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Career Jobs in Disaster Management

Career Jobs Disaster Management

Careers in disaster management

The career in the field of disaster management is becoming more and more an immensely lucrative one for the students of this era. The fact's that there is all the scope of earning in torrents. At the same time you can also have the serene pleasure of having done something for the greater cause of the society. Today there is great demand of talented as well as dedicated youth who will exert their abilities in this field. In India the scope of this discipline is high because there are some regions which are susceptible or open to the threats levels. The ministry of home affairs looks after the entire proceedings. It is the upshot of undaunted efforts of the ministry of home affairs that there are so many scopes for upcoming jobs in this sector. Therefore if you are eyeing for a career in disaster management in India in the present scenario of the job market then you are making a smart move.

Education & training which are available for the job profile

Proper education as well as training is highly important in this job profile. Therefore if you are eyeing for a smooth entry in this profession it is better that you start preparing from right now. To give a head start to your career in this particular and highly skill specific domain you will be required to make a great deal of planning. Therefore take all the initiatives you can since your schooling days. Gather all the information pertaining where as well as how the quality education is being served on this particular subject. In India too the scope of studying this particular discipline has seen an exponential rise. As a matter of fact, in the 10th five year plan of the Indian government does make a lot of room for the swift advancement of the discipline as a whole. According to this latest schedule the course of smart disaster management is actually part of the academic disciplines of a good number of educational institutes and professional houses also. Therefore you will find plethora of information pertaining to the best institutes where you can carry on your study and research work. At the same time if you make a wish you can also avail some international degrees in this challenging yet well paid job profile.

In order to check some of the most recent and latest details pertaining to the job openings, as well as quality education programs which are offered in this domain you can log onto the sites such as National Institutes of Disaster Management or NIDM, CMS DATA, SMTC or disaster management training center, TERAPAD, the site of APDC . NET etc. you can also check out the virtual editions of different web minars, online seminars, conferences etc. they will do more than enough to help you out in achieving some practical knowledge in this particular domain where the importance of practical knowledge base in the candidate is a prerequisite or a must for rapid success. While checking out training manuals as well as other educational documents you make it a point that you learn as well as understand all the most essential methods of preventive measures.

In order to complete your education in the aspect of proper disaster management you must consider including the following facets such as

  • Proper training manual on the preparation for better disaster management
  • Administration jobs which will be required to carry out the functions smoothly
  • Proper management of disaster knowledge networks
  • Various risk management programs which will underpin your conceptualization on how to mete out or find a much better solution to a disastrous situation
  • Proper enlightenment on the various training modules pertaining to block disaster management programs
  • Understating the implementation of the methods in Indian context

If you are studying in schools and have a feeling or ambition to be an active part of this particular sector then you must be elated to learn that the Indian CDBSC Board of central board of secondary education gas made it a point to impart quality education pertaining to disaster management in its syllabus. Disaster management has been chosen as a part of the social science studies at schools. Students will get to learn about various methods pertaining to disaster management in the 9th as well as 10th standard. This particular educational facility will surely help you out in making the preliminary ground work which is highly necessary and is going to give you rich dividends in future years to come. The UNDP or United Nations development programs as well as the ministry of home affairs have been highly operative and helpful in this regard.

There are in fact a few very specific certification programs which will complete your educational background. They are as follows:

  • CDM or certification program in disaster management
  • PGDDM or post graduate diploma in disaster management
  • ASPC or Asian Disaster Preparedness College which is situated in Bangkok
  • University of North Bengal certified program on disaster management
  • National Civil Defense College Nagpur
  • Courses offered by the Center for disaster management
  • Disaster management training module certified by United Nations
  • Indira Gandhi National Open University certified course on disaster management

After completing these two specific educational program you area definitely going to obtain a great deal of help in your career in this field. They will present a bright profile of yours in front of the employers as well as NGOs.

Curriculum of the discipline

The curriculum of the study f disaster management is a highly specific one. As you make your first move into this domain you will have to face with a different variety of troublesome situations. Therefore it is tried that the course curriculum for this particular educational discipline makes room for the inclusion of all the real life situations that a hard working expert or professional in the field of disaster management will have to encounter. The course curriculum pertaining to this specific discipline not only focuses on specific situations it also makes its prime focuses on the ways or measures with which you can positively bring some smile to others.

Understanding the nature of the management of natural disaster

Understanding how to manage the workforce who will be working to fix the situation

Proper understanding of the major rescue operations

Proper understanding of the various characteristics or features of the disaster management activities

  • Important nodal training which is highly significant in this kind of a situation.
  • How to make proper as well as immediate response to a tensed situation?
  • How to take control of a situation?
  • Proper methods of monitoring voluntary activities on the site.
  • Preparations for prevention.
  • International standards in managing a disastrous situation.
  • Understanding disaster relief coordination.
  • Emergency management system.
  • Emergency methods training.
  • Proper methods of coordination with the government as well as non government bodies.

As a matter of fact it will not at all be a tough ordeal for enthusiast to carry on research work in terms of training manuals as well as study materials related to this field as there is a plethora of them available in the market as well as in virtual hubs. You can find a great deal of quality training materials as well as study mats in various publications. There are good books available with proper training manuals. At the same time you can gain easy access to a number of online courses. These courses are designed in easy formats so that candidates from diverse educational background can make use of them in proper fashion. These training manuals are real handy keeping the needs of the candidates in mind.

Different types of disaster management activities

There are in fact different types of disaster management activities which are there and are constantly performed by the rigorous teams of disaster management. Be it natural disaster or be it man made disaster the dedicated team of disaster management professionals always shave to be ready to prevent the ravages or cure the damages of the outcome of the disaster. They are always prepared to trim down or curb down the harsh and pathetic impact of the deadly mayhem.

The disaster management teams have to deal with different types of mayhems. For example they gave to take care of the:

  • Situations created by Forest fires
  • Situations created by Earthquakes,
  • Terrorist attacks on innocent people
  • The disaster management team has to make necessary arrangements for
  • Rescue and relief
  • Ensuring prompt rescue to the victims
  • Precautionary actions
  • Making sure that fast upturn or healing of the situation takes place
  • Proper and adequate management of a drought situation in any parts
  • Implementing mitigation plans
  • Trim down vulnerability
  • Create a proper platform for addressing severity issues as well as risks
  • Completing the cycles of disaster management
  • Establishing alternative communications modes and methods
  • Raising warnings to the areas which are still exposed to threats
  • Rebuilding various important infrastructures
  • Making all the effort to eradicate the major causes that are responsible for the mayhem situation
  • Making arrangement of training schedules
  • Looking after the aspect of Preparedness
  • Sustainable development which aims at long terms goals
  • Setting up camps in the affected areas and doing the needful to alleviate the pitiable condition of the suffering lot
  • Control the ravages made by the mayhem situation
  • Making use of satellite imagery systems to locate damaged areas

Prospects which are there in this field of disaster management

In the present scenario there is in fact no denying of the fact that there is a great deal of job options in this particular sector. As an active member of this particular sector you can expect to bag high paying job ether in the government sector or in the private sector or in some well respected NGOs. It can be any of the sector but your prospects are high in terms of salary as well as other ancillary benefits. You have to understand that you are being part of the most specific sector where the importance of corporate social responsibility is supreme. Therefore you have to inculcate this quality or asset in you. The more you can develop this train in you and the better you can possibly put off or showcase these traits to your prospective employers the more will be your chances to reach the acme of success in this particular field. At the same time you have to have enough proof or record with you that will showcase that you have attended a number of workshops as well as training facilities. It is definitely going to enhance the chances of a rapid growth prospects in this field. You can make your niche in this domain as a scientist, social worker, expert of IT or information technology, an engineer of high rank, a professional planer for the recovery out of a disaster, a worker who will take care of the rehabilitation parts, disaster mitigation experts in environmental studies, experts in the domains of medical health etc.

Aptitude or Personal skills of a disaster management professional

Having the right kind of attitude is an important asset for the job.. it is important that the incumbent who is eying for a job in this challenging field of disaster management is helpful by nature. That person must have the understanding that he or she has a solemn responsibility to perform towards the society. Without a highly positive attitude and as feeling for the humanity you cannot make it real big in this filed. It is a particular jobs in emergency management where you need to be internally driven to perform an act for a greater cause.

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