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Búrfell city of Iceland
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City: Búrfell. Latitude and Longitude of the city Búrfell is 64.0833 / -20.9333

Here is the latest Map of Búrfell city:

Country: Iceland

City: Búrfell

Latitude and Longitude of Búrfell

Latitude: 64.0833

Longitude: -20.9333

What is Latitude and Longitude of Búrfell in other units?

Latest News from Búrfell, Iceland

Iceland takes over country's largest banking group Kaupthing - 09 Oct 2008
Reykjavik, Oct 9 (DPA) Iceland's largest bank group Kaupthing was Thursday... liquidity.   A week ago, the government of Iceland bought a majority stake... to many times Iceland's GNP.' 

Scientists present largest-to-date genetic snapshot of Iceland 1000 years ago - 17 Jan 2009
-to-date genetic snapshot of Iceland as it was about 1000 years ago. ... the history of Iceland as recorded in the sagas.  These studies demonstrated... in the years around the settlement of Iceland 1100 years ago.  The current

Iceland adopts emergency law to reorganize banking system - 07 Oct 2008
equivalent to many times Iceland's GNP,' Haarde added.   Under...;A week ago, the government of Iceland bought a majority stake in Glitnir bank

Bjork collaborates with finance chiefs to save Iceland's ailing economy - 31 Dec 2008
London, December 31 (ANI): With a view to saving the ailing economy of her country, Icelandic singer Bjork has joined hands with finance chiefs.

Icelandic volcanoes help scientists understand potential effects of eruptions - 01 Jan 2008
chambers that lie beneath Iceland's volcanoes, which could one day help in better understanding of how earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur in Iceland... erupts. Previous eruptions in Iceland and elsewhere have released gas

Second Icelandic bank taken over - 08 Oct 2008
, the government of Iceland bought a majority stake in Glitnir bank, paying 600 million... of Iceland's largest bank, Kaupthing.   'The conditions in the Icelandic...;  Iceland's Prime Minister Geir Haarde on Monday said the bank crisis posed

Magma rising under the surface of a volcano may not be mushroom-shaped - 01 Jan 2008
" like Hawaii and Iceland have long been thought to be efficient conduits of Earth's..., or hotspot, beneath the crust. owever, seismic imaging in Iceland has revealed

Bankrupt Kerry Katona's Christmas 'budget' revealed - 13 Dec 2008
reportedly been spending her monthly Iceland allowance on 5-pound platters from.... Kerry's told friends and family it'll be an Iceland buffet for Christmas dinner

Icelandic bank taken over as Russia offers loan - 07 Oct 2008
added.   Separately, Russia has offered Iceland a loan of over four..., and 'their liabilities are now equivalent to many times Iceland's GNP,' Haarde added.   ....   A week ago, the government of Iceland bought a majority stake

Grannies on mobility scooters do mother of all battles in supermarket! - 01 Jan 2008
trading blows in front of shoppers in an aisle of their Iceland store. 

'Obamarama' arrives in UK! - 28 Dec 2008
in 2009. Other likely hotspots include Poland, Croatia, Iceland, Israel

Kerry Katona's 'foil' bikini faux pas - 18 Jan 2009
assets into a tiny silver 'foil' bikini in Iceland. But the mum-of-four seemed

Faced with a crisis, Britons find something to smile about - 12 Oct 2008
the capital of Iceland? Answer: About 3.50 pounds. Oops, it just went down to 3.00... on internet auction site ebay - Iceland.   The country... in the deal and that the winning bidder would have to collect Iceland - from Crydon

Need for new rules to govern world's fragile polar regions, say scientists - 01 Jan 2008
;The experts stressed the need for a new set of rules in Iceland at a UN-affiliated... observers. In Iceland, leading scholars will detail fast-emerging issues

UK tops the ranks of global pessimists - 01 Jan 2008
, Denmark is already in recession, and Iceland faces 15.5 per cent interest rates. Yet

European judges halt cleric Hamza's extradition to America - 01 Jan 2008
are Giovanni Bonnell, 72, from Malta, David Björgvinsson, 52, of Iceland, Paivi

Japanese women live longest in the world - 01 Jan 2008
Iceland and Hong Kong.  Government data shows that a tenth of Japan's

Kids with pet dogs risk being snorers later in life - 01 Jan 2008
Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark and Estonia about their childhood

India elected to UN Economic and Social Council - 24 Oct 2008
, in request of Iceland who is relinquishing its seat for the remainder of the term

How pollution influences the weekend weather - 01 Jan 2008
, whereas Iceland and Greenland are also experiencing wetter winter weekends.  

IMF speeds emergency loans for cash-strapped governments - 30 Oct 2008
on an ad-hoc basis, providing emergency loans to Iceland, Ukraine and Hungary

British PM to ask UAE for bailout funds - 02 Nov 2008
(IMF) after it dipped into its reserves fund to provide emergency loans to Iceland

Hong Kong most pessimistic about the prospects of coming year - 31 Dec 2008
hit Iceland who came joint top in the pessimism table.   The result

Recession fears provoke global market plunge - 16 Oct 2008
earlier.   In Iceland, one of the hardest-hit economies, the central bank... that of Iceland's gross national product in recent years.   An appeal by Iceland for help from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is expected

Tiny fossils take Antarctic Dry Valleys' origin back to 14 million years - 01 Jan 2008
which one might see in Northern Canada and Iceland today, where summer warmth

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