Saturday that it had resumed 'to a minimal extent' gas deliveries via Ukraine after days of leaving... Ukraine when an international monitoring mission had been secured and Kiev had

Russia agrees to international gas observers - 10 Jan 2009
Ukraine. An agreement to this effect was signed as Russian Prime Minister... the approval of Ukraine's leaders to it in his talks the day before in Kiev.  

World's largest crossword built on tower block in Ukraine - 10 Jan 2009
London, January 10 (ANI): The world's biggest crossword, boasting to be more than 100ft high, has been put together on the side of a tower block in Ukraine. Clues to the massive puzzle, which is 19 squares across and 34 squares high

US, Georgia sign strategic partnership pact - 10 Jan 2009
had signed with Ukraine last month.   'This Charter underscores our

EU gas hangs in balance as Russia, Ukraine skirmish - 10 Jan 2009
Russian gas supplies to Europe via Ukraine hung in the balance Friday... for Russian gas monopolist Gazprom, Sergei Kupryanov, accused Ukraine of rejecting... of gas supplies.   'Ukraine categorically refuses to include Gazprom

Russia-Ukraine gas monitoring deal done: EU - 09 Jan 2009
Brussels, Jan 9 (DPA) Russia and Ukraine have agreed on the details..., officials in Brussels said.   Ukraine had Thursday refused to let Russian gas... after European monitors are in place in Ukraine to monitor its safe flow. 

Global warming may leave half of world's population without food by 2100 - 09 Jan 2009
include severe episodes in France in 2003 and the Ukraine in 1972. In the case of the Ukraine, a near-record heat wave reduced wheat yields and contributed

Russia to resume Ukraine gas only with EU monitors: Putin - 09 Jan 2009
reopen gas flow to Europe only after European monitors are in place in Ukraine... in Ukraine.   In talks with European Union (EU) officials earlier Thursday, the head of Russia's Gazprom, Alexei Miller, and the head of Ukraine's Naftogaz

Six die as severe cold persists across Europe - 08 Jan 2009
and the Ukraine, a transit country for Europe's energy supply.   Gas shortages triggered by the Russia-Ukraine row over payments have left tens of thousands... electric power grid.   Also cut off from the Russian-Ukraine gas supply

Ukraine stops all gas supplies to Europe: Gazprom - 07 Jan 2009
Berlin/Kiev, Jan 7 (RIA Novosti) Ukraine has closed down the fourth and final... Wednesday. Ukraine's national energy company Naftogaz said Gazprom had stopped... pipelines were closed Tuesday, ending deliveries via Ukraine to Hungary, Serbia

OPEC oil price rises above $46 to a barrel - 07 Jan 2009
24 of last year.   The current spat between Russia and the Ukraine over

US urges Russia, Ukraine to end gas dispute - 07 Jan 2009
Washington, Jan 7 (DPA) The US urged Russia and Ukraine Tuesday to end... throughout Europe. 'Russia and Ukraine should get together, come to the table...;Russia and Ukraine have been unable to come to terms on a delivery contract

Russian gas deliveries to Turkey, Balkan states halted - 06 Jan 2009
Moscow, Jan 6 (RIA Novosti) Russian gas supplies through Ukraine to Turkey have..., and Romania were halted Monday night.   Ukraine's state-run Naftogaz... through Ukraine to a third of their normal rate, which would affect Western

Russia says to further cut gas to Ukraine - 06 Jan 2009
Moscow, Jan 6 (DPA) Russia has said it will further cut gas to Ukraine by 65... on the standoff since the company shut off supplies to Ukraine on Jan 1 over non-payments... pipeline under the Black Sea.   The news came after Russia accused Ukraine

No cut-off risk yet of gas supplies to Europe: Brussels - 05 Jan 2009
of having their gas cut off because of the row between Russia and Ukraine... to cut supplies to Ukraine, and there is 'no immediate danger to supplies... of its deliveries to the EU pass through Ukraine. When Gazprom shut off supplies

European Union sends gas fact-finding mission to Ukraine - 05 Jan 2009
supplies to Ukraine, EU officials confirmed. The delegation of top... Gazprom to shut off gas deliveries to Ukraine Thursday, the spokesman said.   Since the row began, Russia and Ukraine have issued conflicting accounts

Ukraine illegally tapped Europe-bound Russian gas: Gazprom - 04 Jan 2009
Moscow, Jan 4 (RIA Novosti) Ukraine illegally tapped 50 million cubic metres... supplies to Ukraine Thursday after last-ditch talks on Kiev's outstanding $2...) to conduct independent monitoring of gas transit via Ukraine.  

EU demands end to Ukraine-Russia gas row - 03 Jan 2009
that the Kremlin and Ukraine end a row over energy. Russian natural gas volumes...;  Russia Thursday halted natural gas deliveries to Ukraine because... of the Europe-bound gas for its own needs, citing the absence of a contract between Ukraine

Russia evacuates its citizens from Gaza - 02 Jan 2009
nationals and about 70 citizens of Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan and Belarus have

Israel allows over 300 foreigners to leave Gaza - 02 Jan 2009
Tel Aviv, Jan 2 (DPA) Israel has permitted some 367 Palestinians with foreign passports to leave the Gaza Strip Friday, according to the foreign ministry. They include 168 people from Russia, 85 from Ukraine, 28 from Moldova, 25 from

US urges Ukraine, Russia to settle gas dispute - 02 Jan 2009
Washington, Jan 2 (DPA) The US Thursday urged Russia and the Ukraine to resolve... Gazprom had cut off gas that is sold to Ukraine.   'The US encourages... the reliability of gas delivery to Ukraine and Europe,' Duguid said.   

EU urges Russia, Ukraine to return to negotiating table - 01 Jan 2009
of the European Union (EU) and its Czech presidency Thursday urged both Russia and Ukraine... to Ukraine.   The EU, whose members are largely dependent on Russian gas....   The EU, however, responded cautiously to Ukraine's call for getting

Russia fully cuts gas to Ukraine, ups supplies to Europe - 01 Jan 2009
that it has fully cut gas supplies to Ukraine but increased deliveries to Europe after last-ditch talks failed late Wednesday. 'Deliveries to Ukraine were... million cubic metres per day,' Gazprom said.   A source at Ukraine's

Ukraine asks EU to mediate in gas dispute with Russia - 01 Jan 2009
Moscow, Jan 1 (DPA) Ukraine has asked the European Union (EU) to mediate... deliveries.   Reports on the actual status of gas pumped to Ukraine... shipment tariffs charged by Ukraine for delivery of product to Europe via Ukrainian

Czech Republic takes over EU chair amid crisis - 01 Jan 2009
, as Israel fires rockets on the Gaza Strip and as Russia and Ukraine engage

Talks fail, will cut off gas to Ukraine: Gazprom - 01 Jan 2009
Gazprom to Ukraine, as punishment for a $2-billion Ukrainian debt.   ... countries were preparing for the worst throughout Wednesday with Ukraine in mid..., and accusing the Kremlin of offering terms unfair to Ukraine and then cynically describing

Russia may stop gas supply to western Europe - 27 Dec 2008
with Ukraine over payments could cause disruptions in deliveries to Western... with Ukraine's Naftogaz over $2 billion in non-payments for imports by Kiev... of which is shipped through Ukraine.   In its letter, Gazprom said

Georgia, US to sign strategic pact on Jan 4 - 25 Dec 2008
sphere.   The US signed a similar deal with Ukraine earlier this month

Nine killed in apartment blast in Ukraine - 25 Dec 2008
Simferopol (Ukraine), Dec 25 (RIA Novosti) Nine people have been killed in an explosion in a building in southern Ukraine, UNIAN news agency reported Thursday. The powerful explosion, which is believed to have been caused by cooking

Post-Soviet security bloc not aware of US' Central Asia plans - 18 Dec 2008
for pushing Georgia and Ukraine towards NATO membership in an attempt to surround

Ronaldo, married Hayes are a couple, reveals her best pal - 14 Dec 2008
in Ukraine, as saying. "His appeal is that he's famous and good-looking

NATO in talks for new routes to keep troop supply lines open - 09 Dec 2008
London, Dec.9 (ANI): NATO countries are scrambling for alternative routes as far afield as Belarus and Ukraine to supply their forces in Afghanistan, reports... with Ukraine and Belarus for a land route that would avoid Pakistan and Somalian

Obama to reset relations with 'increasingly assertive' Russia - 08 Dec 2008
; Both Georgia and Ukraine's bids to join NATO were derailed by Western

Ronaldo's alleged lover's hubby vows to confront him - 08 Dec 2008
London, Dec 8 (ANI): Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo has been accused of wrecking the marriage of a millionaire businessman, who has now vowed to confront the footballer. According to reports, Ronaldo is dating Ukraine-born

Ronaldo dating married woman? - 07 Dec 2008
London, Dec 7 (ANI): Soccer ace Cristiano Ronaldo is dating a married woman, it has emerged. Ukraine-born brunette Olena Haynes is the estranged wife of wealthy businessman John Haynes and the face of dating websites, which find

What will be US military policy under Obama? (Comment) - 05 Dec 2008
republics, especially the Black Sea area. It is going all out to get Ukraine... against this or believe that this step would be premature.  Ukraine... the less so with Ukraine's participation.  But Washington will continue

Ivanchuk may be banned for not taking dope test - 04 Dec 2008
controversies. Vasily Ivanchuk, Ukraine's leading player and World No. 3, could... at Dresden.  Ukraine could also lose the prestigious Gaprindashvili... hit the chess Olympiad.    On the way from Dresden to Ukraine

Mumbai terror could further hit Goa tourism - 30 Nov 2008
of tour packages from Russia and Ukraine.  Considering the current season

Akamai's "State of the Internet" report indicates growing Internet penetration in India - 26 Nov 2008
that will bring gigabit-speed connections to subscribers in Japan, the Ukraine

Capello believes England team as good as AC Milan team of the 1990s - 24 Nov 2008
next World Cup qualifying match against Ukraine at home in April," Capello said

Russia threatens to block gas supply to Ukraine over debt - 23 Nov 2008
off gas deliveries to Ukraine starting Jan 1 unless Ukraine pays $2.4 billion... energy from us. There has been no sign of that,' he said, adding that Ukraine... shipments to Ukraine three years ago after a political dispute. The cut-off

India experiences commercial property downturn in Q3 2008, China firm - 21 Nov 2008
optimistic rental outlook remains in the UAE closely followed by Nigeria, Ukraine

Mark Robinson appointed CEO of Citi South Asia - 20 Nov 2008
for Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Prior to this, he was Division Head for Turkey

Rampant use of illicit alcohol adding to global disease burden, says report - 20 Nov 2008
.  While Ukraine saw illicit alcohol exceeding the recorded alcohol

Iran blocks five million Internet sites - 20 Nov 2008
in colour revolutions in Serbia, Ukraine and Georgia." It added that Internet

Terry spurs England against Germany, Spain beat Chile - 20 Nov 2008
by the same scoreline. Ukraine beat Norway 1-0 while Poland beat Ireland 3-2. 

Pakistani army chief to attend NATO meeting - 18 Nov 2008
-for-Peace nations, the Mediterranean Dialogue countries and Ukraine

New format to help India in Chess Olympiad - 12 Nov 2008
started in Dresden, Germany Nov 4.   Armenia (men) and Ukraine (women

Economic downturn makes gold exporters look beyond US - 12 Nov 2008
, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Romania and Syria that were earlier

Punjab's entrepreneurs, farmers, look to eastern Europe - 09 Nov 2008
and Ukraine. 'The Czech Republic is a permanent member of the European Union (EU); so... and Ukraine, where they have signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with various...;'Ukraine will become a permanent member of the EU by 2010. It requires huge

Obama's Tuesday speech being used by cyber criminals to commit fraud - 08 Nov 2008
in the Ukraine, as well as the Chinese domain names, and have shared that data

British PM to ask UAE for bailout funds - 02 Nov 2008
, Hungary and the Ukraine worth more than $30 billion.   Pakistan

'Gafla' wins top award at Cyprus film fest - 30 Oct 2008
), 'Soppho' (Ukraine), 'The Crossroad' (Canada) and 'Cennet' (Turkey).  

IMF speeds emergency loans for cash-strapped governments - 30 Oct 2008
on an ad-hoc basis, providing emergency loans to Iceland, Ukraine and Hungary

Bopanna, Miryni in Petersburg semis - 25 Oct 2008
beat German Michael Kohlmann and Ukraine's Sergy Stakhovsky 6-2, 3-6, 10-7. 

Space exploration gains pace in China - 25 Oct 2008
and Ukraine may join the organization in the foreseeable future.  

Bush inks NATO membership for Croatia, Albania - 25 Oct 2008
repeated his support for continued NATO expansion to include Ukraine and Georgia

In Ukraine, police write notes to prostitutes' parents - 21 Oct 2008
in Ukraine but laws against it are rarely enforced by poorly-paid police. Economic... of thousands of Ukrainian women to sell sex.   Ukraine's government has

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