Job burnout women prone to 'uncontrolled eating'

London, Thu, 22 Mar 2012 NI Wire

Women who are bored to work or over worked become found of over eating or uncontrolled eating for the seeking solace in emotional eating. Such women engage one like to turn to comfort food like chocolate or other things. Latest study finding reveals such things.

Finnish Institute of Occupational Health has done a survey on the experiencing burnout women and her behaviour on eating habits. The findings are based on The findings are based on 230 women aged 30 to 55 who were part of a clinical trial looking at healthy lifestyle changes. All were employed, and at the start of the trial they completed surveys on job burnout and eating habits.

Overall, 22 per cent of the women had some degree of work burnout. As a group, they scored higher on measures of emotional eating and uncontrolled eating.
According to Nina Nevanpera, of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, those experiencing burnout may be more vulnerable to emotional eating and uncontrolled eating and have a hindered ability to make changes in their eating behaviour. We recommend that burnout should be treated first and that burnout and eating behaviour should be evaluated in obesity treatment.

Study shows that, women who did not have job burnout start tended to cut down on uncontrolled eating over one year. But, on average, the burnout group failed to make that change.

According to study report, there was no obvious effect of burnout on the women's weight. At the outset, half of the women reporting work burnout were normal weight - compared with a third of women reporting no burnout. It has been said that there might be a reason of education, study said. Women with work burnout generally had a higher education level, and education, in turn, was linked to lower weight.

On the other hand, women who did not have job burnout at the studies start tended to cut down on uncontrolled eating over one year. But, on average, the burnout group failed to make that change.

Study shows that emotional eating is a potential risk factor for becoming heavy in the future. It is also not particularly healthy, since stressed-out people are more likely to reach for chocolate or fast food than an apple. Latest findings could be helpful in obesity treatment as it related to job burnout and their eating behaviour.

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