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Signs of Depression in Men

Generally it is understood that women are more vulnerable for depression and studies also prove the fact. If you think that men are safer in this context then you should rethink about your assumption, as the sign of depression in men has become common symptom today. Of course the ratio of percentage is below than women. The article gives you details about the possible way to cope with the signs of depression in men.


Life if full of uncertainty and we have to face various ups and downs in our life. We are bound to face certain difficulties in our life to achieve our objective and goals. But if we remain failed in our efforts then it can be harmful for us and it can create several mental disorders for us. Depression is the result of mental disorders of any individual, which he witnesses.

There are many factors are responsible for depression including the imbalance of chemical imbalance or neurotransmitters in the body. Depression witnesses many symptoms including loss of interests in general activities, reluctant and loss of energy and interest, changes in sleep and appetite. In fact depression is the most common mental disorder which ruin badly not only individual but also its familiar and personal set up completely.

Depression in Men:

Depression in men has become a common problem today and it leads to various problems for the future. However the symptoms of depression in men easily not traceable like women. Even the sufferer's men never assume that he has been a victim of depression. If a man sufferers from depression, the behavior shows that such patients lost their optimisms and turned in to pessimism. Such people behave like complete hopelessness and helplessness state.

In some cases person feels lack of sleeping or insomnia in which person wakes in the early hours of morning. In some cases excessive sleeping occurs which shows hypersomnia.

Victim feels fatigued and weakness which results like whole body feels heavy. Due to fatigue and weakness, the person feels exhausted even for small tasks.


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