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Most Interesting Beaches of Kerala

Undoubtedly the state of Kerala in the southernmost part of India offers one of the biggest natural and virgin coast lines not only of India but the entire world. The huge 900 Km coast of mostly golden sand cover and sometimes verdant greeneries in the nearby alleys of backwater, long stretches or picturesque arrays of tall coconut palms, scintillating phosphorescent sometimes or sometimes soul smoothening tranquility of blue water and wide open vastness all along the coastlines offer equally a variety of visual splendors and travel ambience. Every beach around this long coastline has something unique to offer to the travelling experience and this is the precise reason choosing the most interesting beaches of Kerala is so challenging a job.

We just cannot start with Kozhikode, then Cherai, Alappuzha and end with Varkala or for some tourists who prefer a little away from crowd experience, the Marari Beach. Presenting and before all selecting most interesting beaches of Kerala is simply a strenuous job that involves in depth travel experience in every corner of the state. Simply on virtue of providing such a varied coastline Kerala can as well be said a state of sea beaches. Here in Kerala more than festivities and luxury of Goa beaches or unlike the sea sports of Andaman and Nicobar, nature and natural traditions rules. Yes Kerala beaches is about gleaming golden sand contrasting the rich blue hues of sea expanse and about the virgin islands dotting its coastline creating mirror like pristine blue lagoons, backwater and lakes dotted with greenery and bending coconut palms. And yes, what we could not at any rate miss to mention here, Kerala beaches are also about the thousands of year's tradition of living and livelihood of fishing people, farmers and traders who's bondage with the sea, water and plantations is intrinsic part of the nature.

Kappad Beach of Kerala

Let us rather start with a beach that is much less known than the most popular ones in close proximity to the big cities or tourism centers. Yes, though Kappad is less figured in the tour itineraries of beach enthusiasts in the past few due to popularity driven tourist rush in many beaches like Kovalam, Varkala or even Marari. Kappad still retains the charm that could not be adulterated with tourist enthusiasm. Kappad located on the approach of the Kozhikode backwater from the sea side offers the charm of backwater quays along with its natural beach that is in most places smooth except a few places where it is rocky. If you are bored with large concentration of tourists and typical travel extravaganza, then this raw and natural beach can be a great retreat for you. With the calming and stranquil effect of beaches Kappad has got an Ayurvedic spa to energize and revitalize you from within.

In Kappad particularly the sea is much gentler than many other beaches making this beach an ideal place for tourists who have taste for swimming. Kappad is famous for another reason of historical importance. In 1498 in the wake of business expeditions in the orient by the westerners Vasco Da Gama first came to this part of the world through this beach that in many ways changed the fate of orient. Apart from its natural sand cover and backwater alleys this beach also has an 800 year old temple on a single rock that also adds to the tourist interests. It is a bit away from the so called beach loving glamour of tourists and that precisely makes it most interesting beaches of Kerala.

Cherai Beach of Kerala

You are still astonished in talking of most interesting beaches of Kerala we skipped so many popular names that almost usually are first names in the Kerala tourism map. We would definitely come to that, but before that let us try to satisfy our uncanny travel interest in exotic and unforeseen. Yes if you are finding a cool beach location near the city that is thriving with many attributes of nature along with a picturesque natural beach, Cherai is all set to quench your thirst up to the fullest. Cherai is an island beach and like all major Kerala beaches is quite long to mesmerize your eyes with the expanse of blue, golden hues and of sun, sand and water in its bountiful play.

Cherai is also ideal for swimming as the sea is more or less gentle here and the beach is smooth. The beach of Cherai is actually on the Vypeen Island which like many other backwater islands is surrounded by lagoons from behind while facing the Arabian Sea. This typical geographical and natural attribute offers a wide variety of shimmering specters all around the island and beach. The blue mirror still water of the lagoons and the contrasting wild sea, breeze and sand of the beach and the astounding beauty of the verdant greenery, golden or rich green hues of the paddy fields in the nearby villages provide a complete Kerala experience at its wide variety.

Bekal Beach and Fort

Bekal unlike many other beaches in the long Kerala coastline besides natural splendor also offers a wide and scintillating experience of Kerala's rich heritage. Being in the northernmost district and in close proximity to the neighboring state of Karnataka Bekal is easily and fast accessible from Mangalore than any other cities of Kerala. A relatively recent entry among the popular beach destinations of the state it offers a variety of specters and interests. Bekal has the oldest fort of Kerala which has been famously inhabited by Tipu Sultan. This slight distraction from the so called natural aspects of sand, blue hue and sunset on the beach makes Bekal one of the coveted and most interesting beaches of Kerala. The beach still looks much virgin and less crowded than many other Kerala beaches and if you are swimming enthusiast, the relatively smooth beach can provide ideal setting, especially swimming along when you look at the ramparts of the fort in the distance you rejoice in silence and save a precious memory shunning from everyone's eye.

Marari Beach of Kerala

Just a few years back this long and clean beach has not been in the travel map of Kerala in the same way as it is today. Yes, Marari as one of the most interesting beaches of Kerala long preserved its secret of beauty from the tons of tourist extravaganza in the beaches all over the state. Though that time is long gone and now Marari is equivocally revered by tourists all over the world for its freshness, it still gives you an away from the crowd experience. Marari is just 11 Km from the famous Alleppey well known for its houseboat cruise on the backwater and just 60 Km from the big city of Cochin. Marari apart from its unadulterated beauty offers a wide array of other attractions like a little bit of snorkeling and even you can see some dolphins if you are lucky on that day. If you are in Marari you should have a direct encounter with the life, livelihood and long traditions of boat building and fishing in the nearby villages. Kerala sea shore in its most authentic charm is present in Marari like nowhere else.

Famous Varkala Beach of Kerala

If you want to experience the visual splendor of rocky cliffs overlooking the sea in any Indian beaches it is undoubtedly Varkala in the southern Kerala and apart from other visual delights this alone makes this beach so special among the most interesting beaches of Kerala. Though this beach features in the travel itinerary of a majority of travelers, especially among the beach lovers, Varkala is still a lot less crowded than Kovalam or Kozhikode. One attraction that make many people comment on this beach with astounding level of praise is the most enigmatic sunset view seen from here that is popularly hailed as unmatched in other Kerala beaches. Varkala boast of also a piece of religious tradition and historicity with the presence of a 2000 year Vishnu Temple on the towering cliff alongside the beach.

Allappuzha Beach of Kerala

Allappuzha beach is in the Alleppey district of Kerala and for most of the travelers and travel enthusiasts all over the world in the name of famous backwater destination of Alleppey actually Alleppuzha is referred. Going beyond this so called confusion what mesmerizes one is the grand natural beauty and variety of water bodies and landscapes along with the verdant greenery and long rows of palms. Yes, if you take Alleppey backwater or Allappuzha beach from Kerala tourism the state actually loses its crowning jewel in the travel map. Crystal clear blue lagoons and mirror still lakes with waving coconut palms and the lush green reflection on the quaint backwater alleys until your boat marvels at the gushing waves of high sea on its end, all this and many others make this land an truly enchanted and magical one. Allapuzha is just not the most interesting beaches of Kerala; it is his pulsating and vibrating heart itself.



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