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Hussain, Iraq, Bush and shoes

By Tanveer Jafri, Mon, 22 Dec 2008 NI Wire

American president George Bush’s last Iraq visit as a president was some what different. During this visit, an Iraqi journalist attacked him by throwing the shoes on him. Undoubtedly, it was condemnable, bad and unnecessary activity done as a journalist. It does not behave a journalist to be a reactionary. But the incident took place and cannot be checked now. Now the common talk in the world is that why that 28 years old young journalist of Shia Saiyed community attacked President Bush with the shoes and with what words. What type of shoes that journalist purchased for this deed and the price being estimated for those shoes etc. Muntazir-Al-Zaidi is a young journalist of Al- Baghdadia channel in Iraq, who has been arrested after the above said incident and has been sent to judicial custody for trial.

There are many aspects for analysis of the subject. One is that the most sufferers were the persons of the Shia community when Dictator Saddam Hussain was ruling over Iraq. When Saddam Hussain was hanged, the opinion of the people of the world especially the Muslim countries was that the Sunni Arab leader Saddam was hanged only because of the Shia community. To be remembered that Saddam was hanged because of Dujjail Massacre. In this incident Saddam caused hundred of the persons from the Shia community, massacred. It is also true that the Shia community in Iraq celebrated a lot of joy when Saddam was ousted. Now the question is why a person of the Shia community felt himself forced to attack George Bush with shoes, whereas it is being told that the family of Muntazir Zaidi suffered a lot during the reign of Saddam Hussain, as it was a family of the Shia community?

In fact, President Bush felt a shock because of the 9/11 terrorist attack on America. Bush, in its pride, declared that there are only options before the world. Either is with us or with the terrorist. There is no third way out. Because of this challenge, the people of the world felt that the meaning of these words of the most powerful persons of the world may lead to destruction of the world. It may be compared to a mad elephant gone a muck. The world witnessed the American attack on Afghanistan. Undoubtedly the scene of destruction can be seen in Afghanistan that may move a person. But in fact there was no other way to deal with the cruel Taliban rulers and secondly the Talibanies were becoming devil darers. Anyhow the world witnessed the fall of missiles, rockets and bombs by the Americans. Because of the sympathy of 9/11 incidents and limitless Taliban’s terrorism most of the countries of the world seconded the actions of America.

After uprooting the Taliban in Afghanistan, Bush gave himself the airs and considered himself the world conqueror sikander-e-AAzam. He turned his declaration of war against terrorism towards Iraq, although without any sound reason. The cruelty and dictatorship of Saddam Husain was increasing. But George Bush had no rights to take responsibility of ousting Saddam Husain on the basis of false information from CIA. Iraq was damaged. Some unverified sources say that by now about 14 lacs of people have lost their lives because of the American interference. Many oil wells were set to fire there. Many historical religious buildings were damaged. The public of that place is unaware of the present use of oil wells. There where the weapons of massacre are is yet not known. The social hatred between the Shiites and the Sunnis has increased even more than that was at the time of Saddam Hussain. It has taken a dangerous form. Even because of the unripe, wrong and irresponsible dictatorial policies of George Bush, more than 4200 American soldiers have laid their lives in the fire of violence.

These above cited facts are not merely accusations against George Bush? Bush himself has many a time accepted his blunder of attacking Iraq. He took the false support of the mistake in CIA reports. Now the question is if the American army interference in Iraq was wrong then bush is a culprit or not. If he is a war criminal, then who will get him punished. At such occasion, what else Muntzir Zaidi could do as he was unable to tolerate the destruction of the ancient and historical country Iraq. Muntzir Zaidi was helpless because of the very high security of George bush. He had a chance to throw his shoes on him. Zaidi liked to purchase only Iraq made shoes for the purpose. While throwing the first shoe, Zaidi said that it was farewell from the people of Iraq and the second shoe was from the widows and orphans who were compelled to spend a hellish life because of the wrong policies of the George bush.

Certainly the incident of this shoe throwing has made the people of the Muslim countries overjoyed. There were demonstrations in many countries, including Iraq, for the release of the journalist Zaidi. The Arab world is looking Zaidi as a hero. Aaisha the daughter of Libyan leader Ghaddafi has declared to honour Zaidi with the medal of courage. Zaidi is being praised in songs at many places in the world. An Arab man has called this shoe priceless. He has offered to purchase it for one crore dollars. Some critics have condemned the American media because media had let loose bush to act and wage war on the false information. Now that American media should learn a lesson from the Iraqi Journalist.

Not only the Muslim world but many Americans were unhappy also because of the anti-human policies and world wide insult of America. Winning of election by Barak Hussain Obama is itself a proof of it. American people gave victory to Obama to solve the problems by peaceful discussions. It is the result of the fact that American people are fed up with the policies of George bush and they did not care for racial discrimination even. The fact that Obama is a son of the Muslim father and his background is Islamic had no effect on the American people. I had already written in many of my articles that George Bush was mostly opposed by the Americans. The demonstrations held against the Iraq war were more in America than that were in Iraq. All these are evidences that show that not only Iraqis but people of America were also hurt by the policies of George Bush. Once again the opponents of the policies of George Bush demonstrated the show of throwing shoes on the effigy of George Bush. In Iraq, Zaidi threw only two shoes and finished his work but in America the demonstrators throw shoes for many hours.

Now a new truth is coming out regarding Bush and ‘Hussain’. Name of the person who is taking charge of the American power from George Bush is Barak ‘Hussain’ Obama. Obviously, the American people have given him victory with some trust. On the other hand George Bush aimed at the Iraq dictator whose name was Saddam ‘Hussain’ it shows that shadow of the word ‘Hussain’ followed Bush from Iraq to America. It is to be noted that Karbala in Iraq is that holy place where 1400 years ago, the biggest Yazids Serian army of that time, which had lacs of soldiers and horseman terror attacked Hazrat ‘Hussain’ and his relatives who were near relatives of Prophet Mohammad. Hazrat ‘Hussain’ was the first martyr who bore the first biggest terrorists attack of the world from the Muslim rulers. He won morally by sacrificing his own life along with the lives of his 72 companions and thus tried successfully for survival of liberal Islam. What a strange coincidence. Today Shia Sayyad who belonged to the heredity of Hazrat ‘Hussain’ has attacked George Bush by throwing shoes on him and tried to raise his voice against cruel George Bush. It is again the same holy land of Iraq. It is possible that the shoe thrown on Bush may give a lesson to all those rulers who are cruel, and have dictatorial attitude.

By columnist Tanveer Jafri

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