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Q: What is Latitude and Longitude of Cambodia?

A: Cambodia lies on the geographical coordinates of 13 0' 0" N, 105 0' 0" E.

Latitude and Longitude of Cambodia in other units:

Unit Latitude Longitude
Latitude and Longitude to decimals 13.0 105.0
Latitude and Longitude to degrees minutes seconds 13 0' 0" N 105 0' 0" E
Latitude/Longitude to UTM Reference
UTM Northing:1437135.7221075657 Easting:500000.0 Zone:48P


More detail about Cambodia

Cambodia: Beautiful Ancient Land

Cambodia is one of the most ancient areas of Asia. The earliest archaeological evidence hints that people have been living there for over eight thousands years. With thousands of years to grow, the people of Cambodia have created a land and culture that is both intricate and very beautiful.

The lush tropical forests of Cambodia hide ancient ruins of cities and temples built long before the western world ever came up with such ideas. Human-like faces in relief adorn massive structures that were once dedicated to the gods of old, mighty mythical beasts stand in the form of intricate statues, and mythological dramas still play out on hand-carved walls. Many of these ruins are preserved as historical sites and are popular places for tourists to visit.

The ancient traditional dances are still preserved as well. The Khmer royal ballet tells stories of royal maidens, angels trying to help the people, and beautiful goddesses picking flowers. The lively folk dances such as the Bamboo Pole Dance, Trot Dance, and Pailin Peacock Dance are performed publicly at festivals and on special occasions all over Cambodia.

If you are lucky, you may get to take in a shadow play. This form of entertainment is made up of actors and actresses performing behind a screen. A light casts their shadows out so everyone can see them. They are accompanied by music and poetry in order to tell a story. Colored Puppets of cut out leather sometimes are also incorporated in order to add more visual interest to a scene. Sadly, this art form is in decline as television and movies have become more popular in Cambodia.

Cambodia is an ancient land filled with beautiful temples, ornate carvings, intricate dances, and wonderful art. All of these things have created a wonderful place millions love visiting.

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