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Careers in News Reader

Career Profile in News Reader

The Job of a News Anchor

Every time you watch a news bulletin, you see a presentable person sitting behind the news desk who constantly keeps you informed about what is happening around the world. These presentable and knowledgeable professionals are news readers or news presenters. Be it broadcasting from a small news agency or a big one at an international level, the news presenter is the one who has to execute it and give the right information to the people watching.

The Skills You Need

Being a news anchor demands a number of skills. The first among them is to do away with any form of camera fright. The career jobs in News Reader is all about the right presentation in front of the camera. A news reader not only delivers the news but also has to work towards making the viewers hooked onto the particular channel. Here come the little show business in the profession and one has to have the knack for it. However, with time and work experience, one can easily learn these things and make it big in the field.

A news reader must also be alert and a quick thinker. Most of the time, the news readers might be reading scripts from the teleprompter or notes that are available. However, there are times when they have to present news by listening to oral details from the producer. Like for example, in case of breaking news, a pre-written script is not possible. In such a time, the producer briefs the anchor on the situation and in return the news reader has to inform the viewers about the matter in a clear, yet concise manner.

Education and Skills Requirements

Generally, to become a news reader, one has to have an under graduate degree in Journalism and mass communication. There isn't any particular course that is offer in India for becoming a news reader. Hence, a degree in Journalism and mass communication becomes mandatory for all. The aspiring news reader however might join a few institutes that offer a course in news reading. These might not be enough qualification but still gives an experience of the news setting environment. Apart from this, there are news presenters who have worked as reporters and the gradually move to a news desk. Like all other profession. Even here, work experience matters the most. One might also look for internships with newspapers or other broadcasting station as it adds to the profile of a Journalist.  Gradually, a news reader gets better and can change from one station to another for getting better work opportunities.

How to Get a Job as an News Anchor

News Anchors have to spend enough time in front of the camera. One has to make a tape of himself or keep a sample of his work done on-air. Before looking for a job in News Anchor, it is very important to intern with some broadcasting agency or any local station. There are otherwise many programmes and courses that are offered for aspiring journalists and news readers. Once you have made a tape of your work, you can start dropping it at various news stations. It is important to work your way through small broadcasts and eventually make it big.

It is important to be patient for making it to big places in this industry. Perseverance is also vital. It is a tough and a very demanding profession.

Duties and Responsibilities

It is an old saying that 'With great power, comes great responsibilities'. The news presenter is the face of the broadcasting station and has to execute the news in a way that gives information and at the same time keeps the viewers looking for more. News anchors have to be innovative and must also be creative. They have to come up with new ideas for the presentation and development of the news. A news reader has to be well read and also provide accurate information. Furthermore, a news reader job does not only include reading but also writing. One must be ready and looking forward to writing news stories with the provided details. Again, as a source of providing information to the mass, the news has to be to-the-point and also free from any loop holes. In this professional field, one has to deal with various communities and people.

Apart from these responsibilities, a news reader also must be interested in information and at the same time should be good with management work in the newsroom. Their on-Air intellect matters and they have to be well-read with everything happening around. Their communication skills are the most important thing and they have to excel in it both verbally and written.

The job of the news anchors includes a lot of writing and reading. They also might have to give their commentary on editorials. They have to know how to write their own scripts. Though most of the time they will have the help of script writers, it is important to do thorough research for each news story. They must know the intricacies of the story to show the confidence while delivering it.

The job is not limited to all this. In addition to all of the above mentioned things, a news anchor also has to conduct special shows, take on-air interviews and conduct various panel discussions. Hence, reiteration is needed while we inform how being knowledgeable and well-read for about everything is a must in this profession.

The News Gathering Part of the Job

The amount of work that a news presenter has to do greatly depends on the location of work. In case of a local broadcasting station, the news anchor might act like a reporter and write his own scripts including all the local updates. In such a case the job might be distributed among the producer and other staffs of the agency. However, the story that they script must be in a way that they can be used for television broadcasting. So, a news reader might also have to act like a reporter in the time of need.

Working with a Producer

The stories that are delivered from various locations needs thorough research and must be done by the reporters. However, the job of a news reader becomes easier in this aspect as there is team of scriptwriters working behind. The news reader's job might include good understanding with the entire team and specially the producer of the bulletin. The producer is the off-air incharge and takes care of everything when the anchor is doing a live presentation.

Cons of Television News Careers and Fame

It may sound good to be famous and known among the people. However, at times the fame might get annoying as people might become judgmental about your job profile. Viewers tend to believe that they can intrude into the lives of the news readers as they are seen on the television screen. It might also become dangerous for the person doing the job at times. None of us are unaware of the difficulties faced by journalists. There have been many reported cases of news presenters being abducted. The job needs determination and patience.

Is there any Job Security in the Television News Business?

No. There isn't any job security as a news reader. The news readers are always hired on a contractual basis and the contract can be terminated by the agency on a whim. A news presenter must always be mentally prepared for losing their job. However, news readers are on a safer position as compared to a news reporter. The best option is to keep looking for other opportunities so as not to be left jobless at any point of time.

Is The Television News Business Really Saving the World?

Many people might live with the believe that their job is for a social cause. The hard reality behind the profession is how many times it is observed that the news bulletins are filled with news related to festivals and meetings across the world. It is seldom seem that a news bulletin covers some informative and investigative stories. However, it does not give the liberty to the news anchors to be casual as at any given point, a news reader might have to present something that is in true sense providing information to the viewers.

Salary and Compensation

A news anchor's job is exhilarating and appealing. News anchors have to be debonair before they can begin their career in the television line. News anchors have to be ready to work for extended and irregular hours along with weekends and public holidays. The remuneration in the job is good enough and at an average, a news anchor can take home as much as $50,000 as beginner and later grow upto $87,000 a year. A news reader who has made a career in telecommunications can earn as much as $114,000 annually.

Where to study

Though one needs a course in Journalism and Mass Communication to be eligible for a job, one might also enrol into a few institutes that offer a course in News reading. These courses might add the confidence and also helps to do way with the camera fright. Below, are mentioned a few institutes in India which offer similar courses.

  1. The New Delhi YMCA, Institute for Media Studies and Information Technology, offers a month long course in News reading.
  2. The Janaki Devi Mahavidyalaya of Delhi University has a short-term course in Hindi News reading especially for women candidates.
  3. The Center for Research in Art of Film and Television, CRAFT offers an extensive course in News anchoring and Radio Jockey.

The best way to find out more about the job is by talking to a professional. The most important job of a news anchor is to be a part of the news. They must have a fundamental knowledge of the local community and keep an eye on all news worthy things. More things that can be looked upto are investigative reporting, meeting deadlines, reporting and editing. In countries like US and Canada, the news presenters have to provide all possible material for news and also add comments to it during live bulletins.

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