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Why we celebrate Diwali :'The Festival of Light' - 12 Oct 2014
appeared from their 12 years of banishment as a result of their defeat in the hands

Life saving drug have become expensive: Sharad Yadav - 12 Oct 2014
, as a result of which these medicines will be beyond the reach of the common man

Elect a BJP with full majority to set things right in Maharashtra: Modi - 12 Oct 2014
majority to set things right in Maharashtra. He thanked the people for the tremendous response to his rally. It is noted that Maharashtra is all set to face

Telangana state issue: Andhra ministers, lawmakers meet PM - 27 Jul 2013
will create problems in many states including Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya

Goa police cry harassment by lower judiciary - 01 Jan 2008
.   The letter, dated Aug 6, goes on to draw the judge's attention

Headlines Today woman journalist shot dead in car in Delhi - 01 Jan 2008
that it could be a possible incident of road rage. It could also have been the result

Bomb blasts strike Gujarat, Maharastra again - 30 Sep 2008
two months, and Malegaon in Maharashtra two years later. In fact, several bomb... and Maharashtra. Blast in Modasa, Gujarat A day after bomb blast that killed one and left... in Malegaon, Maharashtra Police probing the Malegaon blast said on Tuesday

Back-to-school belly-ache blues may be more than just nerves - 01 Jan 2008
Washington, Sept 30 (ANI): Back-to-school blues may be more than just nerves, according to researchers, who say that seasonal belly-aches are a result of a complicated and often misdiagnosed medical condition. "Functional abdominal

Handling terror: why this double-standard? - 30 Sep 2008
in Orissa (Kandhamal district) and Karnataka. For example, Maharashtra Anti

Soon, a tsunami invisibility cloak to protect ocean structures from destruction - 01 Jan 2008
whose properties result from their structure not composition, and can be used

Britney's sex tape put on sale by paparazzo ex - 01 Jan 2008
in the US. The paparazzi photographer, whom Britney dated during her breakdown

Government economic intervention, not globalisation, behind ethnic conflicts - 01 Jan 2008
could erupt even in the industrialized world as a result of government intervention

Patil, Bhujbal monitoring post-blast situation in Malegaon - 01 Jan 2008
Malegaon (Maharashtra), Sep 30 (IANS) Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister R.R. Patil and Nashik District Guardian Minister Chhagan Bhujbal arrived in this Maharashtra town to take stock of the situation Tuesday, a day after a bomb blast

China wins Asian women boxing championship - 01 Jan 2008
only to manage silver. "This performance is a result of barely two months

Higher sex drive fuels financial brinkmanship: Study - 01 Jan 2008
participation, to ensure that testosterone levels were not elevated as a result... by lottery to receive the cash amount of their investment, which created

Indian corporates targeted for bulk hotel room booking - 01 Jan 2008
; This would result in a total spend of over $1 billion by its corporate

Malegaon tense after Monday's blast, but curfew relaxed - 01 Jan 2008
Shaikh Liyakat, the police said. Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister R R Patil

India's nuclear firm diversifies, faces staff crunch - 01 Jan 2008
storage schemes at Malshej Ghat (600MW) and Humbar (400MW) in Maharashtra.  

Congress plans two more news channels before poll - 01 Jan 2008
New Delhi, Sep 30 (IANS) In the run-up to the next general election, the Congress party plans to launch two news channels in Karnataka and Maharashtra... the channels will be called Jai Hind-Maratha in Maharashtra and Jai Hind-Kannada

Honeycomb-like materials to reduce aircraft engine noise developed - 01 Jan 2008
," he said. "The result is acoustic waves don't resonate; they just dissipate

Introduction to booze before 15 increases risk of becoming heavy drinkers - 01 Jan 2008
often suggested that this association might result from common risk factors... would likely result from frequent and/or extremely heavy drinking at early ages

Men with higher testosterone more likely to take greater financial risks - 01 Jan 2008
as a result of the game. The researchers also assessed facial masculinity... by lottery to receive the cash amount of their investment, which created a monetary

Obama campaign believes he will win by a landslide - 01 Jan 2008
Electoral College result at a slender Obama win, 273-265.  But his campaign

Cadbury recalls chocolates amid fear of contamination from toxic Chinese milk - 01 Jan 2008
;"As a result of these tests ... we have received results that cast doubt on the integrity of a range of our products manufactured in China. As a result, we believe

Female fans encouraging predatory sex among soccer players - 01 Jan 2008
if violence did occur it was the result of the women's activities

Japan concerned over rejection of US bail-out plan - 01 Jan 2008
discussions and come out with a better result.   Meanwhile, Finance

Obama gains ground in five battleground states - 01 Jan 2008
gained ground before last Friday night's debate, probably as a result of the economic... in each state are small and the shifts often modest, the consistency of the result

TB bacterium uses sugar coat to become attractive to lung cells - 01 Jan 2008
as a result of the migration patterns of these strains," he said. (ANI) 

One killed, 50 injured in Thane communal clashes - 01 Jan 2008
Thane (Maharashtra), Sept 30 (ANI): At least one person was killed and over 50... District of Maharashtra over setting up of a 'pandal' for the Navaratri festival...;Of the injured, three are journalists, two Home Guards and some policemen. Maharashtra

Female fans encourage predatory sex among soccer players - 01 Jan 2008
reasoned if violence did occur it was the result of the women's activities

Malegaon explosion was bomb blast: police - 01 Jan 2008
Malegaon (Maharashtra), Sep 30 (IANS) The explosion that claimed four lives in this Maharashtra town Monday night was caused by a bomb placed on a motorcycle, police said Tuesday. Earlier reported to be a gas cylinder explosion

Man arrested with explosives in Maharashtra town - 01 Jan 2008
Mumbai, Sep 30 (IANS) A youth was arrested and a cache of explosives recovered from his house in Maharashtra's Aurangabad town early Tuesday, police said. Hiralal Ramchandra Rotre, 25, was arrested for illegal possession of explosives

Abducted Afghan envoy freed in Peshawar - 01 Jan 2008
was released after the payment of a ransom or as a result of a "deal". Cultural

US House sends markets into tizzy; leaders scramble to save bailout - 01 Jan 2008
parties said negotiations could result in a new vote, but it was unclear whether

Western India on alert after two blasts - 01 Jan 2008
and Maharashtra late Monday night hours before the start of the festival season, police... by a crude bomb, the blast in Maharashtra's Malegaon town could have been a cooking gas... in the blast  In Malegaon town of neighbouring Maharashtra, at least

Ex-boyfriend puts Britney's sex tape on sale - 01 Jan 2008
London, Sep 30 (IANS) Pop star Britney Spears' ex-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib has confirmed he owns a sex tape featuring himself and the singer. Ghalib, whom Britney dated during her breakdown, says he will sell the tape for the right

Abducted Western tourists freed in Egypt - 01 Jan 2008
Frattini said the freeing of the group was the result of international co-operation

Muslim sues Tesco for forcing him to carry alcohol - 01 Jan 2008
with the company, but as a result he had to undergo various 'harassment' by his superiors

British government nationalises second bank hit by credit crunch - 01 Jan 2008
the result of its focus on lending money for the buy-to-let property market, which

Ceat may set up a radial tyre plant in Gujarat - 01 Jan 2008
plants are located in Bhandup and Nashik in Maharashtra.  The company has

Sex steroid DHEA does not help post-menopausal women - 01 Jan 2008
to those found in younger women, that an anti-ageing effect would result in an all

Disabled Briton gets new limb after a pint at local pub! - 01 Jan 2008
pounds  He had even bought a lottery ticket every week in the hope he that he

India, Japan cultural ties take a leap forward with `NAMASTE INDIA' fest - 01 Jan 2008
. As a result, several soft economic segments like tourism and education have benefited

India Post to disburse micro-credit in eight states and North-East - 01 Jan 2008
are Bihar, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa

Deadly rugby virus spreads among sumo wrestlers - 01 Jan 2008
.'  'Two of the wrestlers died as a result of their infections, so

Conscious thinking better for decision making than snap judgements - 01 Jan 2008
result that unconscious thought is superior for complex decisions

Rugby virus found to cause infectious skin-disease in sumo wrestlers too - 01 Jan 2008
in each stable was their fellow wrestlers. "Two of the wrestlers died as a result

Brakes India to expand Oman foundry facility - 01 Jan 2008
of automobile engine is coming down. As a result, the casting weight has to come down

How the jellyfish got its sting - 01 Jan 2008
London, September 29 (ANI): Scientists have found that one of the genes necessary for jellyfish to sting is similar to a gene in bacteria, suggesting the ancestors of the marine animal picked up the gene from microbes. "The result

Questions on the Commission - 29 Sep 2008
that. But at what cost? The very first finding that the fire was a result of a pre-planned

Explosion kills five in northern Lebanon - 01 Jan 2008
at the scene said the bomb was a result of a booby trapped car.   He added

Bielefeld held by Frankfurt in Bundesliga - 01 Jan 2008
;The result leaves bottom-placed Frankfurt still waiting for their first win

Mars iron may be used to build future bases on the Red Planet - 01 Jan 2008
London, September 29 (ANI): The rover Opportunity has found elemental iron - a key ingredient of steel - peppered across the Martian surface as a result of collisions with iron-rich meteorites, which may be used for building future bases

Correa claims victory in Ecuador's constitutional referendum - 01 Jan 2008
that the result is 'a thrashing for those who thought they owned the country

Scarlett Johansson marries Ryan Reynolds in quiet ceremony - 01 Jan 2008
their engagement May 5 this year.  Johansson has earlier dated actors Josh Hartnett

JCT shock Dempo to start I-League in style - 01 Jan 2008
with the result as he is looking at the AFC Cup semi-final.  'My boys played well and we dominated the game. I am not disappointed with the result. Our target

Chinese astronauts return home after landmark spacewalk - 01 Jan 2008
;'It was a glorious mission, full of challenges, but the result was perfect. I'm proud of my

Four Maharashtra officials suspended after infants' death - 01 Jan 2008
Aurangabad, Sep 28 (IANS) The Maharashtra government Sunday suspended four employees of the Jategaon primary health centre near here for dereliction of duty and dismissed one after the death of four infants following administration

Gujarat set to come alive, with dandia and garba - 01 Jan 2008
hampered as a result .  Aroma Patel, president of the Ahmedabad City

Don't use trade for resolving non-trade issues: Kamal Nath - 01 Jan 2008
on the complementarities in bilateral trade which will largely result in a win

When in Dubai, check out the lost city of Atlantis - 01 Jan 2008
, was quoted as saying.  'The result is a 2.3-km river adventure using 15

Pictorial warnings on cigarette packs in Britain - 01 Jan 2008
half of them will die early as a result of their habit, according to health

The glass ceiling is breaking, but slowly: Women honchos - 01 Jan 2008
and result- oriented focus, I have achieved success. As a woman I know we have

PM 'happy' at House nod to deal, hopes for fruition soon - 01 Jan 2008
that the deal was "also a result of a convergence of shared interests and common

PM lauds Indian-American 'brain bank' for backing n-deal - 01 Jan 2008
, Manmohan Singh said that they were 'also a result of a convergence of shared

Two children among four killed in Maharashtra accident - 01 Jan 2008
Aurangabad, Sep 27 (IANS) Two school children were among the four people killed when the vehicle they were travelling in collided head-on with a speeding truck near Aurangabad in Maharashtra Saturday afternoon, the police said. Six

Hole-in-one for Jeev, lies seventh after second round - 01 Jan 2008
clearly took time to settle down and as a result dropped another shot on the 14th

Board to get tough with fitness of players - 01 Jan 2008
meets to pick a side, they cannot give post-dated fitness certificates. 

College student dies in a group clash in Punchkula - 01 Jan 2008
persons.   'It is the result of an old animosity between the boys

Four infants die after measles vaccination in Maharashtra - 01 Jan 2008
Aurangabad (Maharashtra), Sep 27 (IANS) Four infants died and six others were gasping for life in a government hospital here Saturday, a day after they were administered a measles vaccine at a primary health centre. The four children

Hema Malini makes news by taking a train - 01 Jan 2008
Mumbai, Sep 27 (IANS) Former Bollywood superstar Hema Malini decided to take an overnight train from Pandharpur in Maharashtra to Mumbai, sending photographers here into a tizzy. Asked about it, Hema chuckled: 'My God, news travels

New pay scales for armed forces as early Diwali gift - 01 Jan 2008
of the rank of lieutenant colonel and equivalent to a higher pay band. As a result

Don't lose sight of poor nations: IMF - 01 Jan 2008
New York, Sep 27 (WAM) Some 50 developing countries remain at risk through 2009 as a result of food and fuel price increases, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has said, urging global powers not to lose sight of them in the din

Octogenarian bombarded with 220lb junk mail! - 01 Jan 2008
London, Sep 28 (ANI): An elderly woman was bombarded with 5000 letters weighing 220LB after she replied to a mail from a crooked company. The British woman in her eighties received about 5000 letters claiming she had won a lottery

Beijing glory a big boost for women boxers - 01 Jan 2008
motivated by the Olympic (2008) result. We were the world number one in 2005 Asian

'Virtual archaeologist' to shed new light on 3,500 yr old Greek civilization - 01 Jan 2008
the centuries. As a result, the task of reassembling artifacts often requires a lot

Nuke deal is in interest of India, US and world at large: Manmohan Singh - 01 Jan 2008
a result of a convergence of shared interests and common concerns, and added

Another FIR against Yogi Adityanath: Allahabad HC - 01 Jan 2008
dated July 29, 2008, whereby his application for filing an FIR against Adityanath

Top US defence official claims Pak reassured him it won't fire on US troops - 01 Jan 2008
had changed as a result of an incident along the border on Thursday

Obama, not McCain, toes Bush's policy of carrying out military action inside Pak - 01 Jan 2008
administration had paid to the Pakistani military with little result, Obama essentially

Sun's stellar siblings might have planted the seeds of life on Earth - 01 Jan 2008
;Valtonen's result means we might improve our chances of finding something similar

Obama weak on economy, strong on foreign policy, says Brit paper - 01 Jan 2008
it should have, and I think that was the result of some failures on his part

Obama for more pressure on Pak, McCain says it needs more aid - 01 Jan 2008
was resurgent as a result. The Washington Post quoted him as saying that more troops

Sonia Gandhi attends Iftar party in Rae Bareilly - 01 Jan 2008
as a result of floods in Uttar Pradesh.She also paid a visit to the residence

Rice to visit India - 01 Jan 2008
that is a result of the success of the last few years of transformation

Khairlanji verdict to serve the cause - 26 Sep 2008
community across the India. This had forced the Maharashtra government to handover the case to Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). Though the incident was a result

Palin being used in Planned Parenthood ads - 01 Jan 2008
" as a result of the campaign, said Planned Parenthood spokesman Tait Sye.  "People

Has Kirsten Dunst had her crooked teeth straightened? - 01 Jan 2008
is a result of computer technology. Meanwhile, the 26-year-old actress has

Strictness prevents Ewan McGregor's kids from turning into spoiled brats - 01 Jan 2008
and I'm definitely not going to buy her a pony. "As a result, my kids don't

How yoga can rock your sex life - 01 Jan 2008
care of the individual.  When it comes to sex life, yoga can result in: 

Astronomers identify one of the nearest supernovae in the last 25 years - 01 Jan 2008
Munich, September 26 (ANI): Using a web of telescopes, astronomers have identified one of the nearest supernovae in the last 25 years, a decade after it exploded. This result was made possible by combining data from the vast online

Akamai launches community initiative to promote standards around video player development - 01 Jan 2008
, as they move their entertainment strategies online. As a result, there's a considerable... applications without locking content owners into something that is propriety or result

Acting scholarship named in Heath Ledger's honour - 01 Jan 2008
yesterday. "As a result of this scholarship, a talented Australian actor

New approach holds promise for pancreatic cancer treatment - 01 Jan 2008
receptor or EGFR can result in cancer and targeting EGFR pathway as a potential

Fear of losing' drives people to overbid at auctions - 01 Jan 2008
with a partner or a lottery game. In both games participants could win money... showed primary difference when winning or losing in the auction vs. lottery games

Poonam Mahajan likely to contest LS polls from South Mumbai: Munde - 01 Jan 2008
Minister of Maharashtra, is arguably the most important leader of the BJP

Reuters Market Light achieves subscription milestone - 01 Jan 2008
of crops.  Following the success in Maharashtra, RML was rolled-out in the state... established its business practice in Maharashtra and by the end of 2008 the service... in Maharashtra and now Punjab, and look forward to entering a third market later

People are skeptical about market: Chairman of Earthstone Group - 01 Jan 2008
. There will be smart money chasing fewer bluechips, which will result into indices going up but won't result into an all-out rally and boom in capital market

White House played role in CIA interrogation of Al Qaeda operative - 01 Jan 2008
formally authorized the interrogation program in a secret memo dated Aug. 1, 2002

Hindu couples harassed by cops in Pak to produce nikahnamas to prove marriage - 01 Jan 2008
judicial system. As a result, legally wedded couples belonging to minority

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