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Hala city of Syria
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City: Hala. Latitude and Longitude of the city Hala is 33.75 / 36.5333

Here is the latest Map of Hala city:

Country: Syria

City: Hala

Latitude and Longitude of Hala

Latitude: 33.75

Longitude: 36.5333

What is Latitude and Longitude of Hala in other units?

Latest News from Hala, Syria

Ancient necropolis unearthed in Syria - 18 Dec 2008
Damascus (Syria), Dec 18 (ANI): A research team from Udine University in Italy... northeast of Damascus in Syria. "This is the first evidence that an area... a stretch of an old Roman road, which once linked Palmyra with western Syria

Roman-era stone sarcophagus discovered in Syria - 25 Dec 2008
Damascus (Syria), Dec 25 (ANI): A team of archaeologists in Syria has claimed to have found a Roman-era stone sarcophagus carved with faces of women and images of flowers, a lion and a bull.  The sarcophagus was the second found

US warns Syria against interfering in Lebanon - 07 Oct 2008
Washington, Oct 7 (Xinhua) The US Monday warned against Syria's alleged... of Syria into Lebanon's internal affairs,' Wood said.   'The Syrian... to the situation in Syria, a statement which was interpreted by many observers

Syria freezes ties with Iraq: reports - 31 Oct 2008
Dubai, Oct 31 (DPA) Syria has frozen its ties with Iraq following a cross-border attack by US forces on a Syrian village, the Dubai-based al-Arabiya news... was being frozen, as was cooperation between security services.   Syria

Archaeologists find buildings dating back to 5,000 BC in Syria - 01 Jan 2008
Damascus (Syria), July 17 (ANI): Archaeologists have discovered a number of round buildings that are eight and half meters high and date back to 5,000 BC, in Syria. The ancient buildings were found at Al-Hasaka governorate, 650

IAEA approves Syria nuclear aid despite concerns - 27 Nov 2008
Wednesday approved nuclear aid for Syria, despite misgivings of several western countries that are concerned about Syria's alleged secret nuclear programme, according... for a nuclear power plant in Syria, which is under suspicion of having secretly

Sarkozy asks Syria to pressure Hamas for ceasefire - 06 Jan 2009
Damascus, Jan 6 (Xinhua) France's President Nicolas Sarkozy Tuesday asked Syria... to the escalation in the Gaza Strip. 'Syria can offer a solution in Gaza. Syria..., urging Syria to 'convince Hamas to choose the voice of reason and path of peace

Israeli defence paper calls for peace with Syria: report - 23 Nov 2008
the government to strike a peace deal with Syria, even at the cost of the strategic Golan Heights, the Ha'aretz daily reported Sunday. 'An agreement with Syria... weakening the radical Iran-Syria-Hezbollah-Hamas line-up, according

White House quiet over raid in Syria - 28 Oct 2008
of a deadly US military strike in Syria near the border with Iraq that has....   The US has accused Syria of failing to halt the flow of Al Qaeda... withdrew its ambassador from Syria in 2005.   McCormack said the number

US conducts raid against insurgents in Syria - 27 Oct 2008
Baghdad, Oct 27 (Xinhua) US security forces have raided hideouts of insurgents in Syria to stop cross-border attacks by militants on Iraqi positions, officials... the neighbouring Syria of allowing insurgents to use its territories as a base

Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement between India, Syria - 01 Jan 2008
(BIPA) between India and Syria. The agreement was signed on June 18.  ... increase investment flow between India and Syria. (ANI) 

US forces kill seven in Syria: eyewitnesses - 27 Oct 2008
Damascus, Oct 26 (DPA) US forces killed seven men in a helicopter-borne attack inside Syria, residents in a Syrian border town near Iraq reported Sunday. Doctors in the town of Al-Sukkariya, some eight kilometres from the Iraqi border

Architectural historians ramping up efforts to restore Syria's historic bathhouses - 01 Jan 2008
Damascus (Syria), August 3 (ANI): Architectural historians are ramping up... in Syria. "The United Nations cultural agency UNESCO has protected the baths... town, and are also trying to refurbish bathhouses in other parts of Syria

Car bomb blast kills 17 in Syria - 01 Jan 2008
by Shia pilgrims, many of whom travel to Syria from Iran. 

Car bomb blast kills 17 in Syria - 06 Oct 2008
by Shia pilgrims, many of whom travel to Syria from Iran. 

Car bomb blast kills 17 in Syria - 01 Jan 2008
and is visited by Shia pilgrims, many of whom travel to Syria from Iran. 

Car bomb blast kills 17 in Syria - 06 Oct 2008
and is visited by Shia pilgrims, many of whom travel to Syria from Iran. 

Engage Syria for peace in Middle East: UAE daily - 07 Dec 2008
and Syria have been sour, counterproductive and focussed on the exchange

Iraqi police help US target terrorist in Syria: Report - 28 Oct 2008
;It added that the Iraqi government had been demanding his handover from Syria since...;  The US military Sunday raided Syria's al-Sukariya village near the town... in the helicopter-borne commando raid, which triggered outrage in Syria and other Arab

New archaeological discoveries enrich Syrian heritage - 08 Dec 2008
Damascus (Syria), Dec 8 (ANI): Archaeologists have announced the discovery of one stretch of the previous wall of Raqqa Palace in Syria, a few days after finding other things that enrich the country's heritage.  Raqqa city is an old

Attack on Iran 'would hurt US, Israel', says Syria - 01 Jan 2008
London, July 14 (ANI): A military attack on Iran over its nuclear programme would have grave consequences for the US, Israel and the world, said Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Iraq boosts police presence on Syrian border - 03 Nov 2008
their presence along the country's border with Syria following a US raid inside the neighbouring country last week, reports said Sunday. Syria had pulled police back... has criticized Syria for failing to stop cross-border militant activity, Syria

Sarkozy determined to help restore Lebanese-Syrian ties - 06 Jan 2009
Lebanon and neighbouring Syria. 'Lebanon and Syria are now cooperating... the two countries.'   Lebanon and Syria, for years Lebanon's power broker... in 1943.   Syria was forced to end its 30-year military presence

US envoy warns against rearming Lebanon's Hezbollah - 18 Dec 2008
of the Lebanese Shia movement Hezbollah by Syria and Iran. 'The rearmament of Hezbollah through Syria and Iran may re-incite confrontation with Israel, which could... at wanting Syria to end its interference in Lebanese affairs and Syrian support

Damascus calls in diplomat over attack: US sources - 27 Oct 2008
the reported incident of a US military raid inside Syria. The sources said US... and Lebanese sources were commenting on developments reported in Syria, in which US forces carried out a helicopter-borne commando raid inside Syria Sunday, killing nine

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