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Why we celebrate Diwali :'The Festival of Light' - 12 Oct 2014
appeared from their 12 years of banishment as a result of their defeat in the hands

Life saving drug have become expensive: Sharad Yadav - 12 Oct 2014
, as a result of which these medicines will be beyond the reach of the common man

Elect a BJP with full majority to set things right in Maharashtra: Modi - 12 Oct 2014
majority to set things right in Maharashtra. He thanked the people for the tremendous response to his rally. It is noted that Maharashtra is all set to face

Telangana state issue: Andhra ministers, lawmakers meet PM - 27 Jul 2013
will create problems in many states including Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya

Indian researcher's improved anti-hacking system for wireless networks - 01 Jan 2008
, instead it will simply record the result. Only when the number of verified

Loneliness hits both health and mental well-being - 01 Jan 2008
from others can result in obesity or addiction to smoking. The research, which

Suspected US commandos kill 20 civilians in S. Waziristan raid - 01 Jan 2008
was a result of "faulty intelligence". (ANI) 

Local recruits in panic as Tata talks of shifting small car plant from Singur - 01 Jan 2008
feel that the company's exit from the region would result in the loss of many

Atkins diet, Weight Watchers plan are 'the best way to shed extra flab' - 01 Jan 2008
said that popular slimming programmes do result in reduced energy intake while... of the four diets did result in a drop in energy intake.  The diets all resulted

Thousands of devotees visit Coimbatore temple to worship Asia's biggest Ganesha idol - 01 Jan 2008
of this country." Maharashtra is known to have several life-sized Ganesha

Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations begin in Mumbai - 01 Jan 2008
and Maharashtra. Legend has it that Hindu Goddess Parvati had created

Female bucks can sense males' status and size by their mating calls - 01 Jan 2008
that result from filtering of vocalizations in the vocal tract.  Larger

Tata stops work; may finally say Bengal Ta-Ta - 03 Sep 2008
, several states like Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and Haryana have offered

Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations begin - 01 Jan 2008
, Gujarat and Maharashtra. Legend has it that Hindu Goddess Parvati had created

Brain scans can reveal best times optimal times to multi-task - 01 Jan 2008
to better multi-tasking performance.  "What is so striking about this result

Does Hugh Grant have a new ladylove? - 01 Jan 2008
dated Hollywood actress Elizabeth Hurley and socialite Jemima Khan, was seen

Environmentalist distributes Lord Ganesha clay idols to prevent water pollution - 01 Jan 2008
is hugely popular in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat and Maharashtra

Artificial intelligence enables helicopters to teach themselves to fly - 01 Jan 2008
helicopters perform the same maneuvers.  The result is an autonomous helicopter than

Scientists mimic nature to study complex ocean upwelling process - 01 Jan 2008
to the surface can result in the wrong kinds of biological growth. It also can

Massive pieces of Canada's northern ice shelf floating free in the Arctic Ocean - 01 Jan 2008
this summer in the Canadian north - are almost certainly the result of global warming

SC allows phone tapping as evidence under MCOCA - 02 Sep 2008
as evidence under the stringent Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA... as the subject fell in the Union List. Against the HC ruling, the Maharashtra

Mixed result for India in US Open doubles - 02 Sep 2008
A blend of time for Indian Tennis fans as ace doubles player Leander Paes reached to the Semi-finals of the mixed doubles while Mahesh Bhupathi

Pictorial warnings on tobacco products in India from Nov 30 - 02 Sep 2008
All tobacco products will display approved pictorial warnings and nicotine-tar levels from 30th November 2008, as per a notification issued by the Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (dated

1 in 5 Brit employees don't mind flirting with boss to get a raise! - 01 Jan 2008
. Men are less concerned that flirting will result in being cornered by their boss

Who Bungled on Shrine Board Issue? - 02 Sep 2008
following the government order dated May 26 transferring 800 kanals of land... dated February 17, 1953 to support the Delhi agreement and Article 370 provided

Markets abuzz ahead of Ganesh Chaturthi - 01 Jan 2008
Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat and Maharashtra. (ANI) 

When robots played Dahi-Handi in Pune at Robocom 2008 - 01 Jan 2008
in Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT) recently where robotics 'Govindas' enacted... Ala Re song being played in the background.  Maharashtra's popular... Sunil Karad of Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune, the Organisers

Vice President greets people on Ganesh Chaturthi - 01 Jan 2008
, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat and Maharashtra. Legend has it that Hindu

E-bike industry flourishes in Punjab - 01 Jan 2008
. There is no license, no registration and no road tax," said Gaurav Mungal, Dy. Chief

Doubling the safe limit for global warming may avoid climate catastrophe - 01 Jan 2008
Edinburgh, September 2 (ANI): A new study has suggested that as a result of unprecedented temperature rise, the world should be prepared for doubling the safe limit for global warming to 4 degrees Celsius, to avoid a potential climate

PM greets nation on Ganesh Chaturthi - 01 Jan 2008
Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat and Maharashtra. Legend has it that Hindu Goddess

Kids of older dads at 'higher bipolar risk' - 01 Jan 2008
accumulate monotonously as a result of DNA copy errors. Women are born with their full

Playing active video games does help kids stay fit - 01 Jan 2008
demonstrate that the two active gaming formats result in meaningful increases in energy

Global warming is the greatest in past decade - 01 Jan 2008
believe to be a result of human impacts on climate, is a reality. (ANI) 

Climate change could destroy not only the future, but also the past - 01 Jan 2008
of being lost forever as a result of climate change. "In the past archaeological

Chewing gum can chew stress and anxiety: Study - 01 Sep 2008
of Behavioral Medicine Rissho University in Tokyo. The study result was based

Congress, Samajwadi Party to jointly contest Lok Sabha elections in UP - 01 Jan 2008
seeking alliance in four other states including Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra..., Maharashtra, Uttarakhand and Karnataka, where we have a marginal presence

US derides Pak cease-fire order on border ahead of Ramadan - 01 Jan 2008
a result of the air campaign, more than 200,000 civilians have fled their homes

Disney robos to spy for British troops in war against terror! - 01 Jan 2008
. We worked very hard and it is a fantastic result," the Daily Star quoted Team

Penelope Cruz denies falling in love with co-stars while working with them - 01 Jan 2008
a three-year relationship with Cruise, and then dated Matthew McConaughey, her

Groundbreaking study paves way for new cancer, aging treatments - 01 Jan 2008
controlled conditions and allow some cells to begin dividing again could result

iViZ discovers new vulnerability affecting Microsoft, Intel, HP, Lenovo and others - 01 Jan 2008
, governments and can result in unauthorized access or theft of confidential data

China quake forces geologists to redraw seismic hazard maps - 01 Jan 2008
as a result. According to a report in New Scientist, a coalition

PlaySpan selected by AlwaysOn as an AO Global 250 top private company award winner - 01 Jan 2008
;"Our success has been the result of our integrated digital goods monetization

PlaySpan selected by AlwaysOn as an AO Global 250 top private company award winner - 01 Jan 2008
;"Our success has been the result of our integrated digital goods monetization

China quake forces geologists to redraw seismic hazard maps - 01 Jan 2008
as a result. According to a report in New Scientist, a coalition

iViZ discovers new vulnerability affecting Microsoft, Intel, HP, Lenovo and others - 01 Jan 2008
, governments and can result in unauthorized access or theft of confidential data

Congress, Samajwadi Party to hold seat sharing talks for LS polls in UP - 01 Jan 2008
Party favours tie-ups with the Congress in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra

MNS says deadline for Marathi signboards not extended - 01 Jan 2008
Mumbai, Aug 31 (ANI): Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) chief Raj Thackeray on Sunday said that the deadline to put Marathi signboards on shops has not been extended. According to a press release Raj said, "I have not extended

West Bengal govt says Singur land can't be returned legally - 01 Jan 2008
Maharashtra, Punjab and Orissa, which are willing to give it land for setting up

Gen Musharraf out of sight, but not out of mind of Indian intelligentsia - 01 Jan 2008
southern states, namely Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Kerala, had

2012 Olympic torch relay 'will be restricted to Britain' - 01 Jan 2008
the lottery, none from the government," she said. Jowell, who has returned from

2012 Olympic torch relay 'will be restricted to Britain' - 01 Jan 2008
the lottery, none from the government," she said. Jowell, who has returned from

Farm kids 'less likely to develop asthma' - 01 Jan 2008
miscarriage in pregnant ewes, can lead to the same result in humans.  The faeces

Pak Prez polls will be a three-way contest - 01 Jan 2008
to ensure that the final result was announced on the same day. Preliminary

SEBI grants SCSB status to five banks - 30 Aug 2008
result, if the bidder succeeds to get the equity share, the frozen money would

The eleven-month-old boy who's weight is of an eight-year-old - 01 Jan 2008
a result of an autoimmune condition known as Hashimoto's thyroiditis, in which

Healthy people are happy but happy people are even healthier - 01 Jan 2008
or life satisfaction might also result in better future health. 

Inflammation not to blame for asthma-obesity link - 01 Jan 2008
that there is a well-established link between asthma and obesity. Sometimes a negative result

Physically, sexually abused kids at higher asthma risk - 01 Jan 2008
.  The researchers suggest that the discrepancy may be the result of the fact

Strife-torn Orissa - 29 Aug 2008
that is also learnt to be the result of a Maoists attack; the precarious situation

Weekends are rainier because of air pollution - 01 Jan 2008
evidence that the weekends are more rainy in some parts of Europe, a result of air.... This is because human activities result in the production of more air..., while in summer the effect is opposite and less pronounced. The result

Internet maps 'demolish British history', says scientist - 01 Jan 2008
to Spence. "As a result, such monuments could fade from public consciousness

Scientists pinpoint powerful cosmic particle accelerator in Crab Nebula - 01 Jan 2008
into little patches and knots," Thompson told New Scientist. The new result suggests

Scottish scientists successfully make superbugs explode and die - 01 Jan 2008
inside the bacteria. As a result, the channel alters its shape and creates an opening

Thinkshop on Indian Government's next E-governance project - 01 Jan 2008
;As a result of the MCA21, procedures like the approval of name, registration

PML-Q inclined to join PML-N, as PPP left alone - 01 Jan 2008
might result in different political equations in the days to come.  Last

Divide and rule - a divisive game of politics - 29 Aug 2008
firmly on Maharashtra, he needs to come up with something startling that can.... In Maharashtra free Marathi medium schools are becoming extinct because even the poorest... Maharashtra as a promo sounds nice to locals, it may not suit to the people

Condom lubricant is the best acne cure! - 01 Jan 2008
believe in it but people who do really get a good result," she said, adding: "My

Scientists find solution to remove scourge of arsenic poisoning in South Asia - 01 Jan 2008
will be near death as a result of arsenic poisoning, while five in 100

Indian origin nuclear engineer formally reprimanded for research misconduct - 01 Jan 2008
to replicate the result. In July this year, an investigation by a Purdue committee

Cabinet Secretary to inaugurate 'Thinkshop on next Gen MCA21' today - 01 Jan 2008
.  As a result of MCA21, the procedures like approval of name, registration

Shiv Sena wants BMC to enforce Marathi signboards - 01 Jan 2008
Mumbai, Aug 28 (ANI): Bal Thackeray's Shiv Sena is vying with the Raj Thackeray led Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) to get political space on the issue of Marathi signboards. While the MNS deadline for Mumbai shop owners to change

Europe unites to condemn Kremlin - 01 Jan 2008
and less respected" as a result of its actions in Georgia.  These actions

Giving up statins doubles heart attack patients' death risk - 01 Jan 2008
discontinuation may be the result of many different mechanisms, including

War between US State Dept, White House comes to the fore with Boucher's mail leak - 01 Jan 2008
' willingness to accept the exit of Musharraf was clearly the result of a "change

Obese people have "sick" fat cells - 01 Jan 2008
and as a result, are sicker than cells found in lean patients' fat tissue. 

Viruses can adversely affect deep-sea biodiversity - 01 Jan 2008
London, August 28 (ANI): Marine biologists have determined that the lack of animals on the ocean floor is a result of trillions of deep-sea viruses that control the world's deepest food chain. Roberto Danovaro of the Polytechnic

Drug 'slows Parkinson's progression' - 01 Jan 2008
as "exciting".  "The data show that early treatment can result in a slowing

Cabinet Secretary to inaugurate 'Thinkshop on next Gen MCA21' tomorrow - 01 Jan 2008
of the Companies Act.  As a result of MCA21, the procedures like approval of name

Army personnel at increased migraine risk - 01 Jan 2008
to function and may result in soldiers being non-deployable or discharged from

Astonishingly, 15 pc Karachites support suicide bombings - 01 Jan 2008
is not the result of Islamic fundamentalism (68 percent).  At the same time, 83... suicide bombing and 84 percent believed suicide bombing is the result of religious

E-bikes have 'arrived' in India - 01 Jan 2008
as `Hero Electric', with the `ultra-powered' technology tag. Gaurav Munjal

How the brain compensates for the loss of sight - 01 Jan 2008
, they set out to determine whether those outcomes were the result of new nerve

Tata AIG General teams up with cleartrip.com to offer travel insurance - 01 Jan 2008
products." Commenting on the association, Gaurav D. Garg, Managing Director

It's splitsville for Nicollette Sheridan, Michael Bolton - 01 Jan 2008
the rep, as saying. The pair originally dated for five years starting

Traditional Chinese therapy may offer treatment for osteoarthritis - 01 Jan 2008
to TCM, good health is the result of free-flowing, well-balance 'qi', while sickness or pain is the result of a blockage of the 'qi' flow or unbalanced 'qi

Thirteen injured in group clash in Malegaon - 01 Jan 2008
Malegaon (Maharashtra), Aug 27 (ANI): At least thirteen people were injured in stone-pelting by two political groups over election to a co-operative society at Malegaon's Kashti village today. According to sources, the incident

Kate Moss says all men are b*****ds! - 01 Jan 2008
has dated celebs like Johnny Depp and publisher Jefferson Hack, is presently

Reducing uric acid may lower BP in teens with hypertension - 01 Jan 2008
;But since elevated uric acid levels in high blood pressure could be the result

Uma Thurman strips off for moon lit swim with fianc? - 01 Jan 2008
- her partner of three years. Busson has dated model Elle McPherson for nine

Ayurvedic medicines sold online 'contain harmful metals' - 01 Jan 2008
-manufactured rasa shastra medicines could result in lead and/or mercury ingestions 100

Why lower eyelids become baggy with age - 01 Jan 2008
. As a result, researchers say, fat excision should be a component of treatment

Conservation zones in the wrong place to protect coral reefs from global warming - 01 Jan 2008
of surviving and recovering from any changes in temperature that may occur as a result

Ministry of Mines holds conference on geosciences and geological surveys - 01 Jan 2008
the pace of economic development.  This collaboration will result in GSI

Airtel, Reliance topped in Congestion too - 26 Aug 2008
found most congestion in the circle of Bihar, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Haryana

Vijender Kumar and Sushil Kumar call on Vice President Ansari - 01 Jan 2008
to bag a bronze medal. Earlier, Khashaba Jadhav of Karad, Maharashtra, had won

Bronze medal winners to aim for gold in London Olympics - 01 Jan 2008
Jadhav of Karad, Maharashtra, had won an individual bronze in the Helsinki Olympics

Nainital women giving Chinese goods a fight - 01 Jan 2008
carved.  "We have come from Maharashtra and we have liked these candles. Candles

Orissa on edge of communal violence - 26 Aug 2008
as a result of asphyxiation after their houses were burnt in midnight. During

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