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Tillpuszta city of Hungary
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City: Tillpuszta. Latitude and Longitude of the city Tillpuszta is 46.1 / 19.1667

Here is the latest Map of Tillpuszta city:

Country: Hungary

City: Tillpuszta

Latitude and Longitude of Tillpuszta

Latitude: 46.1

Longitude: 19.1667

What is Latitude and Longitude of Tillpuszta in other units?

Latest News from Tillpuszta, Hungary

The pregnant cat that hiked a ride from Hungary to England! - 01 Jan 2008
London, July 6 (ANI): A pregnant cat that crawled into lorry looking for a safe place to give birth survived a week-long journey from Hungary to England, and gave birth to two kittens.  The cat, now named Mia, gave birth in the Suzuki

Anand draws, Carlsen closes in on Morelia-Linares - 05 Mar 2008
Reigning World champion Viswanathan Anand played out a draw with Hungary's Peter Leko to stay at the top position after the 12th round of Morelia

Canada's Alexandra Orlando tops 50 sexiest female Olympians list - 01 Jan 2008
Sharapova coming in the number two spot. Hungary's Rita Dravucz, according

Toby Stephens to star in new Robin Hood series - 26 Jun 2008
in Hungary, it is scheduled to start in January. (ANI) 

French Olympic swimmer caught in nude pics controversy - 01 Jan 2008
in Hungary at the weekend. "I know nothing about the video and have only seen

Nicolas Cage to reunite with Dominic Sena for 'Season of the Witch' - 01 Jan 2008
to begin in early November in Austria and Hungary. "Season of the Witch

Jankovic adds more glamour in Bangalore Open - 26 Feb 2008
and Serena, ranked eighth and 10 in the world respectively, Agnes Szavay of Hungary

New Miss Universe was once a kidnap victim! - 01 Jan 2008
Republic, Italy, Colombia, Russia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, the United States

Fran Drescher to be named public diplomacy envoy for US - 01 Jan 2008
in Romania, Hungary, Kosovo and Poland. (ANI) 

EU embassies seek additional security in "unsafe" Pak - 15 Oct 2008
, Hungary, Italy and Portugal.  The heads of embassies in ongoing

Archaeologists discover nine ancient Roman columns on riverbed - 22 Oct 2008
of today's Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia and Serbia. At some stage in history

Beijing glory a big boost for women boxers - 01 Jan 2008
in the Witch International Cup at Hungary, Asian Boxing at Guwahati and World Sports... in Hungary.  Anup Kumar, the boxing Head Coach, said: "They are very much

Beijing glory a big boost for women boxers - 06 Oct 2008
in the Witch International Cup at Hungary, Asian Boxing at Guwahati and World Sports... in Hungary.  Anup Kumar, the boxing Head Coach, said: "They are very much

Harikrishna wins to join foursome lead - 02 Jan 2008
with a loss to Hungary's Zoltan Almasi, but has picked up 2.5 points since

Anand back with a bang - 19 Feb 2008
Leko of Hungary, with 1.5 points each, are on joint third while Teimour Radjabov

Dogs can sniff ovarian cancer's specific scent - 27 Jun 2008
in Sweden and Hungary, trained dogs to distinguish different types and grades

Body's own 'cannabis' help in maintaining healthy skin - 01 Jan 2008
Washington, July 3 (ANI): A new study has revealed that chemical compounds produced by our body, similar to an active ingredient in marijuana called THC can help in maintaining good skin.  Scientists from Hungary, Germany and the UK

Now, you can wear your favourite movie on your glasses - 01 Jan 2008
and ship it to them," Tipton said. Tipton, who moved to Hungary at the start

Gascoigne back in Priory - 01 Jan 2008
legends in Hungary, two weeks ago, he could barely walk, needed help lighting

British officials 'defeatist' about Taliban: Robert Gates - 07 Oct 2008
journalists on board a military aircraft flying to Hungary for meetings

US denies military plane forced down by Iran - 08 Oct 2008
station said the plane was Hungarian and on an aid mission.   Hungary's

Satyam denies World Bank barred it from offshore work - 12 Oct 2008
in the US, Canada, Brazil, the UK, Hungary, Egypt, UAE, India, China, Malaysia

Seven new countries gain visa-free access to US - 18 Oct 2008
, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia and South Korea will be able

OECD says UK rich-poor divide is the widest in developed world - 21 Oct 2008
, a working-age head was jobless.  "Only Belgium, Germany and Hungary have more

"Gap between rich and poor in UK one of the widest in developed world" - 21 Oct 2008
and Hungary have more people in households where no one has a job," the authors

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