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Use of Latitude and Longitudes

Use of Latitude and Longitudes

Latitude and longitudes are key terms that help understand and locate the geographical locations on globe better. These terms can't be called as technical or geographical jargon as these are related to our day to day lives. The use of latitude and longitude can offer us a better and quick grasp of the things. Its understanding help us determine the time zone of the different regions of the world and also gives an insightful understanding of the climatic and weather conditions of the different regions. Even from a common man's perspective, its significance can't be overruled. As everyone is affected by these common geographical phenomena hence its better understanding can help them see the things in proper light.

The horizontal lines on the map are called latitudes. These lines also called parallels as it run parallel and are located at an equal distance from each other. Every degree of latitude is nearly 69 miles (111 km) apart; the distance is not absolute as the earth is not completely spherical. This data may be used for approximate calculation of the distances if we are given information regarding latitude and longitude.

This information can be used to find the distance between two places.

As 0 (zero) degree latitude is the equator, the imaginary line that separates the globe between northern and southern hemispheres.

The use of latitude and longitudes are common among mariner and aviators as it help them calculate the distances on long voyages. Now with the advent of global positioning systems finding locations have becomes child's play. But this invention hasn't reduced the significance of the latitude and longitude. Its understanding help you understand the coordinates. It also enables to comprehend what these points on your GPS mean.

The use of longitudes and latitude are of great significance as its knowledge help us in day to day affairs. The knowledge of these things enable us to understand common geographical fact giving us an edge over others. The use of latitude and longitude is also of utmost importance to meteorologist and weather forecasters. This knowledge in combination to other things gives them necessary fact to make a reasonable prediction.

The Longitude allows us to have a clear idea of a place with the facts, like, at the what distance it is situated from the Prime Meridian and which time zone it falls. The knowledge of the Latitude allows us to understand the climatic and weather conditions of the region in more comprehensive way. As Latitude shows the distance from the Equator, Tropics or the Arctic, this inputs can be used to comprehend the climate and weather condition of the region. The changing pattern of the weather can also be deciphered through these knowledge.

As this age is an age of info technology where a lot of information are available on information superhighway that is internet the use of latitude and longitude knowledge is bound to increase.

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