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Norfolk Island News: Norfolk Island is Australia?s Overseas Territory located in the South Pacific Ocean. In 1979 the Parliament of Australia passed a Norfolk Island Act through which Australia maintains its authority over this island. The Australian parliament appoints the Governor general for a period of three years, which looks after its administration. Tourism accounts for much of the Norfolk Island national income. The people of Norfolk Islands commonly practice the beliefs and followings of Polynesian culture. Norfolk Island is the center of attraction for the tourists due to its geographical location amidst the Pacific Ocean. Vast expanse of azure sea along with the miles stretched silvery beaches lined by pine trees makes it a sub tropical paradise. Browse for latest Norfolk Island news and events.
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Resul Pukootty is ecstatic as he shows off his Oscar trophy to Amitabh Bachchan at an award ceremony.
Resul Pukootty is ecstatic as he shows off his Oscar trophy to Amitabh Bachchan at an award ceremony.

Resul Pukootty is ecstatic as he hugs Amitabh Bachchan who later gave him an award for his contribution to sound industry on behalf of Western India Motion Pictures & TV sound engineers association in Mumbai.
Resul Pukootty is ecstatic as he hugs Amitabh Bachchan who later gave him an award for his contribution to sound industry on behalf of Western India Motion Pictures & TV sound engineers association in Mumbai.

Resul Pukootty is ecstatic as he displays his Oscar and Bafta awards after recieving an award from Amitabh Bachchan for his contribution to sound industry.
Resul Pukootty is ecstatic as he displays his Oscar and Bafta awards after recieving an award from Amitabh Bachchan for his contribution to sound industry.

Resul Pukootty is ecstatic as he hugs Amitabh Bachchan who later gave him an award for his contribution to sound industry on behalf of Western India Motion Pictures & TV sound engineers association in Mumbai.
Resul Pukootty is ecstatic as he hugs Amitabh Bachchan who later gave him an award for his contribution to sound industry on behalf of Western India Motion Pictures & TV sound engineers association in Mumbai.

Resul Pukootty is ecstatic as he displays his Oscar and Bafta awards after recieving an award from Amitabh Bachchan for his contribution to sound industry.
Resul Pukootty is ecstatic as he displays his Oscar and Bafta awards after recieving an award from Amitabh Bachchan for his contribution to sound industry.

Singer Rageshwari at the launch of music album
Singer Rageshwari at the launch of music album "Dancing Flute" in Mumbai.

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2,000-year-old Iron Age wooden road discovered in Norfolk - 17 Aug 2011
road has been found in Norfolk, a country in the East of England. ... would have helped traders move across the wetlands of Norfolk. The structure... known as Norfolk between 100BC to around 100 AD, when, despite their best

Winston Churchill's false teeth fetch ?15,200 at Norfolk auction - 30 Jul 2010
London, July 30 (ANI): The false teeth made specially to preserve Sir Winston Churchill's lisp have been sold for 15,200 pounds at an auction in Norfolk. The dentures, which were sold by the son of dental technician Derek Cudlipp, who

1100 athletes arrive in Delhi: Canada set to welcome boxers, lawn bowlers in Village - 30 Sep 2010
, Norfolk Island, Rwanda, Wales, England, Isle of Man, Jersey, Bermuda, Jamaica..., with close to 100 more arrivals from Norfolk Islands and Canada expected

Sark declared as world's first dark sky island - 01 Feb 2011
Washington, Feb 1 (ANI): The Channel Island of Sark has been declared as the world's first dark sky island for the quality of its night sky. ... universe, and the creation of the world's first dark sky island in the British

Tourists destroying environment of Easter Island - 11 Oct 2009
of tourists visiting Easter Island every year is making the historical region... Press, some 70,000 visitors now arrive each year at the Easter Island, up from just 14,000 in the mid-1990s. Apart from the island's utter remoteness

Palm Island bans bureaucrats on its sand - 01 Dec 2008
banned public servants from entering its island (Palm Island) till the time... to Palm Island mayor Alf Lacey, his council had voted that it'd only allow essential workers such as nurses and police onto the island, off Townsville.He said

Boats continue to be lifeline of Assam's Majuli island - 19 Jan 2009
of the world's largest river island Majuli in Assam.  "Everything to the island including vehicles, people, cows and gas cylinders go to the island through...;Residents of the Majuli island who get 80 per cent of their daily use items from

Six kilometers of caves discovered in Easter Island - 14 Jul 2009
a six-kilometer-long lava cave system on Easter Island thought to have been used as a refuge by the island's inhabitants during the 16th century. According... cave on the island and the 11th-largest in the world in terms of area. 

Kachchathivu island is ours, there is no dispute: Sri Lanka - 07 Jan 2009
island', Sri Lanka Wednesday said that the island located in the Palk Strait off Rameshwaram belonged to the island nation according to the 1974-76 bilateral... to retrieve the 285-acre island in the Palk Strait off Rameshwaram from Sri Lanka

Johnny Depp's ?2million island hideaway - 09 May 2011
London, May 09 (ANI): Johnny Depp, who has bought his own very island... of the Caribbean' star talked for the first time about his island hideaway.  "Ironically, it took a pirate film for me to be able to achieve my dream and buy an island

Gaddafi's son hiding on Venezuelan island - 25 Feb 2011
is in hiding on an island off the coast of Venezuela, a politician in the South... on the island of Margarita around two days ago, the Telegraph reported. Gaddafi... on Margarita Island. Libya has been in the grip of turmoil since anti-Gaddafi

Kate Moss eyes plot on Italian island of Stromboli - 16 Aug 2010
London, Aug 16 (ANI): English supermodel Kate Moss is eyeing a plot on the Italian island of Stromboli for her perfect getaway. The 36-year-old model feels that the volcanic island is a perfect escape. "Kate's keen on one plot

Want to buy an island? They're going cheap in Australia - 24 May 2009
island in sunny Australia. What sounds like the standard sales pitch... years ago.    Quoin Island, which comes with its own resort hotel... Island, also off the east coast midway between Brisbane and Townsville, is yours

Winehouse on path of recovery on Caribbean island - 30 Dec 2008
London, Dec 30 (IANS) Troubled British singer Amy Winehouse, who is reportedly suffering from bulimia, is showing signs of recovery and looking healthier as she spends time on a Caribbean island. According to, Winehouse

Mobile library launched in Assam's Majuli Island - 09 Mar 2010
Majuli Island (Assam), Mar 9 (ANI): In a bid to eradicate backwardness... in Majuli Island in Assam.  Mitu Khataniyar started this library service in the island to inculcate the habit of reading among the people to keep them

Sri Lanka to declare Kachchativu island as sacred area - 19 Mar 2009
Colombo, March 19 (IANS) The Kachchativu island, lying midway between India... Gunawardena made this announcement about the island in the Palk Strait off Rameshwaram...) with regard to the current status of the 285-acre island and its safety.  

Staten Island woman gives birth to quintuplets - 29 Dec 2008
New York, Dec 29 (ANI): A Staten Island woman has given birth to quintuplets... girls and one boy at Staten Island University Hospital.  "I'm still in shock... there at Staten Island Hospital was unbelievable," he added.  The healthy

Mobile library helps change Majauli Island - 15 Mar 2010
Guwahati, Mar 15 (ANI): Majuli is the largest riverine island populated..., but to facilitate education on the island, some local people have started... thousands students on Majuli Island. By Vashipem amodang(ANI) 

Global INK will benefit Reunion island - 08 Jan 2009
in helping an organisation from the tiny island state of Reunion near Mauritius... in 2003, there had been great interest in not only investing in the island's... and History of Reunion Island, prompting this exhibition of largely undated photos. 

Scientists to study rebirth of an island after volcanic eruption - 10 Aug 2009
an island in the process of rebirth after a volcanic eruption destroyed life..., it virtually sterilized Kasatochi Island, covering the small Aleutian island with a layer of ash and other volcanic material several meters thick

Oldest Earth mantle reservoir discovered on Baffin Island - 12 Aug 2010
mantle reservoir on Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic. The Earth's... from Baffin Island, since those samples contained the correct ratios of helium... for lead. The lead isotopes suggest that the samples from Baffin Island date

Amy Winehouse collapses on St Lucia Island - 14 Feb 2009
London, Feb 14 (ANI): Troubled singer Amy Winehouse was rushed the hospital after she collapsed on the island of St Lucia.  The 25-year-old singer was in "a shaking mess" as she was rushed in.  She had been staying

Prehistoric goat lived like a reptile on Spanish island - 18 Nov 2009
goat on a Spanish island survived for millennia on a resource-poor island... first found on the Spanish island of Majorca in the early 1900s. The bones show the species lived on the island for more than five million years.  

Quake of slight intensity rocks Andaman Island - 01 Jan 2008
Port Blair (Andaman Islands), Oct 4 (ANI): A moderate intensity quake measuring 5.5 on Richter Scale rocked Andaman Island early this morning.  According to the met department, the epicentre of the quake was located at a latitude

Quake of slight intensity rocks Andaman Island - 06 Oct 2008
Port Blair (Andaman Islands), Oct 4 (ANI): A moderate intensity quake measuring 5.5 on Richter Scale rocked Andaman Island early this morning.  According to the met department, the epicentre of the quake was located at a latitude

Russia returns Chinese island after 79 years - 14 Oct 2008
of an island that was seized in 1929 by troops of the former Soviet Union during a border... a ceremony to unveil new boundary markers on Heixiazi (Bolshoi Ussuriysky) Island...) island which, like Heixiazi island, is at the confluence of the Heilong

Niue's CWG shooters owe expertise to island fruitbats - 04 Oct 2010
to island fruitbats, as the facilities for shooters in the tiny South Pacific island nation are scarce and they often have to aim at fruitbats for practice..., representing the tiny island nation. "The newspapers are joking that a third of our

Asking price for Kylie Minogue's island Beauciel reduced - 15 Dec 2008
Melbourne, Dec 15 (ANI): The asking price for an island owned by Aussie pop princess Kylie Minogue and her family has been reduced after the original price did not attract buyers. The island, Beauciel, on Victoria's French Island, has

Thumb-sized bat discovered in volcanic island - 30 Jun 2009
Washington, June 30 (ANI): Scientists have discovered a unique species of a thumb-sized bat in a volcanic island in Africa's Comoros chain. According... genetic tests revealed that the bat is also found on the west coast of the island

Pacific island may be the birthplace of the ancient Aztecs - 01 Jan 2008
Pacific coastal island called Mexcaltitan may be the place of origin of the ancient... to a report by the Cox News Service. According to legend, the Aztecs left an island... City.  There, they founded the legendary city of Tenochtitlan, an island city

Pub to be opened inside Rhode Island funeral home - 28 Sep 2010
Boston, Sept 28 (ANI): A Rhode Island funeral home has been granted a liquor license by city officials in Providence to open a bar on its premises. The owners of Monahan Funeral Home plan on turning the attached garage into an Irish

Fossils of giant bird discovered on 'hobbit' island of Flores - 08 Dec 2010
marabou stork on an Indonesian island once home to human-like 'hobbits'. The remains of the big bird were discovered on the island of Flores... on the island, which was home to dwarf elephants, giant rats and out-sized

Majuli Island farmers take to vegetable farming for livelihood - 09 Mar 2010
Jorhat (Assam), Mar 9 (ANI): Farmers in Majuli Island here have engaged... educated youth of the 144 villages on the island are now engaged... on Majuli Island mainly thrive on agriculture with paddy being their main crop

Britney wants to live in a desert island to escape paparazzi - 01 Dec 2008
Washington, Dec 1 (ANI): Pop star Britney Spears has revealed that constant media attention makes her wish she could take her family to a desert island. ...: For The Record', the singer says, "'That would be heaven - to have my kids on an island

17th century slipper found on the island of Canna - 01 Jul 2010
London, July 01 (ANI): A slipper dating back to the 17th century, found under a bed on the island of Canna, has been preserved carefully in a storage box. The National Trust for Scotland, which owns the isle off Skye, said

17th century slipper found on the island of Canna - 01 Jul 2010
London, July 01 (ANI): A slipper dating back to the 17th century, found under a bed on the island of Canna, has been preserved carefully in a storage box. The National Trust for Scotland, which owns the isle off Skye, said

Will-Kat ride old bicycles on Seychelles' island - 11 May 2011
London, May 11 (ANI): Prince William and Kate Middleton are revelling in the lap of nature on an isolated island in the Seychelles where they are spending their honeymoon. However, the couple took a break from royal comforts

India nominates Majuli Island for UNESCO World Heritage Site - 05 Feb 2008
The Indian government has lately nominated the Majuli Island in Jorhat district... to take note of the status related to the risk associated with the island...), an advisory body to UNESCO. Majuli Island Located on the middle of the mighty

Majuli Island inhabitants pray to stop soil erosion - 12 Sep 2009
Majuli (Assam), Sep 12 (ANI): The inhabitants of Majuli Island in Assam perform a Hindu ritual to check the rapid soil erosion near the banks of the river Brahmaputra.  Swelling water of river Brahmaputra river has eroded the land

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart enjoy 'island getaway' - 07 Jan 2010
New York, Jan 7 (ANI): Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart celebrated New Year's at Ventnor, a seaside resort on an island off the coast of England..., fans crowded the island in search of the alleged couple, reports People. 

Pine Island Glacier behind thinning ice in Antarctica - 21 Jun 2010
London, June 21(ANI): Scientists have identified Pine Island Glacier (PIG... underwater vehicle) to dive deep and travel far beneath the pine Island Glacier's... the investigation, Pine Island Glacier has thinned and disconnected from the ridge

Pine Island Glacier behind thinning ice in Antarctica - 27 Jun 2010
London, June 27 (ANI): Scientists have identified Pine Island Glacier (PIG... beneath the pine Island Glacier's floating ice shelf, scientists have captured...) on the sea floor. As per the investigation, Pine Island Glacier has

Government gets notice on plea to retrieve Kachchatheevu island - 05 Jan 2009
a 285-acre island in the Palk Strait off Rameshwaram from Sri Lanka. A bench... Indira Gandhi had ceded the Kachchatheevu island to Sri Lanka in 1974 without... to the government to restore the rights of the fishermen to visit the island

Global warming sinks disputed island in Bay of Bengal - 25 Mar 2010
latest victim, namely, a low-lying island in a sprawling mangrove delta in the Bay.... According to a report in The Independent, the New Moore Island has... temperatures," he added. Known as New Moore Island in India, and South Talpatti

Madge, Ritchie hunting for hideaway home in Italy's "island of dreams" - 01 Jan 2008
out for potential holiday hideaway on a remote island of Italy. According to the sources, the couple is hunting for a home on Linosa, called the "island... the island in June and took a tour of the island checking out potential holiday

Thailand's Phuket Island celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi with fanfare - 04 Sep 2011
Nevada (US), Sept 4 (ANI): Phuket, southern island of Thailand, celebrated.... There are reportedly about 2000 Hindus on the island. Phuket's Thalang National Museum reportedly has a Visnu statue. This island, about 536 miles south of Bangkok

Katharine Hepburn's Long Island estate listed for $28m - 01 Aug 2011
London, August 1 (ANI): Academy Award-winning actress Katharine Hepburn's former northern Long Island estate, divided into three plots, has gone to the market for 28 million dollars. One may purchase the house separately, which

Strong typhoon hits Japan's main island - 21 Sep 2011
Tokyo, Sept 21 (ANI): Japan's largest island of Honshu has been hit with a strong typhoon on Wednesday and is expected to make its way across the archipelago, with the Japan Meteorological Agency calling for "the greatest possible

Lesbians flock to Greece's Lesbos Island for festival - 15 Sep 2010
London, Sep 15 (ANI): Lesbos Island in Greece witnessed huge numbers of lesbians from across Europe who have gathered there for the tenth annual... by the island's association with Sappho, the seventh century Greek poet who wrote

Winehouse dating mystery man in Caribbean island - 31 Dec 2008
London, Dec 31 (IANS) British singer Amy Winehouse, who is recovering from bulimia on a Caribbean island, is getting cosy with a resort worker and spending maximum time with him. reports that guests observed

Missing girl sailor found on Dutch Caribbean Island - 21 Dec 2009
London, Dec. 21 (ANI): A 14-old girl, prevented by Dutch social workers from sailing solo around world, was found on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin on Sunday night after running away from home at the weekend. Laura

Oz aboriginal elders slap curse on Rottnest Island amid legal dispute - 03 Jul 2011
on the iconic vacation destination Rottnest Island, warning it will suffer "endless... in a bid to ensure people understood the ramifications of the Rottnest Island Authority's (RIA) decision to cancel his indigenous bus tour of the island. He said

Nainital's Bhimtal lake has an island aquarium - 13 Jun 2009
of aquatic species. There is an island in the centre of the lake... Authority hence decided to develop an aquarium on the island. They have....  "Earlier, there used to be a restaurant on this island and a lot

Soon, a Hawaii-sized eco island made entirely from plastic bottles - 30 Jun 2010
an island the size of Hawaii entirely from 44million kg of plastic waste. Recycled island, which is part of an environmental vision for the future, will be made... and wave energy will be used to sustain the island and its 500,000 inhabitants who

Becks books romantic break in 'paradise island' for anniversary special - 01 Jul 2009
break on a "paradise island" for wife Victoria as part of their 10-year anniversary... with the holiday to ultra-exclusive Necker Island to celebrate their big day. "Becks has... island and sorted the trip out, including all the travel arrangements

Seal having fish phobia leaves sanctuary staff shocked! - 11 Feb 2009
London, Feb 11 (ANI): A seal rescued from Heacham beach in Norfolk has astonished its keepers at the marine sanctuary in north Norfolk after it refused to feed... was separated from her mother, and she taken Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary in north Norfolk

Recycled Island to be built from Pacific's floating plastic debris - 01 Apr 2011
a Recycled Island that is sustainable and floats using the plastic debris collected... Island, which would support its own agriculture, a community of inhabitants... (using solar power) into the island.  Regardless, even that article agrees

Retired banker to live on deserted island for 1 month to quit smoking - 01 Aug 2009
on a deserted island for a month in a bid to quit smoking. Geoff Spice, 56, from... to become a castaway on Sgarabhaigh, a 40-acre uninhabited island in the Outer..., which means Cormorant Island in Gaelic, also has no electricity or water supply

Zoomer the snail races to victory in world championships - 17 Jul 2011
London, July 17 (ANI): A snail called Zoomer beat 120 competitors to win the world snail racing championships in Norfolk.  The race started on Saturday..., from Litcham, Norfolk, and his snail, Optimus Slime. (ANI) 

'Best Job in the World' winner misspells island's name in Twitter post - 03 Jul 2009
'Best job in the World', when he misspelt the name of the island he was on while writing on his blog. The 34-year-old Briton renamed the tropical island... to "leaving the chefs table and chocolate room on Hayward Island after a stunning

Krishna says India committed to help Pacific Island countries on climate change - 07 Aug 2009
assistance to Pacific Island countries in the process of adaptation to climate... Island Forum, Krishna said: "India is of the view that a special effort needs to be undertaken by the international community to help Small Island Developing

Lankan refugees appeal to India to save Tamils in island nation - 16 Feb 2009
Dharmapuri, (TN), Feb 16 (ANI): Sri Lankan refugees on Monday appealed to the Indian Government to save Tamils in the island nation.  "We demand from India to save our people in Sri Lanka. We also demand an immediate

Ancient mystery of red hats on giant Easter Island statues solved - 07 Sep 2009
mystery of why the odd-looking statues on the Easter Island statues wear red hats... Hamilton are the first British archaeologists to work on the island since 1914... all around the coast of the island.  Precisely how and why the hats were

Leonardo DiCaprio was close to meltdown while shooting 'Shutter Island' - 31 Jul 2010
London, July 31 (ANI): Leonardo DiCaprio was close to mental meltdown while on the set of 'Shutter Island'. On-set consultant Dr James Gilligan, who worked with DiCaprio, 35, during the entire shoot, feared for the 'Titanic' star

'Clash of the Titans' like maniac beheads Brit woman in Tenerife holiday island - 14 May 2011
Tenerife, May 14 (ANI): A 60-year-old British woman was beheaded by a maniac on the holiday island of Tenerife on Friday.  The suspect, believed to have been released from a mental hospital three months ago, had randomly chosen

DiCaprio lost sense of reality during Shutter Island filming - 17 Feb 2010
London, February 17 (ANI): Leonardo DiCaprio has confessed he lost all sense of reality by the end of the filming of his new thriller Shutter Island... in finding out what was really going on in Shutter Island. "A few weeks

Johnny Depp names beach on his private island after Heath Ledger - 02 Jun 2009
Washington, June 2 (ANI): Johnny Depp has named a beach on his 45-acre private Bahamian island after late Heath Ledger. The 'Pirates of the Caribbean' star has shown off his island, Little Hall's Pond Cay, which he calls his

Long Island Muslim man busted for financing attempted Times Square bombing - 16 Sep 2010
New York, Sept.16 (ANI): Federal agents have charged a Long Island Muslim man for financing the attempted Times Square bombing. Mohammed..., as saying. Younis met with Shahzad on Long Island on April 10, less than

Robbie Williams voted Fans' Dream Desert Island Companion - 10 Sep 2009
Washington, September 10 (ANI): Robbie Williams has been named as the top entertainer fans would want to be stuck on a desert island with, according to a new poll. According to the survey headed by music royalties company PRS

Kate Hudson names Lizard Island Resort most romantic place - 05 Jan 2009
Melbourne, Jan 5 (ANI): American actress Kate Hudson has named Lizard Island Resort on the Great Barrier Reef as "the most romantic place in the world". Hudson, who is promoting her first film Bride Wars, finds the place idyllic

Sidney the snail is the new world snail racing champion - 19 Jul 2010
racing championships' by defeating 200 competitors in Britain's Norfolk. he gastropod won the final at the village fete in Congham, Norfolk in a time... Litcham, Norfolk, was presented with a silver tankard filled with lettuce

Wills-Kate take 'magical' canoe ride to Honeymoon Island in Canada - 07 Jul 2011
spot dubbed Honeymoon Island during their Royal tour of Canada, and spent three...;They then headed to the island where they watched one of the most incredible sunsets on earth. The retreat, officially known as Eagle Island after the bald

Presley, Jackson nowhere on top 100 Desert Island Discs playlist - 07 Aug 2011
to make the top 100 Desert Island Discs playlist chosen by listeners to the show... to select the discs they would want if they were marooned on the fictional island... that when it comes to taking particular pieces to a desert island, our listeners

Trapped water cause of regular tremors under Vancouver Island in Canada - 01 Jan 2009
) in Canada have attributed regular tremors under Vancouver Island to trapped... America's western coast from northern Vancouver Island to northern California... on the fault line - approximately 35 kilometers under Vancouver Island - has also seen

Eddie Izzard to play Long John Silver in Sky's 'Treasure Island' - 26 Oct 2010
'Treasure Island'. Sky One has announced that the drama will take 'a bold approach to the much-loved classic'. "Treasure Island will be a hugely

Vaughan Williams' 'The Lark Ascending' tops Desert Island Discs - 12 Jun 2011
London, June 12 (ANI): Vaughan Williams' 'The Lark Ascending' has emerged as the most popular track of Desert Island Discs after it was chosen by the public..., the BBC Radio 4 website, reports the Scotsman. Desert Island Discs presenter

Prince Harry makes farm girls go weak in the knees - 26 Jun 2008
female fans as he toured the agricultural showground at Costessey, Norfolk. The young royal passed a smile as teenage girls at the Royal Norfolk Show... to mark the centenary of the granting of the Royal Charter to the Royal Norfolk

Leonardo DiCaprio studied mental illness for Shutter Island role - 09 Feb 2010
London, February 9 (ANI): Leonardo DiCaprio studied the mentally ill and watched several dark documentaries to perfect his performance in the new thriller Shutter Island. The Titanic actor took to research to master his role

Kate Moss, Jamie Hince's honeymoon island rocked by earthquake - 09 Jul 2011
London, July 9 (ANI): Earthquake rocked newlywed Kate Moss and her hubby Jamie Hince's honeymoon island, but the couple apparently did not notice it. The tremor - 5.2 on the Richter scale - struck as the couple's 10 million pounds

World's largest slave graveyard uncovered on St Helena Island - 12 Dec 2009
London, December 12 (ANI): Archaeologists have uncovered one of the largest slave graveyards anywhere in the world on the tiny island of St Helena. ... into the island where the traders were arrested and their victims liberated.  

Pet dog better companion than partner on stranded desert island! - 30 Oct 2009
Melbourne, October 30 (ANI): Most people would prefer being stranded on a desert island with their dog than a human, a new study has found. The survey found that 56 percent of the 1000 pet lovers questioned online

Katie Price, Alex Reid jet off to secret island to save marriage - 02 Jan 2011
London, Jan 2 (ANI): Alex Reid and Katie Price have reportedly flown out to a secret desert island in a bid to save their troubled marriage. The couple's relationship has been on the rock since the past few months and Jordan was seen

Qantas flight falls short of fuel, forced to land on Pacific island - 31 May 2011
Brisbane, May 31 (ANI): Qantas Dallas-Brisbane flight ran low on fuel and had to force land on a Pacific island for refuelling. According to a Qantas spokesman, pilots landed the Boeing 747-400ER in Noumea for an unscheduled pitstop

How removing cats devastated a World Heritage island in Australia - 13 Jan 2009
were considered an invasive species in the sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island... from Macquarie in 2000, the island's rabbit population increased so much... substantial island-wide rabbit-induced vegetation change. By 2007, impacts on some

Madoff's Long Island house sold for over 8.75 million dollars - 18 Sep 2009
New York, Sep 18(ANI): Multi-billion dollar Poziking Bernard Madoff's Long Island house has been snapped up by an unidentified buyer days for over 8.75... in Montauk, located on the south shore of Long Island. The house is modest

N. Korea bombs S.Korea's Yeonpyeong border island - 23 Nov 2010
Beijing, Nov.23 (ANI): North Korea fired dozens of artillery shells onto a South Korean border island, killing a South Korean soldier and injuring 13 others... Island on the Yellow Sea is located 50 miles off South Korea's northwest coast

Rikers Island gets 4.5 stars for being New York's best prison - 16 Aug 2011
Melbourne, Aug 16 (ANI): A popular online review site has revealed that Rikers Island has been awarded 4.5 stars for being New York's best prison. ... a critic of restaurants, nightclubs and shops, voted for Rikers Island after reviewing

Vanessa Minnillo weds Nick Lachey in 'secret' tropical island ceremony - 16 Jul 2011
Washington, July 16 (ANI): Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey privately tied the knot in a tropical island ceremony in the presence of just 35 friends and family... and the attire was 'island chic.' It was all very vague," he explained.  While Minnillo

Asylum seekers boat crashes off Christmas Island, 30 feared dead - 15 Dec 2010
carrying about 70 people smashed into the sea off Christmas Island. ...;The paper quoted Christmas Island Shire President Gordon Thomson as saying..., Christmas Island was being battered by 3.7-metre swell and 24-knot winds

Mega-tsunami deposited giant coral boulders on Tonga's island - 01 Jan 2008
devastation on a remote tropical island of Tonga in the South Pacific Ocean... boulders made of coral on the island of Tongatapu last year, which may represent..., the main island in the country of Tonga.  A survey of the sides of the volcano

New technique could lead to discovery of "island" of unusually stable elements - 11 Feb 2010
help find an "island" of unusually stable elements by directly measuring the mass of elements heavier than uranium.  The "island" of unusually stable... in this so-called island of stability could act as powerful nuclear fuel for future

US man wearing Darth Vader mask robs Long Island bank - 23 Jul 2010
New York, July 23 (ANI): A man wearing a Darth Vader mask and cape is said to have robbed a Chase bank branch on Long Island, New York. According to the police, the man entered a branch in Setauket and demanded money and used

'Crew cut boat engines hours before Christmas Island crash' - 20 Dec 2010
Canberra, Dec 20 (ANI): Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has said that the death toll of last week's Christmas Island boat tragedy has risen to at least 48 so far.  According to, 90 people were on board SIEV 221

Care for an 'idyllic boat ride on a magical island lake' atop Selfridges? - 22 Jul 2011
London, July 22 (ANI): Britain's high end department store Selfridges has turned its 400 square meter-roof into a 'magical island and boating lake' The green lake installed on the stores' roof is part of a project called the Truvia

Janet Jackson jets to Yas Island to celebrate 30 years in pop music - 15 Oct 2011
Washington, Oct 15 (ANI): Thousands of fans flocked to 'Yas Island' in Abu Dhabi on Thursday to watch Janet Jackson perform many of her smash hits, as she celebrated her 30 years in pop music. The 45-year-old pop icon played

Bali bombers executed in Indonesian island - 09 Nov 2008
on the Nusakambangan island off southern Java at midnight on Saturday. They all

Scottish man with Robinson Crusoe author's name rescued from island - 27 Jan 2011
of Robinson Crusoe, was recently rescued from a remote island in Scotland after... years on a remote tropical island, encountering native Americans, captives... Island, off the coast of Scotland, and help was just a phone call away. 

Galactic 'tug of war' may create giant 'island universe' in deep space - 04 Mar 2009
, and merger into a giant 'island universe'. About 100 million light-years away... into a giant 'island universe', tens to hundreds of times as massive as our own Milky

Whitney Huston wanted to retire, open fruit drink stall on an island beach - 15 Sep 2009
Washington, Sept 15 (ANI): R 'n' B singer Whitney Houston gave up on her dream to open up a fruit drinks stall on an island beach, in order to return... drinks to some people... Me and my daughter living on an island with a beach

Rising sea level could erase island nations from the face of Earth - 04 Feb 2010
in sea level from anthropogenic global warming could erase some island states... for humans and their livestock. Low-lying island states like Kiribati, Tuvalu... their island states could become stateless.  After settling in other countries

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