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Visit to City Palace of Jaipur

City Palace or erstwhile abode of the king of Jaipur is the most impressive heritage building in the city of Jaipur with huge mansions and artful display of various architectural dimensions. It is just located in the heart of the city and in respect of artistic display of architectural heritage and traditions this gigantic palace is considered to be one of the most beautiful heritage sites in Rajasthan and also the Indian subcontinent and consequently it should be the most special destination in your tour itinerary of heritage tourism in Jaipur.

History of City Palace in Jaipur

This gigantic palace unlike the three forts surrounding the city in the Aravalli hills or many other architectural heritages in Jaipur or the state of Rajasthan which was built by Kachwahas clan right from the 1000 century AD, this palace was built and inhabited by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II and the subsequent descendants from the royal family of Jaipur. The palace and the whole Jaipur city as sited by the historians and heritage architecture specialists of later period was built in conformity with the classical Indian knowledge of construction quoted as Vastu Shastra and is one of the classiest example of our ancient knowledge and scientific expertise on construction.

Though the first contruction was initiated by the king shortly after he decided to shift the capital from Amer to Jaipur in in the first quarter of seventeenth century the subsequent construction around the city and the palace took many years to complete. A treasurer in the kings office who later became promoted as the chief architect, named Vidyadar Bhattacharya was the famous architect behind this mammoth structure of superb artistic touch and architectural marvels. City palace is the center of your heritage tour in Jaipur from which you can obtain the basic understanding of the historical events that form the heritage of the city and its beautiful relics.

Special Attractions in City Palace of Jaipur

If special attractions or notable places to visit is concerned in this city palace of Jaipur then the list would obviously be so long that it would at least take one full day of your tour itinerary of heritage tour in Jaipur and even then it is not guaranteed that you would be able to cover every detail of this marvelous and gigantic palace.

Gateway to Palace:

Though there three gateways to enter the palace, namely, Virendra Pol, Udai Pol and Tripolia Gate, the last one is reserved for the royal family and other two are for common people and tourists to enter the palace premises. From the well decorated arching gates of the palace you can envisage the artistic confluence of various architectural and artistic traditions that made this palace so unique among the other heritage buildings in and around Jaipur.

Mubarak Mahal:

Mubarak Mahal which literally means the reception hall for the guests entering the palace is a huge building that is built with various architectural elements from Mughal, Rajput and European style of architecture. This palace now serves as the museum and displays a great reserve of various royal and vintage textile materials from old time like, royal costumes, Sanganeri Block prints, rich embroidered shawls, Kashmiri handicraft items like pashminas, vintage silk materials etc. that were in use in the royal time.

Chandra Mahal:

Chandra Mahal or as some calls it Chandra Niwas is the main important building in the palace that actually houses the greatest treasure of architectural, artistic and most significant heritage materials from the old time to the present. If your visual aspiration for heritage wonders in the city is fulfilled in this palace you can consider yourself lucky to have completed the major bulk of the must see pieces in your heritage tourism in Jaipur. The whole palace is a gigantic edifice sprawled over seven storied building and in accordance with their serving purpose for the royal residents each floor has got a different name. Presently the whole palace is occupied by the descendants of the former royal family of Jaipur and only the ground floor is allowed for the tourists and visitors to take a direct experience of the historical traditions and heritages.

The beautifully colored and textured peacock gate is an artistic display at the entrance of Chandra Mahal that is capable to make you dumbstruck with its blazing beauty. The whole palace is adorned with numerous artifacts from royal era, floral decorations, beautiful paintings, mirror works on wall, etc.

Pitam Niwas Chowk:

This is the inner courtyard that can be accessed just through the Chandra Mahal and this gigantic courtyard with the pristine beauty of marble flooring and colorful decorations all around is really gives your sense of relief in the openness a royal and majestic touch of luxury. There are distinctly colored and decorated four gates at the four sides of this courtyard signifying four season and four gods.


Diwan-i-Aam which literally means the hall of audience to listening to public is a gigantic royal chamber with walls and ceilings decorated in styles that is reminiscent of Mughal and Rajput artistic traditions. Presently it serves as an art gallery with ancient manuscripts and various historic objects from the royal family.


Diwan-i-Khas or hall of private meeting is a beautiful, sprawling hall with sparklingly beautiful marvel flooring and decorated ceiling and pillars. There are two gigantic sterling silver vessels that are recorded to be the biggest sterling silver vessels in the world by the Guinness Book of World Record and undoubtedly a unique piece of significance to attract your attention in your heritage tourism in Jaipur.

Maharani Palace:

This palace used to be the residence of the royal queen or Maharani in the earlier time and presently it is endowed with great many historic marvels and artifacts of rare significance and artistic beauty that serve as tourist attractions. There is a glittering emerald studded sword here that famously had been presented by the visiting British Queen to the royal queen at the time of her visit in Jaipur. The museum of this palace also has numerous royal costumes, armors from different eras of royal family. The celing of this palace is decorated with magnificent fresco work incorporating European and native Indian traditions. This palace along with its museum is one of the must see places in Jaipur city palace and would provide you with some unforgettable memories in your heritage tourism in Jaipur.



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