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Aguas Azules city of Panama
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City: Aguas Azules. Latitude and Longitude of the city Aguas Azules is 7.41667 / -80.5167

Here is the latest Map of Aguas Azules city:

Country: Panama

City: Aguas Azules

Latitude and Longitude of Aguas Azules

Latitude: 7.41667

Longitude: -80.5167

What is Latitude and Longitude of Aguas Azules in other units?

Latest News from Aguas Azules, Panama

Powerful quake jolts Panama-Costa Rica border - 20 Nov 2008
Panama City, Nov 20 (IANS) A powerful earthquake measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale struck the Panama-Costa Rica border region Wednesday, but there were... to the Geoscience Institute at Panama University, the quake took place 10 km

Panama Canal earns record $2 bn in 2008 - 16 Oct 2008
Panama City, Oct 16 (IANS) The Panama Canal linking the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans, one of the busiest man-made waterways, has earned a record $2 billion... in the fiscal year 2007, which at the time was a record, the Panama Canal Authority said

Isthmus of Panama formed as result of plate tectonics - 01 Jan 2008
that the Isthmus of Panama was most likely formed by a Central American Peninsula... of the Gaillard Cut of the Panama Canal.  The results show that instead of being... as scientists previously believed, the Isthmus of Panama was first a peninsula

Somali forces storm hijacked ship, free crew - 15 Oct 2008
Mogadishu, Oct 15 (DPA) Security forces in the semi-autonomous Puntland region of Somalia have stormed a hijacked Panama-flagged cargo ship and rescued the crew with no fatalities, officials said Tuesday. The ship, which was carrying

Insect warning colours may help in cancer drug discovery - 01 Jan 2008
Washington, July 9 (ANI): Researchers at Smithsonian's Tropical Research Institute in Panama have revealed that brightly coloured beetles or butterfly larvae nibbling on a plant may signal the presence of chemical compounds active against

Archaeological evidence reveals existence of the real Robinson Crusoe - 30 Oct 2008
, was marooned on the island of Aguas Buenas (now renamed Robinson Crusoe Island), in 1704..., "The evidence uncovered at Aguas Buenas corroborates the stories of Alexander Selkirk's stay... there."  "We hope that Aguas Buenas, with careful management, may be a site enjoyed

Somalian pirates hijack Mumbai-bound ship, crew reported safe - 01 Jan 2008
New Delhi, Sept 17 (ANI): The 22-member crew, including 18 Indians, of a ship abducted by Somalian pirates, is reported to be safe.  The Coast Guard PRO Commandant Kulpreet Yadav has confirmed that the Panama-owned oil tanker MT Stolt

Scientists grow disease resistant banana plant - 30 Oct 2008
to fusarium wilt, or Panama disease.   The gene stops cells dying when

Limited funds for disaster relief in Latin America, Caribbean: UN - 12 Dec 2008
such as Mexico, Panama and Cuba, which in the past had not requested for financial aid

UN Security Council elects new non-permanent members - 18 Oct 2008
respectively, will replace South Africa and Panama.   Elections for non

Somali pirates release Greek ship - 13 Dec 2008
whether the owners of the Panama-flagged ship paid a ransom for the release

Fossil and molecular evidence reveals history of major marine biodiversity hotspots - 01 Jan 2008
of scientists from Australia, Spain, USA, UK, Holland, Malaysia and Panama.  

Torrential rains badly affect banana cultivation in Allahabad - 01 Jan 2008
get dry from inside and the crops become black. Diseases like panama start

Secondary forests are worth saving as they can show signs of biodiversity - 21 Jan 2009
of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) in Balboa, Panama, and Helene Muller

Use of some biofuels may be a costlier affair than fossil fuel - 05 Jan 2008
Institute in Panama write in Science under How Green is Biofuels , ??Regarless of how

Invasive plant species predate humans' arrival on Galapagos Islands - 01 Jan 2008
is essential to conservation efforts.  Since the Bishop of Panama landed

Drivers of tropical deforestation are changing, say scientists - 01 Jan 2008
Institute in Panama. The researchers argue that the sharp increase

Genetic study confirms discovery of new fish in Pacific waters - 01 Jan 2008
separated by present-day Panama, they were the same species.  Since that time

Navy awaits Centre's clearence to establish piracy-response system - 01 Jan 2008
the Panama-owned merchant oil tanker with 18 Indian crew on board and the ships

Arjun Atwal wins Chattanooga Classic - 20 Oct 2008
performances in the year 2008 have been tied second at the Movistar Panama Championship

Somali pirates hijack cargo ship with 23 crewmen - 16 Nov 2008
company and registered in Panama, was seized by gunmen Saturday.   

Panamanian termite's fastest 'mandible strike' can kill nest invaders in one hit on head - 25 Nov 2008
neurobiology laboratory in Panama, which was established by a donation from the Frank

10 new amphibian species discovered in Colombia - 03 Feb 2009
with Panama.  The expedition was led by herpetologists from Conservation

Zardari set to get 3 million pounds richer from sale proceeds of Surrey Palace - 01 Jan 2008
in Panama and the British Virgin Islands.  The purchasers were three Isle

Scientists discover secret of rainforests survival - 10 Dec 2008
Nature Monument in Panama showed that areas treated with molybdenum withdrew more

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