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What is COPD?

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a lung related disease, which make difficult to breath for sufferers. The nature of the disease can be termed as chronic cases of lung diseases like bronchitis and emphysema etc. The main trouble, which the patient feels, is difficulty during empty the air out from the lungs.

Like Asthma, COPD also related to lungs and superficially it seems that both are same disease but the fact is that COPD is different from Asthma in some manner. But you can say there is not more difference between COPD and the chronic state of Asthma.

In fact, COPD is directly related to lungs and to know it, first of all you should know that how lungs work in our body. As you know, during breathing air goes down in windpipe or tubes in your lungs. In the lungs these tubes branch divided into thousand of smaller thinner tubes. When someone breathes in, the tinny fills up with air and when he breathes out, the air goes out from the lungs.


There are various factors responsible for the COPD in human body and smoking is the main cause of COPD. Smoking of cigarette and tobacco is the root cause for the COPD. Smoking of air pollutants and other irritating particles can cause the mucus glands in the way of breathing.

The increase in this mucus creates various troubles in our body and cough is one of them, which are another major troubles for the lung related diseases.

Experts say that the particle present in environment also plays crucial role for the emergence of COPD symptoms in your body. The exposure of the dusk available in environment and outdoor pollution provides the way for COPD. Genetic and hereditary case also responsible for the COPD symptoms in some cases.


There is not a certain cure for COPD, as experts say however you can normal life with changing your lifestyle and taking precautions for your body. Treatment help in recovery from the disease but the changing in life style and avoiding smoking forced to results better.

As you know smoking is the root cause for the COPD symptoms in your body quitting smoking is the first condition for the defeating COPD.

Apart from this the result of passive smoking is also dangerous so you must avoid this. All the places where presence of dust, fumes and other toxic substances are anticipated, should ignored by you for better relief.


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