Shaken cocktails lose potency much faster than stirred ones

Washington , Sun, 01 Apr 2012 ANI

Washington, Apr 1 (ANI): The shaken not stirred debate about martinis has been made famous by James Bond, but now you can find out whether a shaken cocktail will make get you more drunk than a stirred one.

The site conducted an experiment to find out the answer to the perennial shaken vs stirred question.

They created cocktails with precise measurements of ingredients, for eg, 14 identical ice cubes from the same tray, each made using exactly 25 grams of water, and 70 grams of vodka with 40 per cent alcohol by volume (ABV). The temperature was also kept at an exact 73 degrees Fahrenheit.

To calculate the contents of the shaken and stirred samples, a digital scale was used to measure how much water weight the solution gained, and a distilling hydrometer called a Proof and Tralle Hydrometer was used to measure proof.

The results for the two drinks were measured on the basis of temperature, weight and measurement of water content by the hydrometer.

The temperature of the shaken drink was found to be 29 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas the stirred cocktail measured only 38.1 degrees. The two drinks were then weighed.

Both the solutions had started with 70 grams of vodka, but the stirred solution was found to weigh 86 grams, due to the water gained by melting ice.

However, the shaken solution weighed 116 grams, gaining 46 grams from the amount of water knocked off from the ice cubes while shaking.

Once both solutions had reached a temperature of exactly 72.4 degrees Fahrenheit, they were tested with a hydrometer. The stirred drink had dropped down from 80 proof to 60, meaning it had a final 30 percent ABV.

The shaken drink measured between 45 and 46 proof on the hydrometer, which means it had an ABV of around 23 percent.

Shaking just ice and alcohol had cut the spirit's potency nearly in half, diluting the drink 1.75 times more than stirring did. (ANI)

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