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Q: What is Latitude and Longitude of Congo?

A: Congo lies on the geographical coordinates of -1 0' 0" S, 15 0' 0" E.

Latitude and Longitude of Congo in other units:

Unit Latitude Longitude
Latitude and Longitude to decimals -1.0 15.0
Latitude and Longitude to degrees minutes seconds -1 0' 0" S 15 0' 0" E
Latitude/Longitude to UTM Reference
UTM Northing:9889469.841202673 Easting:500000.0 Zone:33M


More detail about Congo

There Are Two Countries That Could Be Called Congo

There are two different countries in central Africa that are officially referred to as Congo. The first is the Republic of the Congo. This is located on the western side of the Congo River and on the eastern part of Gabon. The second is the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is west of the Republic of the Congo and is north of Zambia and Angola.

The DRC was originally formed in 1960. It was a colony of Belgium until it declared and gained its independence.

A 1965 coup by Joseph Mobutu, who is also known as Mobutu Sese Seko, occurred in the country. He controlled the country for more than thirty years. Also, the DRC was known as Zaire at the time.

A massive war inside the country occurred in the 1990s. Mobutu?s control was defeated as the country became the DRC.

The ROC is a different part of the area. This Congo was also formed in 1960. However, it gained its independence from France. Therefore, the control over the area was different from what was found elsewhere.

The two countries are very different in terms of how they operate today. The DRC has been slowly growing back in terms of its economy after troops had begun withdrawing from the country.

The ROC, meanwhile, is dealing with different concerns. It has been receiving thousands of DRC refugees over the years. This has become a great concern for some because it is believed that this might have caused some of the human trafficking concerns around the country.

Meanwhile, the ROC has been working with plenty of oil refineries and production resources. This has helped to keep the ROC secure even with all of the difficult problems that the DRC has dealt with during the time that the ROC was building itself up.

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