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Afrodísia road directions on the map



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Afrodísia city of Greece
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City: Afrodísia. Latitude and Longitude of the city Afrodísia is 38.5544 / 25.925

Here is the latest Map of Afrodísia city:

Country: Greece

City: Afrodísia

Latitude and Longitude of Afrodísia

Latitude: 38.5544

Longitude: 25.925

What is Latitude and Longitude of Afrodísia in other units?

Latest News from Afrodísia, Greece

Greece's 2,500-year-old outdoor theatres threatened by chewing gum and high heels - 01 Jan 2008
London, July 5 (ANI): The archaeological establishment of Greece has said that chewing gum, high heels, booming amplifiers and other modern plagues are seriously damaging Greece's 2,500-year-old outdoor theatres and should be banned. 

Olive oil had a large number of usages in ancient Greece - 01 Jan 2008
a large number of usages in ancient Greece.  The research, conducted by Adelphi... product in ancient Greece, but something that had in essence a divine power embedded... of people in ancient Greece is the number of references to it in comedy plays

Greece becoming rape capital for British women - 01 Jan 2008
in Greece has hit a disturbing all time high. Forty-one rapes have been reported so far... give Greece the unenviable record of having the largest number of British rape... strangers and in accepting lifts home, and thirdly the fact that Greece, unlike Spain

Archaeologists discover 1,600-yr-old horse racecourse in Greece - 01 Jan 2008
London, July 15 (ANI): An archaeological team has discovered the site of the ancient hippodrome race course in Olympia in Greece, where the emperor Nero competed for Olympian laurels 1,600 years ago. According to a report in Alpha

Scientists find first indication for embalming in Roman Greece - 01 Jan 2008
Greece. The remains of the 55-year old female, which date back to 300 AD, shows... and anti-oxidative substances in the mortuary practices of Roman Greece.  ... been shown for this time period in Greece."  Up to now, only written

Relay commences with lit of Olympic torch - 24 Mar 2008
The countdown for the Beijing Olympic Games 2008 began with the lit of Olympic torch in a ceremony on Monday in ancient Olympia, Greece, which will be carried... km (85,000 miles) in reaching from Greece to Beijing, where the Olympic Games

Greek mummy found inside lead coffin dates back to A.D. 300 - 01 Jan 2008
Greece, the first clear indication of embalming in Greece from the era when... an archaeological dig in Northern Greece, on the eastern cemetery of Thessaloniki, which... been shown for this time period in Greece." (ANI) 

'Virtual archaeologist' to shed new light on 3,500 yr old civilization - 01 Jan 2008
' to shed new light on Thera, an island civilization near Greece that was buried... in Greece have been painstakingly attempting to reconstruct wall paintings... working in collaboration with archaeologists in Greece, this Herculean task may

500 BC Greek ship to shed light on country's ancient history - 01 Jan 2008
Athens, July 29 (ANI): A 21-meters long ancient Greek ship, which archaeologists believe sank in a storm some 800 metres off the Gela coast in Greece while transporting goods from the Greek colony in Gela back to Greece in around 500 BC

Scientists study crystals to improve understanding of volcanic eruption triggers - 01 Jan 2008
Washington, August 29 (ANI): A team of scientists from the Durham University and the University of Leeds, UK, have studied crystal formation from a volcano, in Santorini, in Greece, to calculate the timescale between the trigger

Mumbaiâ??s child prodigy creates World record, crosses 30-km Messinikos Gulf - 03 Oct 2007
Messinikos Gulf in Greece. At eight years and seven months, Swapnali became... Swimming Marathon, organised by the Greece Swimming Association under the aegis... and Dharamtar-Gateway trips (in Mumbai), the experience in Greece

Computer-modelling project recreates sounds of ancient Greek harp - 01 Jan 2008
Washington, September 4 (ANI): A new computer-modelling project has been successful in recreating the sound of the harp-like Epigonion musical instrument from Ancient Greece. Researchers associated with the project named ASTRA

2,600 yr old Italian tomb reveals ancient trade network - 01 Jan 2008
and Greece. Experts working on the tomb, which was found near the port of Ancona... centuries."  "For example, it shows that items from Greece and the eastern

'Virtual archaeologist' to shed new light on 3,500 yr old Greek civilization - 01 Jan 2008
Washington, September 28 (ANI): Thanks to an automated system developed by a team of Princeton University computer scientists, archaeologists in Greece... in present-day Greece is known as Santorini. To design their system, the Princeton

Spain named Brits' 'Worst Holiday Destination for Food Poisoning' - 01 Jan 2008
Brits fall sick when holidaying in Spain, with Greece, Turkey and Egypt next

Brit wins jackpot after finding winning numbers in fortune cookie! - 01 Jan 2008
on holiday in Greece four years ago.  The 23-year-old scooped 235,588

Romeo bends it like Beckham - 01 Jan 2008
in 2001.  Beckham, who says his Greece goal is his best, was on hand to pass

Blood Test to confirm neurodegenerative diseases - 09 Apr 2008
, the test called NuroPro would be launched first in Greece and later in US market... are on the go in the US and Greece. Millions of people suffer from Alzheimer’s which

Now, 2 pounds -a-night foreign trips on offer - 01 Jan 2008
and November. Thomson Holidays is offering self-catering accommodation in Greece... pounds rooms left in Halkidiki, Greece, though there are no direct flights from

Olympic torch maker finally relaxes after intense exhaustion and excitement - 01 Jan 2008
and community cauldrons used in every relay, and accompanied the torch from Greece... the cauldron was ignited. Throughout the torch's journey from Greece

Sania loses in Hobart quarters - 10 Jan 2008
her the match. Pennetta will now face Greece 's Eleni Daniilidou who scored

Gurgaon Kidney Racket kingpin still untraced - 28 Jan 2008
, Canada, Saudi Arabia and Greece who used to pay Rs 15 Lakh to 25 Lakh

Chinese President lights up Olympic torch to mark official start - 31 Mar 2008
on Monday morning after specially chartered Air China plane carried it from Greece

Cyprus Bank buys 80 per cent of Russia's Uniastrum - 01 Jan 2008
in Cyprus, Greece, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and Australia

Mediterranean diet cuts cancer risk by 12pc - 01 Jan 2008
in countries such as Spain and Greece.  They noticed that people living

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