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Greatest Action Heroes of All Time

Before just introducing the greatest action heroes of all time in Hollywood we should take a look at the popular genre of film called action movies. Action movies has always enjoyed as one of the most popular genre of films around the world. Movies with power packed action and an iconic hero who fulfills your most destitute dream of appearing with larger than life, prodigious stature satisfies millions of people's aspirations and expectations from the entertainment media called cinema. Hollywood for generations has produced some of the greatest action movies that always had the highest share in popularizing this genre of film. And in this long list of action movies more than direction, cinematography, visual effects, special effects, music or script what mattered in their popularity and craze is the stardom of the lead actor. Who would not expect a star studded action of unforeseen brilliance in an action movie that features Arnold Schwarzenegger in the lead role or who would not expect power, skill and control of a wise powerful hermit in the solemn roles of Bruce Lee? Action heroes nourish our subconscious ideal for something spectacular and angelic, something that can settle the score in a world suffering from injustice and wrong doing. Here we would introduce some of the greatest action heroes of all time in Hollywood and world cinema.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

He is the greatest macho man of his time. His super angelic dependable kind of appearance has been epitomized in a famous dialogue in Terminator trilogy where he to the people who still could not believe in his extra terrestrial power, says in his iconic baritone voice "Trust me, I'll be back". If any film placed him besides the immortals in Hollywood it is definitely three films in Terminator series. With the likes of film like Commando, Terminator trilogy, Predator, Raw Deal, The Running Man, he is definitely our first choice among the greatest action heroes of all time.

Bruce Lee

He is one actor of international fame and recognition who has been worshipped by the lovers of martial art as almost a deity, but more than his great iconic fame as a great Martial artist he is an actor of extraordinary brilliance who made the genre named Martial art film popular all over the world. He almost took the intricacies of Marshall Art to the highest artistic powerful exposure in movies. We all got introduced with this ancient art through his actions on celluloid. Only five full length feature films epitomized him as the greatest icon of the genre called Marshall Art movie like The Big Boss, the Way of the Dragon, Fist of fury, Enter the Dragon and The Game of Death.

Jackie Chan

No Hollywood actor of international reputation and recognition could ever act in such wide range of roles as an action hero as Jackie Chan. Jackie Chan has many feats in his long acting career that any Hollywood actor would strive to achieve. The specialty of Jackie Chan is his innovative stunts and acrobatic fighting style. The breathtaking visuals that portray him in disastrous and massive actions made him one of the rare actors with such swift and supple body movements. After the breakthrough film Rumble in the Bronx his career had been loaded with many great action films that encompass all genres like martial art, action comedy and action thrillers. Having received so many international prizes and awards for his feat as one of the greatest action heroes of all time and having his place as one of the action stars in Hollywood walk of fame he is undoubtedly an actor whom we cannot miss to mention.

Sylvester Stallone

Rocky is still regarded to be the only film in the entire world cinema that received Academy award as a cinema based on sports story and simultaneously this is the greatest career hit of Stallone. After the stupendous box office success and worldwide critical acclamation of Rocky Stallone established himself as an actor of rare virility and charismatic machismo with action films of worldwide reputation and success. His Rambo series established him as an iconic image of virility and power. The recent success of The Expendables in 2010 and phenomenal success of The Expendables 2 in 2012 placed him as one of the rare genius who achieved such feat late in his career.

Clint Eastwood

This versatile Hollywood prodigy is simultaneously an all time great director, one of the actors in the world cinema and one of the greatest action heroes of all time as well. He stated his career as the great charismatic hero in spaghetti western and western genre of movies. Remember his clever, brainstorming charisma in Good, Bad and the Ugly or just call to mind his towering cool action figure in Unforgiven. Being nominated and awarded several times for Academy award for best actor he is really the most versatile and gifted action hero in Hollywood with highest international fame and recognition.

Jean Claude Van Damme

If you want to name and rate the action heroes in Hollywood simply by power, machismo and charismatic presence on the celluloid screen apart from acting brilliance, acrobatic action, stunt and other feats Van Damme would be an irreplaceable choice. He is also the actor with some of the highest grossing martial art films in his career. The long list of the films in his star studded career include some of the top action movies of all time like Bloodsport, Double Impact, Nowhere to Run, Hard Target, Timecop, Kung Fu Panda2 and many more.

Yes, to your amazement we have finished our list of the greatest action heroes of all time. We know you were expecting to see so many great names through whom you have touched your aspirations on the celluloid, but we just could not enlist all of them here. You certainly understand the stupendous task of such selection and you understand the risk that one always runs in going through such task.

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