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50 Tips for Weight Loss

New Delhi, Mon, 31 Dec 2012 Amit Kumar

Do you feel frustrated and down due to excessive weight gain and want to get rid of it. You can loose your weight by including certain habits in your daily routine and by checking out some habits from your daily routine. Here are 50 Tips for Weight loss that will certainly help you loose weight and feel healthier and happier.

  1. Set a Goal: If you are desperate to loose weight, just set a goal for you but that should be reasonable as well as achievable. Trying to attain too much in little time could not work for you. Fix the number of pounds to loose in a specific time frame that suits your routine.
  2. Think more of Health not Weight loss: Weight loss is more a matter of good health. So, your objective should be more focussed towards attaining good health. Make a healthy routine for eating, lifestyle and other stuffs.
  3. Avoid Meat: Weight can occur due to accumulation of extra fat in the body. So, it highly recommended avoiding the intake of meat, as they are very high on fat.
  4. Go Vegetarian: People with extra pounds should always stick to vegetarian diet that includes lots of green vegetables, salads, fruits and cereals.
  5. Cut Sugar from Diet: Avoid eating too sweet and foods with high sugar content as sugar plays a catalyst for weight gain and isn't healthy. You daily meal could be much healthier if you cut sugar from them.
  6. Avoid Hunger: Do not keep yourself hungry and take regular meals.
  7. Take Small Meals: It is suggested to take small meals 5-6 times a day instead of taking heavy meals 3 times a day. This helps your body to digest the food easily.
  8. Do not Skip Meals: Eat your meals regularly on time. Do not skip meals following any work. Take your breakfast daily. Skipping meals takes your body to fat-storing starvation mode, making digestion difficult.
  9. Take enough Sleep: Do not awake late night. Follow the golden principle of 'early to bed, early to rise' and take sound and sufficient sleep every night.
  10. Time Management: Time management is a key factor to loose weight. You're your time for everything you are to do through the entire day including exercise, breakfast, lunch, dinner and other works. Stick to your plan.
  11. Write everything Down: Make a habit of writing everything you do in the entire day. This will help you to review you daily routine and analyse the do's and dont's for future.
  12. Motivate Yourself: Celebrate your small victories. Do not over expect and enjoy even if you observe a small reduction in your weight. This will keep you motivated to continue with your practices.
  13. Be Honest with Yourself: Stick to your weight loss plans properly and be honest to yourself. Do not escape with anything.
  14. Think before you Drink: Consuming drinks with high calories such as sugary drinks like cola, tea and coffee with milk and sugar, milk, and alcoholic drinks should be avoided.
  15. Say no to Alcohol: Avoid drinking alcohol strictly as alcohol contains very high calories and not good for health.
  16. Drink Water: Drink plenty of cold water in a day. It is recommended to drink a daily total of about 64 fluid ounces (8 cups) of cold water, at regular intervals.
  17. Take Balanced Diet: A balance diet is very essential for good health. Consult a nearby dietician to fix your best diet.
  18. Wear a Basic Pedometer: Buy a pedometer and aim for an extra 1,000 steps a day instead of continuing with only 2,000 to 3,000 steps a day.
  19. Exercise Daily: Develop a routing of doing exercise daily. This may include normal exercise, jogging, yoga or others.
  20. Eat Vegetables and fruits: The Vegetables and fruits also help in lowering the cholesterol levels. Replacing some foods with fruits and vegetables helps you in minimizing the calorie intake and at the same time they also provide all the other necessary nutrients to the body.
  21. Stress Less: Avoid tensions that create stress for you. This can lead to problems like insomnia, depression and other mental disorders.
  22. Drink Citrus: Citrus fruit juice such as lemon juice and orange juice are very effective in reducing weigh as they improve digestion of the food efficiently.
  23. Avoid Junk Foods: Eating junk foods such as packaged food, noodles, burgers should be said absolutely no.
  24. Walk for 45 Minutes a Day: Go for a morning walk every morning and take a walk of 45 minutes a day that will keep you feet and refreshing for the entire day.
  25. Go Blue: Blue colour is known to decrease the starvation of food and it's recommended for people with more weight to take their meals preferably in blue plates.
  26. Drink Jujube Soaked Water: Jujube is known as an excellent remedy for losing weight. Soak jujube leaves in water and soak them until morning. Drink the water in the morning and we will feel the benefits.
  27. Rely on Herbs: Some herbs and herbal preparations are boon to loose weight. Use herbs and spices like cumin, ginger, mustard seed, cayenne, and black pepper in your cooking.
  28. Keep your Mind Calm: Performing meditation and pranayama (breathing exercises) helps you to keep your mind calm and stress free and thus helps reduce weight.
  29. Take Honey: Take a teaspoon of guggul with ginger and honey two or three times daily to get benefited.
  30. Avoid Dairy Products: Dairy products prepared from milk and sugar should be avoided as they have high fat content.
  31. Avoid refined Food: Avoid eating substances prepared with refined wheat flour like white bread, cakes, and pastries.
  32. Walk more: Do not depend on your vehicle every now and then. Try to walk if it's not a long distance.
  33. Use Stairs: Avoid using lifts and escalators instead use stairs to get upstairs in you office, apartments, shopping malls, schools and colleges.
  34. Monitor yours Progress: Weigh yourself on regular basis in order to track what you are achieving. This helps you to take essential steps to be taken further as well as you get motivated.
  35. Eat on a Dinning Table: Take you meal on a dinning table by sitting calm. Do not eat while driving or standing.
  36. Control your Emotions: It is quite obvious that you love to eat some dishes but if they are catalytic to weight gain, then control on your emotions. Call a friend and talk something else if you feel extreme urge to eat something.
  37. Walk when you Talk: When you talk to someone on the phone, try standing up to talk. Keep moving. It works well to shed weight as we spend too much time on phone.
  38. Do not Sit or Lie for Long: Avoid sitting or lying on a single position for long time. Take a break after each our and walk for 5 minutes in office also.
  39. Walk after Dinner: Take a 30-min walk after dinner as it helps to digest your food easily.
  40. Be Active: Technological advancements have made us highly dependent on machines and gadgets that have developed lethargy among us. Try to increase your physical activity throughout the day.
  41. Prefer homecooked meals: Avoid eating outside often and prefer to eat homemade recipes prepared with healthy cooking methods and ingredients according to your need.
  42. Quit Smoking and Excessive Drinking: If you are a regular smoker and drinker, they can definitely create serious problems for you. So, take resolution to quit smoking and drinking.
  43. Include roughage in Meal: Eat lots of roughages like carrot, tomato and cabbage in your meal. This helps improve the metabolism of the body.
  44. Potato Juice: Take a glass of potato juice three times a day. The composition of potatoes is effective in treating digestive ailments.
  45. Drink Green Tea: Green tea is known to be quite effective in losing weight. It helps improve our metabolism. It is recommended to have a cup of green tea taken twice a day.
  46. Join a GYM: If you face difficulty in doing exercise, go to a gym and try out your exercise under the guidance of an instructor.
  47. Apple Cide Vinegar: Apple cide vinegar is known to enhance metabolism and kills fat. Add a teaspoon of apple cide vinegar to a glass of water and consume this mixture twice a day.
  48. Take Moong Dal: Moong daal is an excellent nutritional food rich low on fats. Consume a bowl of moong dal everyday.
  49. Stay Happy: Try to stay happy as far as possible. This helps you reduce stress. Try to laugh at times as laughing is also a god therapy to burn calories.
  50. Discuss Success Stories: Try to discuss and listen the success stories of people trying for weight loss. This helps you to get motivated.

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