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Resul Pukootty is ecstatic as he shows off his Oscar trophy to Amitabh Bachchan at an award ceremony.
Resul Pukootty is ecstatic as he shows off his Oscar trophy to Amitabh Bachchan at an award ceremony.

Resul Pukootty is ecstatic as he hugs Amitabh Bachchan who later gave him an award for his contribution to sound industry on behalf of Western India Motion Pictures & TV sound engineers association in Mumbai.
Resul Pukootty is ecstatic as he hugs Amitabh Bachchan who later gave him an award for his contribution to sound industry on behalf of Western India Motion Pictures & TV sound engineers association in Mumbai.

Resul Pukootty is ecstatic as he displays his Oscar and Bafta awards after recieving an award from Amitabh Bachchan for his contribution to sound industry.
Resul Pukootty is ecstatic as he displays his Oscar and Bafta awards after recieving an award from Amitabh Bachchan for his contribution to sound industry.

Resul Pukootty is ecstatic as he hugs Amitabh Bachchan who later gave him an award for his contribution to sound industry on behalf of Western India Motion Pictures & TV sound engineers association in Mumbai.
Resul Pukootty is ecstatic as he hugs Amitabh Bachchan who later gave him an award for his contribution to sound industry on behalf of Western India Motion Pictures & TV sound engineers association in Mumbai.

Resul Pukootty is ecstatic as he displays his Oscar and Bafta awards after recieving an award from Amitabh Bachchan for his contribution to sound industry.
Resul Pukootty is ecstatic as he displays his Oscar and Bafta awards after recieving an award from Amitabh Bachchan for his contribution to sound industry.

Singer Rageshwari at the launch of music album
Singer Rageshwari at the launch of music album "Dancing Flute" in Mumbai.

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Xiaomi Mi 4 - Full phone specifications - 22 Jan 2015
Photo/video editor Document viewer  Voice memo

Xiaomi Mi Note & Mi Note Pro phablets Specifications - 15 Jan 2015
Two new gadgets are announced by Xiaomi, the Mi Note & Mi Note Pro, in China. This phone is claimed to be the iPhone 6 plus killer. The phablets will be available in two models Note and Note Pro. The Mi Note comes with 5.7"

Vivo X5Max Specification - 15 Jan 2015
- Document viewer - Photo/video editor

Multimedia Exhibition on Former Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee inagurated - 20 Dec 2014
, different facets of Vajpayee Ji's life will be showcased through photo... Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Photo Division has provided the photos

BJP and AAP are not concerned about the problems of Delhi: Congress - 07 Dec 2014
for the photo-shoot after the dissolution of the Delhi Assembly, most of them came

IITF 2014: Railway pavilion displays many facets of Indian Railways - 16 Nov 2014
photos, translites, models etc, on display at the pavilion. Broadly divided... and empowerment, the pavilion boasts of 14 models which are to scale and a huge LED screen

Rajasthan PHED Recruitment 2014: apply for the Junior Engineer Posts - 30 Oct 2014
online You will be needing the image of your photo, signature in the required

LG G3 to get Android 5.0 Lollipop update - 26 Oct 2014
models. The most important features of Android 5.0 Lollipop includes

iPhone 6 - All You Want to Know - 15 Sep 2014
Let's discuss everything you need to know about iPhone 6, which is released in two models 4.7 and 5.5 inches. Pricing and features of these vary and available as contact and contract free purchase. In few weeks customers and enthusiasts can finally get the iPhone phone after placing pre-order on the Apple Website and other shopping portals.

ICC celebrates International Women's Day - 08 Mar 2014
men's qualification tournament. She is an excellent role model for aspiring male

Instagram signs first ad deal with Omnicon Group - 08 Mar 2014
its first official ads on the photo and video-sharing service.Advertising agency... ads in November with a sponsored photo from Michael Kors that was shown to US

New 'watch naked video of friends' Facebook malware scam infecting 2mn people - 08 Mar 2014
Washington, Mar. 08 (ANI): A new Facebook scam, allegedly offering users naked videos of their friends, has been reportedly distributing malware infecting two million people, an anti-malware company has revealed.

Russell Brand's mother has breast cancer - 08 Mar 2014
to check their breasts for lumps.He said he cannot see how using topless models

Bollywood's top 10 women-oriented films of past decade - 08 Mar 2014
Mumbai, March 8 (IANS) Considered to be a male-dominated industry, Bollywood sometimes celebrates woman power with aplomb. In the past decade, several such movies with power-packed female characters have come to the fore.On the occasion

US probing if Ganesha in Ohio museum was stolen - 08 Mar 2014
from Kapoor, an antiques dealer and owner of Art of the Past Gallery in New... the statue on display in its Asian Sculpture Gallery in 2006 from Kapoor, who later... Gallery of Australia last month filed a lawsuit against Kapoor seeking the return

Mothers leave jobs as they don't behave like men - 08 Mar 2014
the fact that they were parents - imitating a masculine trait.The male partners never

Device that makes smart phone an eye doctor! - 08 Mar 2014
resolution but also the data transfer capability to upload that photo securely... the inside lining of the back of the eye, called the retina."Taking a photo

Gulaab Gang: Movie review, releasing date and story - 08 Mar 2014
untrue. From the colour of the saree to the whole idea of making the male species... jibes at corrupt netas, male and female villains who enunciate cheesy lines

New class of superbug fighting antibiotics discovered - 08 Mar 2014
has shown promise in the treatment of MRSA in mouse models of infection

'Gulaab Gang': Chick Flick with a social conscience (IANS Hindi Film Review) - 07 Mar 2014
to the whole idea of making the male species look and feel really really saree... village tongue that rolls out stinging jibes at corrupt netas, male and female... avatars of Ketan Mehta's beautiful gallery of rebellious women in "Mirch Masala

Jo Wood is a fan of Photoshop - 23 Apr 2010
London, April 23 (ANI): Jo Wood, ex-wife of Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood, has said that she has no problem enhancing her photo collection a little with the help of Photoshop. The former model admits that she has

M81's 'halo' offers insight into formation of galaxies - 23 Apr 2010
laboratory for testing galaxy formation models. The most prominent of these models predicts that galaxies are built up from the merging and accretion

Ocean acidification intensifying: Study - 23 Apr 2010
acidic.  Models project an additional 0.2 to 0.3 drop by the end

Rainfall associated with skewed sex ratios - 23 Apr 2010
of male African buffalo are born during the rainy season.  Researchers... information carried on the male Y chromosome and foetal sex ratios in the buffalo population, suggesting the presence of SR genes. Sex ratios were male

Stephanie Pratt strips for PETA's 'Be Nice to Bunnies' campaign - 23 Apr 2010
- a shopping directory that lists cruelty-free products. While her nude photo

Scientists use zebrafish to study Parkinson's disease - 23 Apr 2010
to overcome some limitations of other animal models of LRRK2 and demonstrates

700 years of Asian monsoons mapped via tree rings - 23 Apr 2010
.  In fact, the models are poor enough that they don't even agree... weather records that are necessary for validating climate models don't exist for much... affect Asian weather - again, useful for refining climate models, said Eugene

Comedy Central censors 'South Park' episode after Muslim site's threats - 23 Apr 2010
in a bear suit.  The web posting also included a graphic photo of Theo van

Exercise good for men's sexual health - 23 Apr 2010
for the first time links with other male reproductive health disorders. ... symptoms of androgen deficiency. Androgen is the term used for all male

Kelly Clarkson furious over her image on Indonesian cigarette billboards - 22 Apr 2010
New York, April 22 (ANI): American singer Kelly Clarkson is furious over her image being juxtaposed on billboards with an Indonesian brand of cigarette. The American Idol winner was livid when she saw her photo

Kim Kardashian says she wouldn't mind dating "handsome boy from Bondi" - 22 Apr 2010
Melbourne, April 22 (ANI): Socialite Kim Kardashian has given hope to her male fans in Sydney, who are interested in dating or marrying her. Kardashian, 29, was asked in an exclusive blog with readers of the Daily Telegraph

'Seek-and-destroy' cancer gene therapy results in 90pct success rate - 22 Apr 2010
efficacy in different cancer models," she added. The research has been

Why water does not freeze in the clouds - 22 Apr 2010
be incompatible with crystallization.  Models propose that a significant

New scent created by breeding orchid species to trick male bees - 22 Apr 2010
a new scent by breeding two orchid species to lure male bees.  This new... promise of sex to patrolling male bees is an extraordinary strategy. These orchids

Holding babies helps male monkeys make friends - 22 Apr 2010
Washington, April 22 (ANI): Male Barbary macaques have a better chance...;Co-author Julia Fischer said that when a Barbary macaque male encounters another male with an infant, a 'bizarre ritual' takes place. She said

Spitzer telescope finds distant planet that lacks methane - 22 Apr 2010
planets the size of Earth. "It's a big puzzle. Models tell us.... But what this does tell us is that there is room for improvement in our models. Now

Sports stars are no role models, says study - 22 Apr 2010
Sydney, Australia, have dismissed the idea that sports stars act as role models... touted as influential role models for young people," lead researcher Dr Kerry... individual sport stars for acting as poor role models when they are caught

American action films still portray actresses as the weaker sex - 22 Apr 2010
as sidekicks to more dominant male heroes and they are also frequently involved... exclusive to male action heroes.  By conducting the analysis of female... portrayed in a submissive role to the male hero in the film, and 42 percent were

Sperm gang up with kin to gain Lance Armstrong-style speed in pursuit of egg - 22 Apr 2010
;In the experiments, sperm could pick out other sperm from the same male, even when the other....  In each case, sperm from one male was dyed to glow green under UV light

Muslim web site warns 'South Park' creators of retribution - 21 Apr 2010
in a bear suit. The web posting also included a graphic photo of Theo van Gogh

Indo-Pak trust deficit looms large over Bhutan SAARC summit - 21 Apr 2010
,Yousuf Raza Gilani? Whether it will be a structured dialogue or a photo op

Heidi Montag not to sue 'The Hills' creator over 'groping episode' - 21 Apr 2010
New York, April 21 (ANI): 'The Hills' star Heidi Montag has decided not to litigate the creator of the show Adam DeVillo for alleged sexual harassment. According to Montag, DeVillo had fondled her during a cast photo shoot

Kim Kardashian defends Twitter cat pic - 21 Apr 2010
London, April 21 (ANI): Kim Kardashian has defended herself over her cat photograph, saying she didn't harm the kitty by any means. Peta had criticised Kardashian for holding a cat by the scruff of its neck for her Twitter photo

Resting fat people not lazier than skinnier counterparts - 21 Apr 2010
;After each photo a sedentary word such as "lazy" would appear. After... were quick to say the colour of the word that appeared. But when a photo

Charkha Development Comm. Network wins award for "Best Feature Service" - 20 Apr 2010
of a male-dominated society. Afsana Rashid has been awarded "Best Web

Japanese newspaper publishes rare photo of Kim Jong-il's successor - 20 Apr 2010
London, Apr 20(ANI): A Japanese newspaper has published a rare photograph of a man, identified as Kim Jong-un, the youngest son and likely successor to North Korean leader Kim Jong-il. The Mainichi newspaper printed a photo

BGT hopeful Adam Miller wants to be 'male version' of Jordan - 20 Apr 2010
that he wants to become the 'male version' of Katie Price. The 22-year-old... to be 'the perfect male model' and become as famous as the busty glamour model... to highlight muscles. "I'm trying to become the male Katie Price and turn

'Twilight: New Moon' nominated for best fantasy film at National Movie Awards - 20 Apr 2010
OF THE YEAR MALE/FEMALE: Gemma Arterton (Clash Of The Titans) Helena

McConaughey, girlfriend conceived daughter after last year's ACM awards - 20 Apr 2010
. While presenting the top male vocalist award, McConaughey told

Zoe Saldana wants to be reborn as a man - 20 Apr 2010
by some of the male behaviours. "I would come back as a man," Fox News

How older people interact and use email in their daily life - 20 Apr 2010
of content, relation with other technology and activities, communication models

Sharp rise in injury, death of 70-yr-old Brits indulging in extreme sports - 19 Apr 2010
male driver of the car was taken to hospital where he was treated for shock

Lactate's role in development of breast cancer - 19 Apr 2010
of these CAFs to promote tumor growth both in laboratory and experimental models using

'Women should socialise with bosses if they want to get ahead' - 19 Apr 2010
powerful male bosses pledged to promote women into top jobs and fight... of companies, especially in the senior ranks," she said. The Male Champions

Stealth marketing - the latest gimmick to lure customers - 19 Apr 2010
reportedly employed women to flirt with potential male customers, and then asking

Visibly aroused nude model removed from exhibition - 19 Apr 2010
New York, Apr 19 (ANI): A nude male model had to be removed from an exhibition, when he became visibly aroused. At the Marina Abramovic installation... the gallery because he became visibly aroused. (ANI) 

Microsoft pulls Kin advert over 'sexting' allegations - 19 Apr 2010
a photo under his T-shirt using a Kin phone and sharing it with his friends

'Kissing disease' takes its toll on female students at Edinburgh University - 19 Apr 2010
;And it was found that women lost more study time and had more severe symptoms than their male

Siliguri women learn embroidery skills for self-employment - 17 Apr 2010
to take up such challenge and feel that they are no longer behind the male

How did eggs and sperm evolve? - 17 Apr 2010
female egg and small male sperm, C. reinhardtii's sex cells are the same size and cannot be described as being male or female.  The process in each case... genes present only in V. carteri's female MT and eight new male-only genes. 

Targeted treatment for prostate cancer to be tested - 17 Apr 2010
these proteins has been shown to inhibit tumor growth in several animal models

World's water cycle has intensified - 17 Apr 2010
changes provide a rigorous benchmark to better alidate global climate models

Surgeons weigh in on Demi Moore's 'youthful' looks - 17 Apr 2010
the ears, and she keeps this area well-hidden by earrings, hair and photo angles

Climate and fauna could predict disease-causing pathogens in a region - 17 Apr 2010
history data were all factored into statistical models that attempted to show

Monica Bedi, other models to milk cows and make dung cakes on a TV reality show - 17 Apr 2010
of catwalk models and Bollywood stars, including Monica Bedi, against one other

Lara Bingle leaves Sydney for LA in search of work - 17 Apr 2010
hotel. The photo shoot, in which Bingle was seen smoking a cigarette

Naked Kim Kardashian embraces her curves in mag photoshoot - 17 Apr 2010
New York, Apr 17 (ANI): Kim Kardashian has shed her clothes to celebrate her body for a magazine photo shoot. The stunner's pic in the May issue of Harper's Bazaar has not been airbrushed, reports The New York Daily News. 

Now, iPhone app that helps autistic kids communicate - 17 Apr 2010
setting. "You have to take the photo, print the photo, laminate the photo

Heidi Montag to sue 'The Hills' creator over sexual harassment - 17 Apr 2010
during a cast photo shoot in March. "Adam came up to her from behind... as saying. Montag, 23, reportedly refused to continue the photo shoot, and her... to go to that photo shoot." Meanwhile, reality stars are coming

Election Commission asks CEOs to get 100 per cent EPIC and photo coverage - 17 Apr 2010
that a concerted effort should be made to achieve 100 percent Electors Photo Identity Cards (EPICs) coverage and photo coverage in electoral rolls by the end... in this direction in the year 2004 was to print Photo Electoral Rolls (PERs

Arnie's fave job: English teacher! - 17 Apr 2010
is employed on porno movie sets to prepare male actors for their scenes. 

Kerr backing Oz road safety campaign after friend's death in car crash - 17 Apr 2010
London, April 16 (ANI): Miranda Kerr is said to be backing an Australian road safety campaign, especially after she lost a loved one in a tragic car accident. Kerr, who models for Victoria's Secret, has lent her support

Martian meteorites may help "refine the history of Mars" - 17 Apr 2010
to refine models of initial planetary formation and early evolution."  

Female wallabies' presence sends males' testosterone soaring - 17 Apr 2010
, that sends testosterone in male tammar wallabies soaring, a new study has..., making them highly receptive to male advances. The female reproductive cycle..., regardless of the time of year. "This confirms that the male's reproductive state

Routine lifting doesn't really harm your back - 17 Apr 2010
for the bones, muscles and tendons. They studied identical male twins where one

Routine lifting doesn't really harm your back - 17 Apr 2010
for the bones, muscles and tendons. They studied identical male twins where one

Our brains can't handle too much love interest - 17 Apr 2010
events, with 24 or more dates, both male and female choosers were more

Astronomers take picture of exoplanets - 15 Apr 2010
London, April 15 (ANI): By using a small telescope, astronomers took a picture of three small planets orbiting a star outside the Solar System. The team at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) snapped the new photo using a small

US therapist says Vatican very confused about nature of sex - 15 Apr 2010
is visiting Australia to counsel male survivors of child abuse, and is the author

Potential target for treatment of obesity-related diseases identified - 15 Apr 2010
. "Assuming these results in rodent-models hold true for humans, STAT4 offers... STAT4 in rodent models reduced the development of atherosclerosis. Similarly, eliminating STAT4 in rodent models given a high-fat diet revealed that while

Boffins design new class of drug that kills lymphoma cells - 15 Apr 2010
to animals, and could powerfully suppress and improve survival in animal models

Novel software to help plan astronaut, shift worker schedules - 15 Apr 2010
Washington, Apr 15 (ANI): A software that uses mathematical models to help astronauts and ground support personnel better adjust to shifting work and sleep schedules has been developed by researchers. Shifting work schedules

Scientists identify new gene in hair loss - 15 Apr 2010
of male pattern baldness. When hair follicles go through this miniaturization... miniaturization, which is most commonly observed in male pattern hair loss... for hereditary hypotrichosis does not explain the complex process of male

Here's why we believe that better things come to those who wait - 15 Apr 2010
a particularly significant ability to delay gratification." Several models

Video game before bedtime 'has only mild effect on adolescent sleep' - 15 Apr 2010
Washington, Apr 15 (ANI): Playing a video game before bedtime has only a mild effect on the sleep of older male teens, a new study suggests. ... asleep after playing video games at night." The study involved thirteen male

'Dash Dolls' Kourtney, Khloe Kardashian pose nude in bodypaint for ad - 15 Apr 2010
ALL day to get airbrushed but it was so worth it." The photo shoot

Hamilton's impounded Merc on sale in Melbourne - 15 Apr 2010
the car along with the police report and a signed photo of Hamilton. Bids

Male teens getting inadequate counselling about HIV, STI - 14 Apr 2010
of young male patients in order to minimize risky behaviours. "If guidelines

Dreamworks regrets letting men's mag use 'Shrek' characters for racy photo shoot - 14 Apr 2010
Washington, April 14 (ANI): American film studio Dreamworks is regretting giving permission to men's magazine VMan to use characters from the "Shrek: Forever And After" movie in their sultry photo shoot. In the odd

Brit woman gets paid to stuff herself with junk food! - 14 Apr 2010
portions for a photo shoot or video," the Sun quoted her as saying.  

300m-yr-old cockroach ancestor revealed in new 3-D model - 14 Apr 2010
specially designed computer software.  The scientists used the models

Scientists discover new genes for cancer, other diseases in plants, yeast and worms - 14 Apr 2010
male offspring a parent worm births. In plants, they found a gene

Meet the gay swan couple with eyes only for each other! - 14 Apr 2010
and tagged at birth so we know from their rings that they are both male," he added. It is only the second time a male pair have formed a relationship

Jealousy really is "blinding" - 14 Apr 2010
. Partway through the experiment, the experimenter announced the male partner... blindness" emerged only during the time that the male partner was rating other

Isha, Aarti walk the ramp during Second Hair and Makeup Fashion Week - 14 Apr 2010
here. Other models also walked down the ramp with their gorgeous

'Jersey Shore' hunks go topless for mag photo shoot with Bar Refaeli - 13 Apr 2010
of swimsuits as she posed for a photo shoot for a magazine with tanned... did the photo shoot for Interview magazine, posed with Mike (The Situation.... In addition to a suggestive photo in which the model eats a mile-long sub

ICC CEO Lorgat to hold media briefing in Mumbai on Wednesday - 13 Apr 2010
;There will also be a photo opportunity of the ICC World Twenty2010 trophy with Lorgat

Dominatrix hires village hall in UK for bondage sessions with 'slaves'! - 13 Apr 2010
who styles herself as "Mistress Tia" rented it out for photo and video bondage

Antidepressants could help treat stroke victims - 13 Apr 2010
models of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Huntington's disease. The study

Shrunken brain found in ancient human ancestor - 13 Apr 2010
Washington, Apr 13 (ANI): A remnant of the male individual's brain may be present in the remains of a well preserved 1.9-million-year-old human ancestor, say the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility in Grenoble, France

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