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Major Disadvantages of Obesity

When the syndrome of being overweight or obese is being viewed with so much of panic and resulting alarm in everyday life of modern man, to discuss regarding the disadvantages of obesity can be taken for granted as something well known and widely acknowledged. But in reality we travel through the same hyper real world around us doing all those things and gathering up all those habits around us which have been discussed hundreds of times as the causes of obesity ever since we faced this modern epidemic in our urban, upwardly mobile life. So it is more proper to further look into this old topic regarding the various disadvantages of obesity in its present condition to sound it more audible to the ears of the half conscious citizen who has seldom any time to listen to the disharmony of his organism except for attending medical assistance when the situation ripens to threaten his so called normal living. Among the various disadvantages of obesity which is really innumerable, we would only take a few of the major ones for the purpose of our present discussion.

Health Hazards

Obese people are most vulnerable to a great number of diseases and bodily malfunctions which result from the accumulation of excess body fat. We would discuss here some of the important diseases related to obesity and their effects on the human life and overall wellbeing.

  • Heart Related Diseases and Disorders

This type of disease is the most common among the obese people. In most cases obesity and the clinical factors leading to obesity are common with the causes of various types of heart diseases and disorders. Excess body fat which actually makes a person obese is also the main source of blockage of heart arteries and resulting heart diseases.

  • Type 2 Diabetes

Among the various reasons of diabetes obesity or factors related with being overweight constitute one of the major considerations for clinical treatment. Excess intake of many of the regular eatables can lead to diabetes and obesity, simultaneously. A great majority of the suffering diabetic population are also the victims of obesity.

  • Other Diseases

A great majority of people suffering from obesity or overweight syndromes becomes vulnerable to the problems associated with body movements, like joint pains, arthritis, sleep disk etc. Hyper tension, insomnia, breathing problem, pregnancy related problem are other important health issues among the various disadvantages of obesity.

Personality Related Problems

This is another major concern area in regard to the disadvantages of obesity. An obese person generally suffers from a lot psychological factors associated with abnormal body movement, lack of concentration, tiredness and sloppy attitude toward physical exercise and work, lack of energy and initiative etc. and these all separately or taken as a whole affects his personality, attitude and behavior to a large extent.

Social Issues

All over the world obese people are looked upon as incapable of performing duties and responsibilities which needs laborious attitude and stupendous energy level. Moreover in the social surrounding or workplace, in many occasions they are underestimated or mocked or regarded as subject of common apathy for either their physical ineptitude in performing duties or their incoherent, awe inspiring physical shape. In many organizations all over the world there are strict behavioral codes for the purpose of accommodating obese people with more compassion which definitely indicates to the social issues concerning them.

Sexual Ineptitude

Obese people because of their lack of energy, difficulty in body movement and a natural inclination towards sleep and excessive rest are less desiring in sexual practice. Most of the studies concerning the sexual behavior of obese people indicate that, obese people are vulnerable to lack of desire and energy for performing sexual act even in comparison to people with other syndromes of physical malfunction. Ineptitude to reciprocate sexual desire of the living partner can pose serious threat to satisfactory family life and this is one of the major disadvantages of obesity.

We all know that obesity is no more considered to be excess of health and it is the source of numerous life threatening diseases, apart from various disadvantages of obesity concerning a person's personal and social life. Main point is to take precaution and all kind of preventive adjustments in life to obstruct obesity taking root in the inner recesses of our living rather than mere resentment towards the fact of being obese.

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