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Dilli Haat Utsav displayed the various colours of arts and culture - 16 Nov 2014
Academy, Maithli Bhojpuri Academy, Hindi Academy, Urdu Academy etc. have been

Bollywood Movie releasing in November 2014 - 06 Nov 2014
Rasiya is Hindi Indian drama film which releasing on 07 November 2014... This Hindi Drama movie releasing on 14 November 2014 and directed by Geetu Mohandas... The 'Zed Plus' is Hindi drama movie directed by Chandraprakash

Watch Piku Trailer - 30 Oct 2014
The official trailer of the upcoming Hindi film Pinku is launched. Be first to watch the trailer of the movie 'Piku'. The Pinku is upcoming Hindi movie featuring Amitabh Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, Shoojit Sircar which

Rajasthan PHED Recruitment 2014: apply for the Junior Engineer Posts - 30 Oct 2014
the candidates must have the Hindi writing in the Devanagari script &

Ajay Devgn sheds 17 kilos - 29 Oct 2014
Ajay Devgn sheds 17 kilos for the Martial Arts sequence in Action Jackson!! The movie 'Action Jackson' is the upcoming Hindi action and comedy movie to be released December 5, 2014. For this movie Ajay Devgn worked hard

Movie Review: Happy New Year - 25 Oct 2014
The Movie 'Happy New Year' was released on the box offices in India. This movie is release in Hindi and directed by Farah Khan. Movie is produced by Gauri Khan. Shah Rukh Khan and filmmaker-choreographer Farah Khan's '

Finding Fanny Movie Review - 14 Sep 2014
. Findfing Fanny is made in both English and Hindi. Released on 11th September... theatres across the country both the English and Hindi version put together

Preterm birth could up asthma risk in childhood - 08 Mar 2014
times the risk of developing asthma/wheezing disorders compared with babies born

Only a 'miracle' can bring Schumacher out of coma: Sources - 08 Mar 2014
further said that three times daily Schumacher's joints and muscles are massaged

Telangana state issue: Andhra ministers, lawmakers meet PM - 27 Jul 2013
back to the times of independance, infact it precedes that.The issue is simple

Novel platinum-based anti-tumour compound developed - 12 Feb 2009
Washington, Feb 12 (ANI): Scientists have developed a new class of platinum-based anti-tumour drugs that animal studies have shown to be 10 times more effective than current treatments in destroying certain types of lung cancer cells

Are Courtney Love and Mickey Rourke an item? - 12 Feb 2009
for years - she's stuck by him through the good times and the bad," Contactmusic quoted

No change in sector FDI caps, says Kamal Nath - 12 Feb 2009
economy in times of a global slowdown.  India does not allow foreign direct

Obama gives first print media interview to Black Enterprise magazine - 12 Feb 2009
, the Washington Times Joe Curl wrote that Obama had snubbed the black press

Shahrukh Khan to market his latest flick 'Billu' in his own style - 12 Feb 2009
' and its Hindi translation 'hajaam'. Not to invoke the wrath of any section

India remains fastest growing economies in the world, says Kamal Nath - 12 Feb 2009
at the Hero Mindmine Summit, here, on the theme of "Challenges of troubled times

Beyonce offers to meet fans personally for 1,265 pounds - 12 Feb 2009
London, Feb 12 (ANI): American R andB singer Beyonce Knowles has agreed to meet some of her fans backstage at her upcoming tour, provided they make a payment of 1,265 pounds.  The amount is 25 times more than the standard ticket

Pubic lice in humans may be 'unwelcome gift' from gorillas - 12 Feb 2009
in modern times."  So, while head lice may be viewed as a 'family heirloom

Girls more resilient than boys in troubled households - 12 Feb 2009
Washington, Feb 12 (ANI): Girls growing up in troubled families are four times more resilient than boys in overcoming such adverse experiences, according to a new study. The researchers found that 70 percent of the children were

Republicans tap Indian American Jindal to counter Obama speech - 12 Feb 2009
of 'opposition,' but the party of better solutions," the Washington Times quoted House

Arjun Singh to lay foundation stone of IIT, Bhubaneswar today - 12 Feb 2009
for which the outlays have been increased by ten times when compared to the Xth Plan

Pakistan files case against Kasab, 13 others - 11 Feb 2009
arrested three men for their alleged links to Kasab.  The Daily Times quoted

Sri Lankan cricket captain Jayawardene quits - 11 Feb 2009
performance was criticised by top cricket officials, The Colombo Times reports. 

No place for untouchability in politics, says Advani - 11 Feb 2009
trying times. "Both the capitalist model and the Marxist model have collapsed

Arjun Singh to lay foundation stone of IIT, Bhubaneswar tomorrow - 11 Feb 2009
the XIth Plan for which the outlays have been increased by ten times when

Novel surgical technique improves artificial arms' function - 11 Feb 2009
patients, the times were close.  For instance, TMR patients were able

Obama says doing a second term depends on US economy turnaround - 11 Feb 2009
announced the measure had passed, repeating "that's good news" four times

Working at your relationship all year round only way to keep the flame alive - 11 Feb 2009
itself. Recall favourite memories of times spent together and try to find similar... walking around town or a vacation, think about some of your best times together

D.C. is our community now and it's our home, says Michelle Obama - 11 Feb 2009
. This is our community now," the Washington Times quoted her as saying. "We

NASA's satellites probe fireworks from a flaring gamma-ray star - 11 Feb 2009
send out a series of X-ray and gamma-ray flares.  "At times... fields 1,000 times stronger. These so-called magnetars have the strongest magnetic

Food labels conceal kidney-harming phosphorus content - 11 Feb 2009
months, phosphorus levels declined two and a half times more in the intervention

New vaccine to protect kids against meningitis B may be available by 2011 - 11 Feb 2009
struggled to find an effective vaccine for meningococcus B, reports Times Online

Just 10 minutes of cycling or jogging can help smokers kick the butt - 11 Feb 2009
or fifteen minute walk, jog or cycle when times get tough could help a smoker

Myth of 1 in 10 kids born to 'wrong' father debunked - 11 Feb 2009
been adopted many times by unrelated people. Less common names were more

Controlling man made emissions may delay start of next ice age - 11 Feb 2009
an Earth history perspective, we are living in cold times. The greatest climate

Plants take an 'uphill hike' as temperatures rise - 11 Feb 2009
.  Bertelsen has been hiking the Finger Rock trail about one to two times

Outraged Poland calls off Pak Senetors' visit following brutal hostage beheading - 11 Feb 2009
from February 12 to 14, according to a Polish Senate statement, the Daily Times

Hopscotch voted Greatest Ever Playground Game - 11 Feb 2009
in a new poll. The game, which dates back to Roman times, was first used... and defined who we hung out with when not in lessons. "School break times

Foreign Ministry not supporting Pakistanis abroad: Senate - 11 Feb 2009
throughout the Mumbai terror attacks and its aftermath, the Daily Times reports

If you want to see a comet go 'green', wait for Feb 24! - 11 Feb 2009
system, the so-called Ort Cloud, which is about 100,000 times more distant from

Boobs 5x 'more profitable than sports' for Sports Illustrated - 11 Feb 2009
Illustrated's annual revenue, making the magazine five times more profitable than

Zardari says Pak will approach UN if US doesn't stop drone attacks - 11 Feb 2009
Peshawar, Feb. 11 (ANI): President Asif Zardari has said Pakistan will request the United Nations to intervene against the continued US drones operations in Pakistan's Tribal Areas. A tribal elder told the Daily Times that Zardari had

Eight arrested in Michael Phelps' pot puffing scandal - 11 Feb 2009
;The pics published in Britain's News of the World, showing the eight times Olympic

Computer simulation reveals 'dawn' of the cosmos - 11 Feb 2009
which galaxies are growing through the formation of stars at different times

Life may exist in Mars' biggest volcano - 11 Feb 2009
Washington, Feb 11 (ANI): A new study has suggested that Olympus Mons, the biggest volcano on Mars, could shelter some sort of life form. Rising three times higher than Mount Everest, Olympus Mons was active at least 40 million years to boost roadside breakdown service - 11 Feb 2009
back on the road. The average response times between you calling the service

UN favours resumption of India-Pakistan dialogue - 11 Feb 2009
Times quoted Moon, as saying. Commenting on Pakistan's probe, Moon said he

Will Smith tops Hollywood Forbes Star Currency list - 11 Feb 2009
Entertainment. "He is cross-genre and proved it multiple times," Amritraj added

Vladimir Putin says he didn't attend Abba tribute gig - 11 Feb 2009
of Moscow. However, while writing in the The Times, Kremlin officials have

These tears are language of my heart - 11 Feb 2009
Minister for three times whereas Shekhawat has been the Vice-President of India

India tells Pakistan to seek information officially - 10 Feb 2009
on Islamabad's contention, saying Pakistan has been "saying various things at various times

Kingfisher Airlines to launch flights between Solapur and Mumbai - 10 Feb 2009
to Mumbai. The services will be operated four times a week and will be operated

India on way to becoming self-reliant in defence: Antony - 10 Feb 2009
Antony. The Brahmos, which can travel at up to 2.8 times the speed

Holbrooke to raise A Q Khan issue - 10 Feb 2009
Wood was quoted by the Daily Times as saying that the US would closely follow

Holbrooke says US will review its policy on Pakistan - 10 Feb 2009
our commitment and friendship with the people of Pakistan," the Daily Times

Metallica to headline UK leg of new Europe-wide rock tour - 10 Feb 2009
producer, as telling The Times. "We've seen increasing levels of complaints from

John Mayer shares 2005 Grammy Award with Alicia Keys - 10 Feb 2009
that was a special moment that I had on tape,' but then other times I think other

Historian claims Stonehenge has Armenian links - 10 Feb 2009
.  According to Tadevosyan, in neolithic times, the Armenians were much more

Carrie Underwood was 'scared' to meet Prince - 10 Feb 2009
every award she's been up for at every awards show in recent times, she still

Penelope Cruz has never received a V-Day card - 10 Feb 2009
always been there," she told Britain's Sunday Times. "My father and my mother

Microscope that enables 3-D visualization of cells may revolutionise cancer detection - 10 Feb 2009
, and found it to have three times better accuracy in that up-down direction than

Liverpool's Gerrard has a secret love for classic novels - 10 Feb 2009
read his favourite - John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men - so many times it has... times the book has almost fell apart. In school we watched the story on video, did

Archaeologists unearth 2,600 year-old chamber of mummies in Egypt - 10 Feb 2009
not been opened since ancient times, though one official said ancient grave

Why present-day advanced robots get stuck in the sand - 10 Feb 2009
legs to rotate five times per second.  The little robot, which could

Salamanders may soon become extinct due to global warming - 10 Feb 2009
there," he said. Species that could be seen 10 to 15 times an hour in the 1970s

Al-Qaida warns India of more Mumbai-like strikes - 10 Feb 2009
to the ground," the Daily Times quoted Yazid, as saying. The video also attacked

50 parcent of Amaricens cn't spel "embarrassed", "liaison" - 10 Feb 2009
centuries, not how it is spoken today," The Washington Times quoted Baranowski

Influenza outbreaks linked to low "absolute" humidity levels - 10 Feb 2009
times as much water vapour as a typical winter day - a difference that exists

The Writers Block, Master Aerospace Consultants forge a joint venture - 10 Feb 2009
impetus in recent times through increased MRO and outsourcing orders

Dainik Bhaskar achieves industry video high with Vdopia - 10 Feb 2009
) of 3.55 per cent, which is seven to eight times above the industry average. 

Emma Watson 'nervous' about first on screen kiss with Rupert Grint - 10 Feb 2009
Cherrybomb. "As I've known Emma for so long, I reckon it will be 10 times

`I haven't lost my hunger for scoring runs,' says England opener Cook - 10 Feb 2009
has collapsed so many times in recent years and yet the batting order remains

First-time mums at higher psychosis risk in month following childbirth - 10 Feb 2009
with maternal age: women older than 35 were at two times greater risk than women

Al-Qaeda video threatens India of more Mumbai like attacks - 10 Feb 2009
centers and raze them to the ground," the Daily Times quoted Yazeed, as saying

US strongly feels Pak Government elements giving proxy support to Taliban - 10 Feb 2009
commanders in Quetta. The New York Times says that American officials

Two-plus cans of soda pop per day can up women's early kidney disease risk - 10 Feb 2009
shown that women who drink two or more sodas a day were 1.86 times more likely

Talk directly with India: Menon tells Pakistan - 10 Feb 2009
various things at various times and various forms to various audiences, The day

Aero India 2009 starts in Bangalore Wednesday - 10 Feb 2009
spends eight times of its budget on the military than clean water and sanitation

Kashmiri women survive forced marriages to militants, tell tale - 10 Feb 2009
that they are trying to tackle the issue. They say that many a times, like in the case of Fatima

Police for friendly relations with villagers in Jharkhand - 09 Feb 2009
a helping hand during trying times of the residents. Police personnel at times distribute gifts among villagers, and informally interact with them as part

India to partner EU to prevent bio-piracy - 09 Feb 2009
traditional medicine knowledge exists in languages such as Sanskrit, Hindi, Arabic, Urdu

Gazza wants to turn 'Ironman' to exorcise drink and drug demons - 09 Feb 2009
capped 57 times for England. According to a report in the Daily Star, Gazza

Perak Indians' interests would be taken care of, says Minister - 09 Feb 2009
by the New Strait Times as saying out the BN Government's commitment to safeguard

Maoists call for shutdown in Ranchi - 09 Feb 2009
prefer to stay indoors and comply with the shutdown calls. "Most of the times

'Billu Barber' will have no 'barber' in title - 09 Feb 2009
of the word 'Barber' and its Hindi translation 'hajaam'. He said

Gilani says Pak's diplomacy strong enough to 'defeat' Indian plans - 09 Feb 2009
, the Daily Times reports.  Commenting on the US envoy Richard Holbrooke's

Here's why Peaches Geldof's 186-day marriage broke-up - 09 Feb 2009
.  Peaches was spotted with 26-year-old Cumming dozens of times - while her

Have Ajmal Kasab's associates been arrested in Karachi? - 09 Feb 2009
;The Daily Times sources disclosed that Federal Investigation Agency

Rich Bush and Clinton declared `fat cats'in new book - 09 Feb 2009
Schwarzenegger, who at times have taken a salary of a dollar a year or less, would

Gilani yet to fulfill his promise to minorities in Pak - 09 Feb 2009
the Daily Times that the matter is not being taken seriously. As no legislation has

Valentine Day roses doing roaring business in Islamic Pakistan - 09 Feb 2009
other even like New Year and Eid, reports the Daily Times.  The newspaper

'Pumpkin' balloon breaks endurance record by staying aloft for more than 42 days - 09 Feb 2009
of rockets and the long development lead times of satellites.  Most conventional

Ramsay under investigation after breaking record for swearing - 09 Feb 2009
**k" 240 times, reports the Daily Express. Ofcom questioned Britain's Channel

Holbrooke to discuss Pak's cooperation in war against terror - 09 Feb 2009
but also India to solve the Kashmir issue," The Daily Times quoted sources, as saying

Having two cups of Indian sorrel's juice a day can keep your heart healthy - 09 Feb 2009
them into two groups.  The first group drank hibiscus three times a day

First crystal structure of intermediate particle in virus assembly created - 09 Feb 2009
forms the head of the virus, which is extremely small - thousands of times

Pak to hand over Mumbai probe to Defence Committee on Monday: Gilani - 08 Feb 2009
is presently passing through hard times, and we were trying to better the economy

Zardari in no mood to extend Dogar's tenure as Pak Chief Justice - 08 Feb 2009
Lahore, Feb.8 (ANI): The Pakistan Government is in no mood to extend the tenure of Chief Justice Abdul Hameed Dogar, The Daily Times reports. According to Law Secretary Agha Rafeeq, President Asif Ali Zardari will announce the name

Artist behind Obama's 'Hope' posters arrested on graffiti claims - 08 Feb 2009
. Fairey has been arrested numerous times for drawing on buildings and other

Multi-millionaire Rooney stuns restaurant staff using half-price voucher - 08 Feb 2009
words to heart. "They could have afforded this meal millions of times over

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