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Top Hollywood Movies winning Oscar as Best Picture

Our endeavor to choose and list top Hollywood movies winning Oscar as best picture is definitely a hilarious task as we are to select from a wide array of approximately 80 films in the history of the award ceremony. Oscar award or Academy award is the most coveted award in the world for movies and audio-visual media as a whole and among all the Oscars in different categories like direction, cinematography, acting, music, visual effects, sound effects, editing and many others Oscar award as best picture of the year is considered as greatest feat of success for the film. In its 80 years of Hollywood history many great films of various genres involving wide range of cultural, social and aesthetic significance and influence have won the most coveted Oscar as best picture of the year, but the arching influence over time can be attributed to some films which we would introduce here. Here we go with our selection of top Hollywood movies winning Oscar as best picture.

Titanic Movie (1997)

This great modern classic from one of the greatest successful directors of all time James Cameron depicts the heart breaking, profoundly inspiring and sad romantic story of two lovers from two contrasting social classes facing the tragic disaster of the drowning ship of Titanic. With splendid visuals of the disaster causing massive death and destruction in the middle of the ocean, iconic acting by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, great music score by the prodigious Celine Dion and above all the in-depth study and vivid description of one of the greatest disasters in the history of the voyage on the ocean made this film an instant blockbuster and subject of huge critical acclamation from all over the world. Titanic Movie won in total 11 Oscars awards including Oscar for best picture, best direction, best music, best cinematography and many more besides making the record of being nominated for 14 Oscars. Considering its all round success it is definitely the best choice in the last two decades among the top Oscar awards winning Hollywood movies.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)

One who have an uncanny knack and test for heroic fantasy and epic on celluloid, The Lord of the Rings trilogy is bound to be his favorite pick and this concluding chapter of the trilogy that mesmerized the viewers for long with its gripping fantasy and prolific drama involving classical heroic figures is the most successful in providing the authoritative final touch to the drama. This is one film that is referred worldwide as one of the films that incorporates cutting edge technical brilliance in its astounding visual effects more frequently that any movies in the history, so much so that in a way the visual effects creates the very basis of this movie's wide appreciation and applause that it gets all over the world. This is the only film in the history of the Academy award having the record of winning all the Oscars for which it has been nominated. It had been nominated for 11 Oscars and won all including best picture, best director, best screenplay, best visual effects and many more.

The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

This 1991 classic by Jonathan Demme is the first and only horror film in the history of the Academy award to win an Oscar as best picture of the year. The story is about a brilliant psychiatrist turned serial killer named Hannibal Lecter who is tried to be apprehended by the police with the help of another imprisoned serial killer, Buffalo Bill. This thrilling and breath taking horror film became an iconic horror thriller of all time. With neat and superbly tensed visual drama, brilliant acting and heart reckoning thrill it won Oscars in all the top 5 categories, including best picture, best director, best actress, best actor, and best screenplay. Silence of the Lambs almost taken the genre of the horror film to its highest artistic brilliance and aesthetic significance for the first time and as the all time best in the horror thriller genre this film deserves a place among the Best Hollywood movies winning Oscar as best picture.

The Last Emperor (1989)

The Last Emperor movie is a door to the decadent history of the magnificent orient in all its rich colors and expressions and most prolific royal tastes and at once this epic historical drama by Bernardo Bertolucci opens the window for seeing deep into the troubled political past and historical significance of colonization in the orient that paved the way for future democratic societies replacing kings and emperors. This gripping political drama beautifully depicts the tragic biopic of the Last Emperor of China, whose autobiography is the basis of the screenplay of the film. The film won in total 9 Oscars including best picture, best director, best cinematography, best adapted screenplay, best art direction and others. It has created its own genre by making a biopic an astoundingly gripping political epic incorporating significant historical events and for this merit alone apart from the rich filmic attributes deserves to be regarded as one of the top Hollywood movies winning Oscar as best picture.

Kramer Vs Kramer (1979)

This 1979 tragic drama by Robert Benton is one of the best films in the career of the prodigious actor Dustin Hoffman. The film depicts the enticing and thrilling family drama two couple trying to shape their own personal destiny and their legal battle over the right on their only child along with a vivid psychological as well as delicately woven novelistic account of their personal relationships in and outside the family space. Dustin Hoffman just put his all artistic acting splendors at one place to make the Mr. Kramer role as one of the enigmatic ones among many Hollywood dramas. The film own 5 Oscars including best picture, best director, best adapted screenplay, best actor and best supporting actress and the film own huge global reception winning many international awards.

The Godfather (1972)

We can as well say that no crime film in the history of the world film and Hollywood made such lasting and inspirational presence as Godfather did. This 1972 forever classic crime film by the enigmatic director Francisco Ford Coppola brought up a new film language incorporating styles of western genre films, gangster genre, crime thrillers and a bit of docudrama all at one go with brilliant acting performance and enthralling cinematographic detail. Around the world this film along with its hugely acclaimed sequel Godfather Part II is widely regarded as one of the greatest films in the history of the media. The picture won three Oscars respectively in the categories of best picture, best adapted screenplay for both the world famous writer Mario Puzo and screenplay writer director Francisco Ford Coppola and best actor prize for the iconoclastic acting of Marlon Brando. The historic significance and the influence of this movie in the world cinema made it an obvious choice in our consideration of top Hollywood movies winning Oscars as best picture.

Ben-Hur (1959)

If you talk about one film in the history of the world cinema and Hollywood that stood alone for years with its all round success in box office and critical acclamation along with outstanding feats of winning record number of Oscar awards and nominations, this is this outstanding epic historical 1959 drama, Ben-Hur. The rich and profoundly dramatic element in the life of Jerusalem prince Ben-Hur in AD 26 is the basis of the plot. This epic had been inspired by another biblical epic capturing almost the same period of the history named Ten Commandments which is also one of the most successful movies in Hollywood. Ben-Hur for a long time held the record of winning 11 Oscars until in 1997 Titanic equaled the feat. This William Wyler masterpiece set several records of brilliance that paved the way for new developments in different aspects of filmmaking.


Hardly would you come across a list of greatest Hollywood movies of all time without the mention of this Michel Curtiz directed romantic drama that for so many years had been topped as the most iconic romantic film ever made. The romantic plot of the film at the time of the civil war depicted brilliantly in enticing and heart rendering drama was a source of huge appreciation all over the world. Ingrid Bergman as one of the greatest actresses of all time gave her super acting performance combined great cinematographic brilliance. The movie won 3 Oscars including best picture, best director and best screenplay. For its continuing popularity worldwide it has always been featured among the movies considered as all time great.

Gone with the Wind (1939)

This 1939 epic historical film based on the Margaret Mitchell's 1936 Pulitzer winning literary fiction of the same name achieved many feats in the history of the film that remained unequalled for generations. This hugely applauded romantic epic at the time of the civil war by the director Victor Fleming was awarded 10 Oscars including best picture, best director, best cinematography, best actress and others. This was the first film that had been awarded more than five Oscars. With iconic influence for generations and arching popularity that successfully passed the test of time this movie is a regular feature in any list of great Hollywood masterpieces of all time and so is ours as an inevitable pick among the top Hollywood movies winning Oscar as best Movies.

Finally we finished a list which deserves to be debated for eternity and no less! Really, picking up these names as the top Oscar winning Hollywood movies was so horribly confusing a task! At the end of the day in picking up a list that can be considered authoritative in many considerations like its historical, cultural and social significance, influence over the film medium, box office reception and critical reception that withstood the test of time, is really a hilarious task and splendidly compromising at once. I had to make some severe omissions for which I deserve not to be excused, but honestly I had to exclude some of my most personal favorites like Forest Gump, One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest, The Apartment, Rebecca, The Bridge on the River Kwai and many more that own Oscar for best picture in their time.

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