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Q: What is Latitude and Longitude of Micronesia?

A: Micronesia lies on the geographical coordinates of 6 55' 0" N, 158 15' 0" E.

Latitude and Longitude of Micronesia in other units:

Unit Latitude Longitude
Latitude and Longitude to decimals 6.9167 158.25
Latitude and Longitude to degrees minutes seconds 6 55' 0" N 158 15' 0" E
Latitude/Longitude to UTM Reference
UTM Northing:764605.6640230876 Easting:417144.8134391557 Zone:57N


More detail about Micronesia

Micronesia Benefitting from Compact of Free Association Renegotiation

Between 1986 and 2001, the United States donated about $2 million in various grants and services. This is because of the Compact of Free Association agreement signed between the various countries involved. There was a 20 year deal renegotiated that will take the countries right up until 2023 which states that the United States will provide about $100 million to this country in direct assistance. This will be delivered to a jointly operation Trust Fund.

Much of this money given to Micronesia will be has been and will be used to create better infrastructure. It will be divided between the public sector capacity building, heath, education, the environment as well as developing the private sector. It is the United States Department of the Interior that is in charge of ensuring that the pact of where to put the money is kept.

Aside from the money received from this agreement, Micronesia obtains income from its fishing industry. They receive millions of dollars for allowing foreign fleets to fish in their waters. In fact, almost one third of the revenue of the nation is in licenses bought by these vessels. Micronesians also export various marine products to Japan. This takes care of most of the export revenues.

Micronesia has great things to offer tourists. They offer surfing and scuba diving as well as various historical sites from World War II. There are more than 22,000 visitors to these islands every year but it has been dampened by the lack of infrastructure. Once this has been improved, the nation can look forward to better rates of tourism therefore increasing revenue.

There are many families in this country that farm for themselves. Less than ten percent of the labor force works for the industry. Families can grow things like breadfruit, bananas, coconuts, kava, cassava, betel nuts and taro for their own use. The country does export some agricultural products but it accounts for very little of the revenue.

With the Compact of Free Association agreement renegotiation, the various sectors that have potential can be improved upon. This is a long term goal but there are great plans for it.

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