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Most Popular Tourist Destinations of Kerala

Flanked by the lofty Western Ghats in the east, bordered by the Arabian sea in the west and crisscrossed by 44 rivers, this heavenly abode of meditating hill stations, the mystic back waters, the endless stretches of blue water amid sun and sand, the wilderness beckoning at the wild life sanctuaries, the monuments and festivals reminding one of a rich and variegated past makes Kerala one of the most sought after tourist destinations of Asia. A warm tropical climate and soothing greenery welcomes you amidst the host of amicable inhabitants who happens to be one of the most educated and cultured lot. To find the most popular tourist destinations of Kerala is really a challenging one simply because of the massive choices that it offers to the traveler's appreciation. This state with its fourteen districts, situated at the south-western corner of the country has indeed much more to offer than what words can ever capture or express.

Kerala has been popularly tagged as 'God's own country' for its visual splendor and tranquil bearings. Tourists who have once visited the place often want to return, re-experience and unwind after the grinding demands of a post-modern life. Kerala is also known for its Ayurvedic tourism, eco-tourism initiatives where the body is healed and the soul is replenished by the centuries old methods so typical of the Indian sub-continent. No wonder the state has been ranked as one of the ten paradises of the world by National Geographic traveler with a foreign tourist influx of not less than 0.66 million in the year 2010.

Kerala enjoys a great connectivity by rail, road and airways but the best means of sight-seeing is travelling by roads as almost all of the most popular tourist destinations of Kerala are located at about two hours drive from each other.

Kochi or Cochin:

Talking of most popular tourist destinations of Kerala or for that matter about any tourist attraction places in the state, this city is chosen by a majority of travelers to take off the journey across the travel destinations. The quintessential Kerala experience of nature with all its famous attributes of freshness, verdant greenery and cool and wide open blue of long beaches on the Arabian Sea just begins from here, the largest city of the state of Kerala. Besides nature's own visages Cochin with its long colonial past, foreign invasion of yesteryears and as an important centers in the historical trade routes in the antiquity for oriental spices, jewels, silk, etc. offers great array of heritage sites of attraction and grave travel interest. If you start your Kerala tour from here no doubt being introduced with long traditions and heritages that the whole state represents in its museums, art and craft treasures and heritage buildings would help you to enlighten the charms of travel throughout your tour in the city. This is also the commercial hub of Kerala, often been tagged as 'the queen of Arabian sea'. A kaleidoscopic sight of Chinese fishing net, Dutch buildings, Portuguese artifices and British monuments etc. are a real feast for the eyes. Tourists often throng there to see Balgutty Island, Willington Island, Hill palace museum etc.


Located at about 16 km from the capital Thiruvanathapuram, Kovalam beach is the most visited beach site in Kerala, no wonder that it is not only one of the most popular tourist destinations of Kerala but of the whole country. Blessed by balmy weather and soothing breezes ,lined by coconut trees, the endless sand and undulating waves stretching across the horizon, the Kovalam beach is thronged by foreigners who look to tan and relax among one of the many Ayurvedic, meditation and yoga centers that has cropped up in recent times.

Kovalam has three crescent-shaped beaches: the lighthouse beach in the south where the greatest crowd of visitors is observed, Hawah in the middle where local fishermen are seen early morning busy with their daily chores and Samudra in the north, solitary and changeless for those who seek to recoil in self.

The coconut lines over the high rocks caressed by approaching and receding ripples lures one by its meditative ambience; and finally the performance of Kathakali in the evening , the classical dance-drama form native to the state makes for an unforgettable experience.


You have long cherished the dream and your heart felt wishes of visiting the charming greenery and quays of Kerala backwater and long wondered in thrill of a night spent in the coziness of a floating houseboat on the backwater alley only to get up in the morning to look at the bright crystal water reflecting the bending green branches of coconut tree on the two sides of the backwater alley. All these and many more is just in their perfect shape and harmony in this backwater destination in the Allappuzha district of Kerala and befittingly it is regarded as the crowning jewel of Kerala backwater tourism. You can try other backwater cruises from lesser known destinations in the same district, but Alleppy is just irreplaceable as a very special place among the most popular tourist destinations of Kerala.

The long and dense array of palm trees bending on the mirror like still water lagoons and canals and pristine lakes dotted with narrow strip of thatched or tile roofed huts make the specters of Alleppy experienced from the houseboats truly unforgettable and cherished memories of lifetime treasure. No exotic land in all the continents including the famous palm fringed islands like Hawai or Andaman or rich somber greenery of Amazon river cruise can be compared with the astounding hues of green and its spectacular shades that Alleppey and its backwater specter offers. Alleppey apart from the visual splendors is also the right place to have a charming experience of Kerala life in its regular twists abnd turns and different traditions and occupations.

You can hire a houseboat and spend the night with an inboard chef who would be at your service with some local delicacies and as the experience of tourists goes houseboats are the perfect place for a truly exotic experience of backwater, rather than a hotel accommodation splattered across the Alleppey city. Or for a bit longer stay you can just book accommodation in any of the wide range of lagoon resorts on the sides of backwater or on the island. Sitting in the perfect calm of the nature looking at the blue mirror of lagoon while the sun on your forehead are being pierced and splattered by the palm leaves; it is this tranquility that makes Alleppey so special.


After Cochin this is the second largest city in the state and this is also the capital of the state, built and inhabited by the Travancore kings since 11th century and was declared their capital in 1750. This city inhabited by various sage and religious figures of profound importance in the Indian spiritual tradition is long considered as an irrefutable holy place in the religious travel map of the orient.

Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple, the most imposing landmark of the city is a typical example of temple architecture peculiar to South India. The Kathramallika palace situated nearby the temple was built by Maharaja Swathi Thiruval Belarama Verma. It has an important collection of artifacts of the Travancore kings. The government art or Napier museum, named after Lord Napier has a huge collection of historical artifacts and archeological findings. Lastly, the zoological garden, situated between Palayam and Vellayambalam, is among the most well kept and laid out gardens in Asia. The zoo is maintained amidst a forest like ambience. Historical wonders, great heritage places of astounding significance and religious significance of yesteryears made this city a must visit place in the kerala tour itinerary concerning most popular tourist destinations of Kerala.


Located at about 45 km from the Ernakulum city, situated amidst paddy fields and silent groves with quiet villages nearby and bordering Vypeen Island, Cherai is ideal for swimmers. Dolphins are spotted sometimes as a pleasant surprise jumping up and delving again in the blue expanse. For those who seek tranquil shades of cool countryside which makes Kerala so well known this obviously comes as a heavenly abode and no wonder Cherai is regarded as an unforgettable spot by many tourists among the most popular tourist destinations of Kerala.


About 45 Km from Thiruvanathapuram, Varkala offers a long stretch of beach with shops and eateries mostly situated at the two cliffs north and south of the famous Papanesam cove. The high plateau offers a panoramic view of the watery stretch. The important sights are Sivagiri Math, Janardhan Temple, Anjengo Fort, Light house among others. Verkala is ideally suited for the low budget travelers who can't afford to spend much but wishes to have it all at their much awaited vacations.


The significance of quiet and serene flow of life amid the paddy fields and villages where nothing seems to happen may not appeal at the first glance but it is where the soul seems to revitalize itself away from the hullaballoo of the maddening crowd. Kumarakom is a relatively recent discovery of the sightseers and presently many hotels and resorts has developed to welcome the visitors.

Vembanad Lake:

If you are to find the magic behind the heavenly abodes and mesmerizing specters of the most popular tourist destinations of Kerala the backwater, lake and islands make a vast majority of your travel experience. Ku is actually a series of islands on the eastern bank of Vembanad Lake, sandwiched in between the vast stretch of still waters, lake on one side and the grayish tranquil back waters at the other. The scenic beauty of the place is legendary. Visitors are often bewitched by the serenity of the place.

The place offers a few spots meant for sight-seeing like bird sanctuary where migratory birds flocks in between the month of October to March; driftwood museum and Pathiramanal Island.

Munnar (the Kashmir of the South):

Kerala long famous for its green landscape, pristine blue water lakes, almost floating villages and tiny huts on islands and on the verge of backwater and wide open specter of sea beaches that induce apart from its soul soothing evanescence a tint of end-of-the-land melancholy also offers some beautiful hills and highlands with verdant green tea plantations and lofty pines. Munnar offering the gorgeous hill station specters that in a way make you remember of the splendors of Kashmir valley is undoubtedly most popular tourist destinations of Kerala on its own right.

Located at about 1600 Meters above sea level, Munnar has popularly been tagged as the Kashmir of the south. The summer retreat of the erstwhile British Empire, Munnar is blanketed by mist and enveloped by tea and coffee plantations .It is a paradise of the trekkers and mountaineers and the tourists who has a special proclivity for the meditative serenity of the heights and the high altitude landscape. There are some waterfalls, dams and lakes among other sightseeing objects. Chithirapuram offers the old world charms for those who believe in it.


This is a beautiful mountain terrain with its lush greenery, paddy fields and offers great delight to the adventurous trekkers. The Chembra peak and Munmutty falls is among the important sight-seeing. The old Jaina temple is also worth seeing along with Edakkal caves. Wild life spotting is at Muthanga and Thalpatty is another important attraction of the place.


Kerala has always been famous in the tourism map of the country because of its wide open natural sea beaches, verdant greenery, tranquil lakes, lagoons and picturesque quays of backwater, but this little state in the southern tip on looking the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean can also boast off some of the most beautiful hill stations in the country. Nelliampathi is a popular hill station located just 60 Km away from Palakkad. This hill station is considered a special place in the tour itinerary mainly on account of the verdant tea and coffee plantations on the hill slopes. This hill station is also home to some beautiful natural waterfalls and there are few dams on the mountain streams that makes popular tourist sites.


If one Kerala hill stations is to be named for its encompassing beauties and diverse activities ranging from mild trekking to paragliding to silent repose in the hill resort overlooking blue waves of mountains and valleys, Vagamon definitely deserves to be the preferred one among the most popular tourist destinations of Kerala. With paragliding becoming popular in the state as a hill station sport centering Vagamon it is also a good spot to offer the young ones an experience of flying. Vagamon is a popular heal retreat to flee from the scorching summer of the Kerala's tropical green and the wide array of resorts on the slopes makes this place a popular holidaying destination in the lap of nature.


This marvelous hill station on a small stretch of Western Ghat range above 1100 meter from the sea level is one of the top hill stations in South India as per the regular number of tourist visits. The hill top cottages splattered across this hill station are the ideal retreats from the Cochin city for a short travel and this hill station with its quaint hill view, picturesque valleys of variant natural hues and scintillating waterfalls is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations of Kerala. Among the top tourist attractions of this hill station include Kallar and Menmutty Falls, Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary, Shendumey Wildlife Sanctuaries and nearby Agasthyarkoodam peak in the Western Ghat range which is famous for its wildlife and wide variety of flora and fauna.


You had long cherished the feeling of floating on pristine blue waters on the Kashmir Dal Lake on a royal house boats, but when coming to this part of the world you see almost a marketplace is floating by the river on the boats and the traversing backwater all around and the verdant greenery, the houseboat you are floating by can present you a piece of venise water ways and Amazon nature together in an unforgettable Kerala dimension. The peace of the backwaters enchants anyone who wishes to relieve themselves from the sound and fury of urban life. Having multiple tourist attractions and specters astoundingly of Kerala's indigenous beauty Kumarakom is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations of Kerala.

Lying close to the Kuttanad region and popularly tagged as the Venice of the East, you can verily enjoy the mangrove covered lagoons, houseboats made on bamboo, the indigenous dishes of Kerela served to tickle your palate. Gently sailing through the calm backwaters and you can enjoy the Ayurvedic message of ancient tradition here that made so many destinations of Kerala places of global medical tourism interest. This is as well a bird watcher's paradise, especially for those are seeking some memorable snaps through their lenses of exotic local and wandering birds. Kumarakom is a must see for those who seeks to unwind among serenity and calm or for those who have a wide range of travel interests.


A state so famous for its grand beaches, long and serpent quays of backwater and ever phosphorescent splendor of lush greenery dispersed with variety of hues, quaint mist on the picturesque hillside and floating dots of island on the pristine lakes and backwater is also having some great wild life adventure destinations and among them Thekaddy undoubtedly deserves to be considered as most popular tourist destinations of Kerala. It is a wild life sanctuary of Kerala offering spectacular sights of elephants, boars, bison, and lion tailed macaques and sometimes even tigers and leopard are to be seen. The forest offers a primordial bondage between man and nature and this mystic connection can be felt among the dense foliage with its assorted gift of flora and fauna. The forest can be observed riding on the back of the elephants. The more adventurous ones can trek on foot venturing into the deepest of the jungles. There is a resort in the middle of the lake from where the animals can be observed drinking water. Boating facilities are also available on the lake. The forest is the fittest destination of those who wishes to realize their connection with the rest of the animal world.


'The gateway to Cochin', Ernakulum has been cited as the commercial capital of Kerala.It has a naval base and Cochin shipyard. It is the main hub of commercial activities with shopping malls, commercial centers and related paraphernalia. Mangalavanam is the mangrove forest situated nearby and on the Dr,salim Ali road one finds a small bird sanctuary. The marine drive area is the main business center of Cochin and from its plush surroundings one can observe the ships docked for re-fuelling. Another important place worth seeing is Parikshith Thampuran museum where rare collection of coins and amulets are preserved.


Kerala, which can as well be described as a state virtually hanging on the Arabian Sea, apart from its world famous sea beaches, backwater, verdant greenery and lakes is said to have kept its secret treasures in the picturesque hill stations. Yes, without having a day's retreat in this beautiful hill station you no doubt skipped one of the most popular tourist destinations of Kerala. This place coined as 'the power house' of Kerala, is a hilly district with major hydroelectric power-stations at Moolamattam. The gentle sloped is enveloped by tea plantations as this area is well known for its production of tea and pepper. The highest peak of the state Anamalai is situated here. The hills are covered by forests and many well known wild-life sanctuaries situated here. Notable among them are Chinnar wildlife sanctuary located on Munnar-Udamalpettu road 70 km from Munnar,The Eravikulam-Rajamalai wildlife sanctuary ,4 Km from Munnar. Rare species of flora and fauna like the almost extinct Nilgiri Tahr can be spotted here. A rare species of flowering plant called Neelakuranji which produces flowers every twelve years can be seen here.

Idukki Arch Dam is a rare specimen of human engineering is a double curvature arch dam is the world's second and Asia's first and largest dam of its kind built across Kuvaram and Kurathi hills. There are many notable wild life sanctuaries around this place like Periyar Wild Life Sanctuary stretching for about 777 sq. km is the abode of 1965 flowering plants, 143 orchids and 171 species of grasses. It is the popular sanctuary of the country and the southernmost tiger reserve. There is an artificial lake by Mullaperiyar river built across the Periyar River is a place worth seeing. Other places of interest are Mangaladevi temple found in the thick of dense forest, Vendiperiyar etc.

Silent Valley National Park:

Even Kerala can boast off its wild rain forest that gives a piece of specter like Amazon. The naming of this national park justifies its somber and dark green cover and for jungle safari this is the most coveted destination in the state and in visiting all of the most popular tourist destinations of Kerala one just cannot skip this one. At this National park which lies at the heart of the Nilgiri Biosphere reserve, one watches the Nature at its pristine beauty. It is located at about 40km from Mannarkad in the Palakkad Dirtict. The rain forest is found ready with its ever divergent offerings of flora and fauna, silent valley offers a whole cortege of animals to see and plants to revel at.


More than just so called clean blue waves of sea beaches or greenery or silent quays of backwater, Kerala offers life and living traditions of the inhabitants of rural people in their most original legacy. Kuttanad is a place for taking a long repose in the silent wave of verdant paddy fields gleaming in the sun while looking at the Keralian farmer's silhouettes in the distance. All quintessential Kerala specialties are at galore here and in most tranquil shape for your soul to rest in endless repose, as long as you wish. Kuttanad can really be described as a rare treasure hidden behind so called most popular tourist destinations of Kerala.

A glimpse of the rural Kerala with its ever green tranquility, the endless paddy fields and settlements scattered amidst dense tropical vegetation. The water ways of Kuttanad which is an enchanting labyrinth of canals, backwaters, rivers and rivulets is shadowed by palm trees. Admittedly the green that meet the eyes is soothing and exhilarating at the same time. The quiet settlements of rural Kerala welcomes you to the slow pace of life which works like an elixir over the tired nerves.


Kollam is famous for marine industries and cashew nuts and equally famous for the backwater boat ride that gives you an unforgettable long journey on the serpent flow of water quays surrounded by lush greenery that Kerala is so famous of. 30% of Kollam is the Asthamudi lake which is the gateway to the backwater region that extends up to Alapuzza .The backwater tour sets you floating over the still waters shadowed by green boughs and it takes 8 hours to travel from Kollam to Alapazzu and it happens to be the longest cruise experience that Karala has to offer and this cruise happens to be in the top of the list for many travelers around the world and one practically cannot think of most popular tourist destinations of Kerala without this backwater cruise from Kollam.

Nellikunnu Beach:

This virgin beach with its long rows of palm trees, pristine specter of gushing sea waves and flavor of Tulasi or Indian basil on the air, this beach truly deserves to be named as not only one of the most popular tourist destinations of Kerala but according many travelers it is ranked as one of the best deserted natural beaches in the world. If you are trying to find one quaint beach on the Kerala Sea that is less visited by the tourists this is the ideal one. Some holistic treatment centers on this beach with yoga and Ayurvedic medication facility to provide natural relief and refreshment to your strained civic nerves are also popular attractions of this beach. A tour in the neighboring villages with all fresh attributes of Kerala countryside and a wholesome meal with traditional Kerala delicacies can make give your vacation its authentic local charm that you longed for so long.

Kozhikode Beach:

You have long heard of the bright and gleaming evening glory with purple, pink and orange hues in the sunset of Kerala beaches overlooking the Arabian Sea, but until you arrived in this sprawling open shore on the north western fringe of Kerala you could not know the great splendor that it is able to evoke. Though the city with its modern development both on the water front and inside the city lost much of its deserted charms, as far as its shoreline is concerned it is still one of the best beaches of the country.


Trichur can perhaps be called the cultural capital of Kerala. The old city is the witness to many a lessons in history. It has a rich heritage and many a tales to tell. It has an important bearing on the political movements of South India. The Pooram festival celebrated every April-May where celebrated umbrella festivals are a great attraction. Colorful and rich canopies in the shape of an umbrella are mounted over the elephants and the animals carry the idols round the main temples. The Vadakunnathan temple is the largest in the state and it has a architecture so typical of the Kerelian temples. Various episodes of Mahabharatais adorn the walls of the temples and its Mahalingam idol is encased in ghee that is stored unmelted for centuries. The elephant umbrella competition, during Pooram festival is famous all over the world. The festival is also celebrated in Paramekkavu Bhagabati and Thirumbedi Krishna Temple. The fireworks during the festival are spectacular evanescent lights and stars spreads like a blessing of the God.


This northernmost district of Kerala situated some 400 Km away from Cochin enjoys easy connectivity through railroad and air. It is an important centre of Islamic culture and heritage. Malik Deenar Mosque is an instance of Islamic architecture and design. Bekkal fort is the largest fort of kerala. This is an imposing circular lateritic structure situated some 16km from Kassargod on the national highway has a long and intriguing history to tell having been build about 300 years ago. It was initially the home of Kadamapa dynasty and was later occupied by Kolatheri rajas. Tipu Sultan captured it in the 18th century and was subsequently occupied by The British after the fall and death of Tipu Sultan. It is a must see for the history freaks and those who are interested in the labyrinthine and colorful history of Southern India. The built of a fort which is the home and military base of the ruling monarchs is the standing proof of the mighty and prosperity of the the Deccan had once enjoyed. The stones had been carefully selected and adjoined to build the huge edifice that at the very first encounter seems formidable and impenetrable. One must always visit the fort if they happen to be in this state.

Kannada literature is rich and variegated in its content and trappings. One finds in its fold the realizations and insights of a man who had turned his personal experience into the eternal songs of humanity at large. A writer conveys his personal pathos and it verily gets transformed into timeless a cry which is existential crisis of all men in their innermost being. The grand patriarch of Kannada literature is remembered for his work and contribution by the Kannada speaking people by his memorial situated nearby Kassargod. The nearest airport from Kassargod is Mangalore and it is 376kms south of Cochin.

Anathapura Lake Temple:

For distinct oriental charms to encounter in its true significance and encompass faithful pilgrimage more than just fashionable travel of nature's appreciation in the greenery and colors of bounty, offers some heart rendering drives of getting into one's true self and in your tour to experience the most popular tourist destinations of Kerala you just cannot miss this from your tour itinerary, especially if you are of pious nature or want to encounter this exotic oriental land in its spiritual tradition. The spiritual abode so typical of the Indian subcontinent, the place where a pious pilgrim visits to realize the value of faith, the mystery of Bhakti is a serene abode some 30kms from Bekal fort.

The silent waters where ripples plays to the breeze welcomes its visitors tired and worn out from the void and cacophony of daily drudgeries, who wishes to spent his (or hers) hard earned cents to realize the spiritual depth which is a common heritage and secret fortune of all humanity. The temple was built in the 9th century and fro those obscure times on to the present millennium, the devotees had flocked here to be blessed by the kindness and infinite metaphysical prowess of the deity.

Kappad Beach:

Coming to this wild beach you realize why so many Kerala beaches so lately being in the travel itinerary as one of the most popular tourist destinations of Kerala became well known in such a quick time. While seeking a beach if you want all the natural aspects in their wild and raw bounty while not so crowded and popular among the regular tourists, then this wild beach of golden sand, long rows of palms and breathtaking waves of sea shore is the perfect setting for a vacation away from the clamor of tourists and travel business. Kappad is also the sea shore where the famous voyage of Vasco Da Gama first landed on the Indian shore and standing there you can as well boast off your historical predecessors who welcomed west to orient. Apart from a temple on the height of a nearby rock that is more than 800 years old you can have a boating experience in the nearby Kozhikode backwater.

Marari Beach:

Just imagine a beach that along with all the sparkling attributes of typical Kerala sea shore also provides a not-a-soul-anywhere like feeling, yes, surprisingly this lesser known beach only came to prominence of the travel itinerary very lately and considered one of the most beautiful natural beaches with most astounding specters of sun and golden sand playing with the mad blue and white waves of wild sea. There are miles and miles of golden sand with the pristine blue backdrop is the perfect setting for the couples who want to be lost in a wild natural pathos drifting from their heart and being answered by the seashore. Marari is just located in the close proximity to some of the fishing villages of Kerala and for a change and for the better purpose of obtaining a fascinating experience of local occupation and living attributes just have a casual stroll through the villages. Kerala people, especially those from countryside are always warm, receptive and caring and you always have the chance of getting into their hospitality. Marari in one simple rubric to express is sea life and beach in its perfect bounty to offer the most memorable beach tour you ever had.


For a family tour demanding various tastes from various age groups this is an ideal place to accommodate everyone's tastes and choices. It is a tourist spot and a pilgrimage centre and picnic spot at the same time. The pious one offers their adulations while the freaks have their great time in picnic and outing. Vagamon is situated at the Kerala- Tamilnadu border in the Kottayam district and on account of the great number of tourists that visit this place all round the year Vegamon undoubtedly deserves to be named as the most popular tourist destinations of Kerala.

It is a conglomeration of hillocks shrouded by mist. The picnickers enjoys their time, frolicking amidst the mist and gently sloping landscape where among the mist the mist you can't even figure out your companion 5 ft away. The climate is suitable for freaking out and wandering amidst the open sky and beautiful lakes that is interspersed among the hillocks. The lakes are serene surroundings promising you a peace on your spirit you would never forget. The hillocks are covered by grasses, the leaves of which are pure and pristine. The couples seeking solitude usually retire at the pine forest where the dense foliage of floras one gets the requisite solitude and charm of you-I-and nature at large.

The Kruishmala church is located at vagamon , a site of pilgrimage for the Christian and a spectacular place to witness the grandeur of the Christian world.

The nearest railway station is Kottayam which is 75 km away and the nearest airport is Cochin some 100 km away from Vassargod.

Shankumugham Beach:

Just 7 Km from Trivandrum city on the Veli Tourist village this beach provides some breathtaking sunset views. There is a famous specialty of this beach that recently became a major tourist attraction and a widely acclaimed reason for its appreciation among tourists. A huge 35 meter long sculpture of mythical Matsya Kanya or Fish Girl in a reclining pose is simply an astounding marvel to look at.

Tannur beach Mallapuram:

The sunrise is the beginning of the day and in a beach like this that beginning is also a soul soothing radiance that lasts for days and nights producing beautiful memories even long after your Kerala tour. The golden rays grazes over the approaching and reseeding ripples, the new beginning and yet the eternal recurrence of things that had been and the phenomenon yet to come. Tannur is one of the oldest Portuguese settlements and it is the place where they had carried on their trade and missionary activities, St Francis Xavier visited the place in 1546. It is a small fishing town where fishermen are seen busy with their daily chores.

Keraladeshpuram, the oldest temple of the state, dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the preserver of existents is situated near Tannur.


This place is also known as Agasthyamalai is the forested peak at the height of 1865 above the sea level. This place with its adjoining forest forms the tail end of Western Ghat. Falling in Kollamand Thiruvanthanapuram district of Kerala and the Tiruneveli and Kanyakumari district of Tamilnadu, it is the site of endemic species of plants known for their beauty and medicinal values. There are about 2000 species of medicinal plants found among many of the undulating hill and these plants with their leaves, flowers, stems and flowers are used in the traditional healing system. This place can be accessed from Trivandrum on road.



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