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Q: What is Latitude and Longitude of Eritrea?

A: Eritrea lies on the geographical coordinates of 15 0' 0" N, 39 0' 0" E.

Latitude and Longitude of Eritrea in other units:

Unit Latitude Longitude
Latitude and Longitude to decimals 15.0 39.0
Latitude and Longitude to degrees minutes seconds 15 0' 0" N 39 0' 0" E
Latitude/Longitude to UTM Reference
UTM Northing:1658325.9934918827 Easting:500000.0 Zone:37P


More detail about Eritrea

Eritrea - Politics, Politics, and More Politics

As with many colonies in Africa, it has only been a few decades since Eritrea has gained its independence. It always takes some time for such a country to get back on its feet, and the waiting game either reveals success over time or an epic collapse as a result of politics or lack of governance. Here is a snapshot of Eritrea today.

Statistics may tell you facts and figures, but in order to really get a feel for a country, it is important to look at the key aspects that make up the people and the environment in which they live. As far as the environment goes, Eritrea is known for being one of the hottest countries, with Dankalia being the hottest place on earth. The actual buildings feature a unique style of architecture that shares the influences of Italy, Turkey and Egypt. If you look closely you may see the remnants of the very old traditional Eritrean structures that were built before the country?s colonization.

Most of the population still lives from hand to mouth, relying heavily on food and economic aid. There is sadly very limited gross income per year, leaving the country surviving mainly on loans from other nations. This problem is said to be worsened by the conflict that exists between Eritrea and Ethiopia. It has also been suggested that the very government that should be helping the country is hindering its progress. It seems like such a waste to have such rich culture and tradition, but no sustainable vehicle by which to nurture future generations. All the potential is there, and perhaps it is just a matter of time.

Whether the country can develop and grow to become not only independent, but also sustainable, remains to be seen. Now there?s some food for thought.

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