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Armed Forces unwilling to accept Sixth Pay Commission report

Tue, 01 Jan 2008 ANI

New Delhi, Sep 2 (ANI): The Armed Forces have communicated to Defence Minister A K Antony that they were "unwilling to implement" the Sixth Central Pay Commission (CPC) report without anomalies being removed to restore their status and parity of pay scales.


"A high level delegation from the Chiefs of Staff Committee (COSC) made a presentation to Antony and top officials on anomalies, as introduced in the notified CPC report for officers, though it expressed satisfaction over the pay hikes for personnel below officer rank," said sources in the Defence Ministry.


After witnessing the presentation, Antony was quoted as assuring the Armed Forces that he would take up the anomalies with the government and get them addressed, sources said.


The presentation comes in the wake of Chairman of COSC Navy chief Admiral Sureesh Mehta's meeting Antony on Friday evening just hours before the CPC report was notified seeking to stop the government order as the anomalies were not removed.


When Mehta was on a visit to Japan and South Korea early last week, then acting Chairman of COSC and IAF chief Air Chief Marshal Fali Homi Major had written to Antony pointing out that the extant parities of Lieutenant Colonels and their equivalents in the Navy and Air Force were lowered by retaining them in Pay Band-3, while raising similarly placed civilian and paramilitary officers to Pay Band-4.


In their presentation to Antony, the COSC representatives pointed out that the Grade Pay of middle-rung officers from Captain to Colonels was fixed at a lesser amount than that of similarly placed officers from all other services.


Another anomaly presented before the Defence Minister was the new category of 'Higher Administrative Grade Plus' created in all services, except the armed forces, under which the Director General level officers have been placed.


"These HAG Plus officers have been placed in a Pay Band higher than that of even Lieutenant Generals in the Army and their equivalents in the Navy and Air Forces," sources said.


Regarding Colonels, the CPC recommendations of March 24 had suggested that the lowest slab in pay scale S-24 at Rs 14,300 (for group 'A' services) be fixed at Rs 24,890, by using a multiplication factor of 1.74.


Similarly, for pay scale S-25 (IAS), the lowest slab of Rs 15,100 was reviewed to be fixed at Rs 26,280.


For service officers in the rank of Lt Col (and equivalent) hitherto in S-25 pay scale, the CPC had recommended their pay being fixed at Rs 24,280.


The civilian and paramilitary officers in the extant pay scale S-24 (Rs 14,300-400-18,300) and S-25 (Rs 15,100-400-18,300) were be placed in Pay Band-4, whereas the same was not given to the Armed Forces officers (Lt Cols and equivalents), who are already in S-25.


"The civilian officers who were in a lower pay scale (S-24) and drawing lower pay as compared to Lt Cols and equivalent in the Armed Forces would now draw a higher basic salary in the same pay band," Defence Ministry sources said.


In the second "anomaly, the CPC had recommended a lower Grade Pay for lower and middle-rung officers of the Armed Forces from Captain to Colonels in the Army and their equivalents in Navy and Air Force.


While the Armed Forces pointed out the anomaly, the government agreed to the demand that the officers' Grade Pay should be increased.


The Armed Forces demand was to equate their Grade Pay with that of similarly placed officers in the civilian and paramilitary services, as recommended by the Sixth CPC.


Instead of equating, the government granted the Armed Forces demand to increase Grade Pay and simultaneously hiked the Grade Pay of officers in other services too, there by introducing another anomaly in the final CPC report. (ANI)


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October 20, 2008 at 12:00 AM



September 29, 2008 at 12:00 AM

Lt col scale in 5th pay commission is 13500-400-17100 and S-24civillan scale is 14300-400-18300.As such it is wrong to say that earlier Lt col were in a higher scale S-25.InDGQA organisation, which is manned by both service and civillan officers in many establishments like SQAEMeenambakkam Chennai, Lt cols work under civillan officer who are in grade 14300-400-18300, who is also the head of the establishment as SQAO. In the organisational heararchy Lt col is placed as equivalent to a Psco who is in S23 scale.Therefore there is no justification in asking for pay band P4 for Lt cols.On the otherhand this will create command and control problems.Hope these aspects would be kept in view by the government while taking decisions.As otherwise, affected persons in s-24/s-25 scale may ask for another committee to review the situation and it goes on.
Your's Sincerely
H.N.Nagaraja ( Rtd)Dcso,SQAO(SZ)

Eye Opener

September 27, 2008 at 12:00 AM

The hue and cry being made by the defence forces regarding the pay anamoly of LT COLs has conveniently sidelined the fact that there is gross injustice done to maximum number of government servants, as the multiplying factor is not the same 1.86 in all the pay band. The multiplying factor is much higher for Pay Band 4, in which the multiplying factor is more than 2.5. Why this serious anamoly is ignored by all and sundry is not understood. This greater anamoly has been submerged in the roar of Lt Cols disparity, which is very unfortunate. Let us atleast realize now and fight for uniform multiplying factor for all. Please open your eyes.


September 24, 2008 at 12:00 AM

Dear Sir,
Politicians are not bothered or interested in the sacrifices made by a soldier for his country.They are interested only in votes so that they can come to power and suck the country's blood.They are very well aware that more than 90% of soldiers are not voters.To hope some thing better at least for next pay commission I appeal to all soldiers and ex servicemen to become voters and make their families also voters.By this we can create a vote bank.

sreenivas pahal

September 24, 2008 at 12:00 AM

The Grade pay of Artificer 3/2/1 rank of indian navy is fixed to 3400 Rs in Sixth Pay commission is really a demoralising reccommandation of pay commission. It is understood that pay commission has not studied about the rank structure of defence. The Artificer 3/2/1 Rank is equivalent to Chief Petty Pfficer Rank of Y Group in Indian Navy. Before 5th pay commission the pay of Artificer 3/2/1 was more than the Chief petty Officer of Y Group.Even Compared to Civil Cadre, the juniour engineer scale 5000-8000 is graded as 4200 but Artificer 3/2/1 having scale 5120-7120 is graded as 3400 Rs. This means that Sixth Pay commission thinks that Artificer 3/2/1 is not a supervisory Staff. If it is like that then it will demoralise the all persons holding this rank.tne resposbility they are holding in which type of condition no body can think on the chair .highly dengerous at sea and very difficult in harbour to maintain operational capabality of different weapnos,sensors and machinory .actually they are the beck bone of indian navy , but they are not getting pay atleast equal to junior engineer of any organisition even they are equal in qualification when selected and more so as a front line war ship warriour our pay should be more than our civil counter or at least equal to them if center govt. can not pay according to there capability than should not play with technical force of nation and start to recrute illitrete people.

vijay kumar

September 17, 2008 at 12:00 AM

In response to the Air Force Chief & Navy Chief statement on pay band of CPMFs

--- Its very unfortunate that the service chiefs of Navy & AF are more worried about payscales of smaller services like CPMF & Coast Guard even after getting more than what they asked for their own officers.

The services have been running an ill-intended and malicious campaign against CPMFs in general and Coast Guard(only paramilitary under MOD) in particular.

I would like to intimate that Commandants of Coast Guard & CPMFs are selection grade posts and less than 30%fficers makes to this grade. Whereas a Lt Col (or equal) is a time scale post & all officers are promoted to this rank after 13 years of service (even less in navy). There is no comparison of two ranks. The equal rank for Lt Col / Cdr in CPMFs is 2I/C or Commandant (Jr Grade), which remains in PB-3.

Service chiefs should stop behaving like 'Trade Union' leaders leading a bunch of greedy officers


September 14, 2008 at 12:00 AM

yes'i agree with balakrishnan.officers are getting the pay more than what they supposed to get especially technical officers.Technical officers lacks technical expertise which possess warrant officers and other pbor's better.what if technical officers got engineering degree without possessing requisite system expertise which needs by the organisation.They are only acting like rubber stamps and signing authority.The same show can very well run by technical warranted ranks and pbors


September 11, 2008 at 12:00 AM

Mr banerjee and balakrishnan,
What the hell do u mean when u say technical officers are not reqd in IAF. If u say warrant oficers can replace us please come and lets have an open exam on tech subjects and let the whole world see the result. we have a professional engg degre thru our own merit and not thru govt help or anything.so think before u open your trap. and if u cant do so just keep your trap shut and dont talk nonsense. tech offrs are running the air force you blockheads. and we r the future of air force. we can replace every other branch in iaf including flying branch. no one else can replace us. u must be aware how badly the BC offrs have been performing in air force. jai hind


September 10, 2008 at 12:00 AM

Fighter needs to know that the pay for Armed FGorces Officers is calculated on the basis of basic pay + rank pay for purposes of loctaing the pay bands applicable to them. For all those who think that warrant officers are better than officers and that the selection procedure for officers is a cake-walk, well why did all warrant officers not "easily' become officers then? An armed forces officer goes through a gruelling 4-day Services Selection Board testing procedure that can rival or better the selection procedures of any top notch B-School. Added to this is a stringent medical exam which calls for high standards of fitness. The job itself calls for a high degree of mental and intellectual robustness and an even higher degree of leadership qualities. The officers of one of the World's finest Armies need to be given their due if the Nation wants to ensure that it retains top class talent in the officer cadre of the Armed Forces.


September 10, 2008 at 12:00 AM

Is the Government on a deliberate campaign to denigrate the status of our braves in uniform? The government is probably taking advantage of the fact that Officers of the Armed Forces are an inherently disciplined lot who would not/cannot take to the streets or employ other 'goonda' tactics available to the bureaucrats. Will the Nation speak up for these officers and Gentlemen who are sworn to allegiance to the Country and would never step out of the bounds of loyalty and duty even if wronged by the government. A NATION WHICH LACKS RESPECT FOR ITS SOLDIERS MUST WILL COME TO GRIEF SOONER OR LATER.

a k banerjee

September 10, 2008 at 12:00 AM

Civilian may not know about the defense (Army/Navy & Air Force). I don't think number of officers are less in Air Force. It is more than requirement. What is the duty of officers in Air Force ? Officers don't have any knowledge related to their job. They are for the stamping & singnatory authority. Other than pilot most of the officers may be replaced by the Warranted Ranks. Warranted Ranks can run the show in better manner. So need to increase the pay bands for the Warranted ranks.


September 9, 2008 at 12:00 AM

there is no need to revise the pay of officers. look at the selection process of armed forces officer, it seems like a draw of lots. what ever they are getting that is surplus. i frankly say they dont deserve that much. they cant equate themshelves with civil officers. they are fooling the entire country , every time they need more, it seems they like pepsi Ad.

Dr. N.K.Vashisht

September 7, 2008 at 12:00 AM

For the information of all high and dry in the Armed forces including the Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committe and members of the 6th CPC and the Cabinet it is to be remembered that the basic Pay of Officers in Armed Forces during 4th CPC was fixed by calculating it on the same formula as Civil counterparts and then deducting a part of it and calling it as Rank Pay ( Which actually should have been in addition to the basic pay evolved out of the common formulae as for civilians as per the recommendations of the 4th CPC. The Govt fooled the Army Officers in believing them that an additional Rank Pay was being given to them. This anomaly was brought out by a few officers subsequently after more than a decade. Even after the Courts intervention the govt did not oblige the affected officedrs. The anomaly continued after the 5th CPC also and now the 6th CPC has altogether forgotton about the Rank Pay while fixing the Basic Pay of the Officers. Thus the Middle level officers - Majors and Lt. Cols have been shown as in the pre-revised Pay of lower scales than they actually were, had their Rank Pay which actually originally was part of their basic pay was too taken into account. Thus pre-revised scale of Lt. Col. was not Rs. 13500- 400 - 17350 and 14300 - 400- 18300 but was actually 15100-400-18950 and 15900-400-19900 (adding rank pay of Rs. 1600/-). This obviously qualifies for inclusion in the PB-4 in the revised Scale even before the inclusion of civilian counterparts in the pre-revised scale of 14300-400-18300. The Govt. either is ignorant of the facts or is trying to fool the Armed Forces Officers once again. It is high time that the Chairman of the Chiefs Staff of Committee takes up the case with the PMO with this background and facts or else Govt might have to face the Consequences if there is a backlash amongst the grieved soldiers who are too often being pushed against the wall for their rightfull and legitimate demands and projections. Are you listening All chiefs of Staff of the respective three wings of the armed forces ? It is a matter of shame for every one in this country to keep suppressing the most disciplined citizens of this country. But then, everything has a limit and the limits of suppression are being croosed by the bureauocrats and the political leaders of this country.


September 6, 2008 at 12:00 AM

The pay commission if not implemented correctly, will result in a large scale exodus from Army and Air Force. Most of the Army Officers who would have sent their kids to the Armed Forces will now not allow their children to join the forces now. This will be disastrous for the country. Armed forces have to be given parity. As far as Technical Officers in the IAF are concerned, maybe 3-4 % of the Warrant Officers (technical) can hold a candle to even the worst of them. They are irreplacable. Any exodus of these officers to the well paying jobs outside would be as bad as the good pilots leaving for lucrative jobs outside.


September 6, 2008 at 12:00 AM

It is convincing in terms of mathematical calculations of the factor 1.86, however this is not the answer to Lt Col basic pay Rs. 13500+1600=15100 and 400/- as increment. Has any CIVILIAN COUNTERPARTS of yearly increment of Rs 400/ been kept in PB3? Has the MSP been introduced at the cost of rank pay? I do not think defence had proposed to abolish the rank pay. It may be realised by the govt that Lt Col are given MSP at the cost of status quo, by keeping them in the lower band. It further affects them in case of arrears which would be more that 7 lacs if considered in PB4.MSP be considered as an additional pay to defence over and above the equivalent emoluments to civilian counterparts. Please review, do justice and keep the honour of the defence personnel high to keep the TRICOLOUR flying in honour of the country. Demorlised and demotivated minds will not be able to do justice to their jobs. Like FM they will also say no injustice is done to the job. No doubt, they are committed!

CP Balakrishnan

September 4, 2008 at 12:00 AM

It is hurtening to understand that cases are being taken up for revision or increase of scales only in cases of officers not for men. No one cares for the underpaid, underprevileged so called PBORs. The gap between the scales of officers and the PBORs is too widening. Earlier a Subedar Major was drawing more pay than a Leutenant. But what is it now? Moreover why there is difference in MSP between officers and PBORs?

Secondly why there is hue and cry about shortage of officers in Air Force? Will anyone justify the very existence of technical officers in Air Force. Is there any requirement of them at all? The so called PBORs can handle the technical aspects in IAF better than any officer. If there is shortage of Pilots, it is to be made good that is genuine requirement.


September 3, 2008 at 12:00 AM

Comments to this News
The anomalies as brought out wherein civilian officers who were in lower grade have now been placed in higher grade of pay has caused a major discontenment amongst all officers.Govt should take immediate steps to redress this grave injustice.
It is sad that inspite of having the toughest service conditions (including promotions)and having to stay away from their families for long durations they are now being discriminated in pay. This reinforces the need for a seperate pay commission for the services.

, K Bhattacharya (02/09/2008 23:42:23)

Incorrect Claim, refer to their previous pay scales

Rank Pay Scale Plus Rank Pay
i) Lt Rs.8150-8250-300-10500 -
ii) Capt Rs.9450-9600-300-11400 Rs. 400/-
iii) Major Rs. 11600-325-14850 Rs. 1200/-
iv) Lt Col Rs. 13500-400-17100 Rs. 1600/-
v) Col Rs. 15100-450-17350 Rs. 2000/-
vi) Brig Rs. 16700-450-18050 Rs. 2400/-
vii) Maj Gen Rs.18400-500-22400 -
viii) Lt Gen Rs.22400-525-24500 -
ix) DGAFMS Rs.24050-650-26000 -, FIGHTER (03/09/2008 12:18:47)

We agree that the service conditions are tough for the forces. They should be paid well. May be much more than what they are being offered, but the flip side is that they may look for civilian jobs after they retire. so some parity of grades need to be maintained, in order to enable them to move in at appropriate levels. I personally do not agree to their equating Lt Col to grade S-24 of Director. The basic pay of Lt Col is Rs 13500/- as per 5th pay commission. A Colonel may be equated to a scale of Director, though his end of scale(17350/-) falls short of 18,300/- which is end of scale for the Director. Is there no one in the forces who understands this or they pretend to show their ignorance of the same, when they talk of pay parity? May God bless all such gentelmen complaining of dissatisfaction with the present pay scales, with a good reason to substantiate their claim., Munna Bhai (03/09/2008 22:34:01)

I believe that the top brass in forces are trying to push Lt Col and equivalent in order to achieve their ends, of achieving better grade pay than civilians. If any one agrees with me, please put down your opinions here. I am open to change my opinion,but under the present circumstance it looks as though I am correct., FIGHTER (03/09/2008 22:39:45)

suresh k

September 3, 2008 at 12:00 AM

As per sixth pay commission being a primary teacher in a village school pays more than joining para-military force as a sub inspector and facing the brunt of terrorism and insurgency, This is despite para-military force works for 12 to 18 hors a day and is always there to perform which ever task Govt. gives it from border guarding to counter insurgency to disaster management. Here is a table showing what pay hike subordinate officers of para-military force got in sixth CPC in comparison to others.
1 SI in CPMFs
5500-9000 9300-34800 PB-2 4200

2. Nursing Sister
5500-9000 9300-34800 PB-2 4800

3. Primary Teacher
4500-7000 9300-34800 PB-2 4200

4. Trained Graduate Teacher
5500-9000 9300-34800 PB-2 4600

5. Inspector in CPMFs
6500-10500 9300-34800 PB-2 4600

6. Post Graduate Teacher
6500-10500 9300-34800 PB-2 4800



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