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Gbontépleu city of Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
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City: Gbontépleu. Latitude and Longitude of the city Gbontépleu is 6.97194 / -8.23639

Here is the latest Map of Gbontépleu city:

Country: Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

City: Gbontépleu

Latitude and Longitude of Gbontépleu

Latitude: 6.97194

Longitude: -8.23639

What is Latitude and Longitude of Gbontépleu in other units?

Latest News from Gbontépleu, Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

Lifetree achieves yet another milestone - 29 Jul 2008
Ramadan, MD, Oricel, Ivory Coast. “The faith shown by Oricel in Lifetree... will repeat our success story in Ivory Coast as well. We will enable Oricel... operation in Ivory Coast and are looking forward to rolling out GSM and GPRS services

Lifting ivory ban would threaten elephants with extinction - 01 Jan 2008
London, July 12 (ANI): The world trade in ivory, banned 19 years ago to save..., with the emergence of China as a major ivory buyer, which could spark off a new wave of elephant... Chinese demand for ivory, in the form of trinkets, name seals, expensive carvings

China's return to ivory trade poses threat to future of wild elephants in Africa and Asia - 01 Jan 2008
buyer of ivory at a UN (United Nations) meeting in Geneva, provoking widespread... Trade in Endangered Species (Cites), gives China the right to buy ivory auctioned... will provide a substantial opportunity for the laundering of illegal ivory, and provide

Coast guard acquires indigenous Offshore Patrol Vessel - 01 Jan 2008
Patrol Vessel for the Coast Guard on July 4. Bharti Kumar, wife of Secretary... being built at Goa Shipyard Limited for Coast Guard. The vessel is equipped... of the Coast Guard.  "There are a variety of weapon systems and platforms

Pamela Anderson set to cause commotion in Gold Coast's KFC - 01 Jan 2008
a huge commotion in Gold Coast's KFC this week. The former Playboy bunny, who..., will be on the Big Brother show on the Gold Coast. After leaving the house, Anderson plans to visit a Gold Coast KFC restaurant on July 10 to protest against the fast

ONGC plans Integrated Offshore Processing unit in Eastern Coast - 01 Jan 2008
the coast of Andhra Pradesh, oil major Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited...-Processing unit' near Kona coast in its east Godavari District. The Integrated... andP) efforts on the east coast, which is increasing rapidly. ONGC has

Pamela Anderson attacks Gold Coast KFC's treatment of chickens - 01 Jan 2008
Melbourne, July 10 (ANI): Canadian born actress Pamela Anderson stormed a Gold Coast KFC outlet to present a petition against poultry farming practices in Australia, bringing both her cause and KFC priceless publicity.  Anderson

Biomass of parasites exceeds that of top predators in Pacific Coast estuaries - 01 Jan 2008
Washington, July 24 (ANI): In a study of parasites living in three estuaries on the Pacific coast of California and Baja California in the US, researchers have determined that biomass of these parasites exceeds that of top predators

Typhoon causes massive destruction in Japanese coast - 14 Jul 2007
hit North Korea coast

2,600 yr old Italian tomb reveals ancient trade network - 01 Jan 2008
on the eastern Italian coast has helped archaeologists to piece together the vast... that an extensive network of contact and trade once linked this section of the Adriatic coast... Egyptians tombs. Among the other items contained in the tomb were pendants of ivory

DNA forensics may prevent elephant poaching - 01 Jan 2008
elephant DNA from confiscated ivory could be an important tool to help wildlife... to protect dwindling elephant populations and curb the illegal ivory market... strong tendency to ship ivory out of a different country than where it's poached

Japan-US joint missile defense exercise at the Japanese coast - 10 Jul 2007
by the recently held joint missile defense exercises off Japanese coast at sea

"Trashing the dress", brides' latest trend to show commitment to hubby! - 01 Jan 2008
Melbourne, July 22 (ANI): The dazzling cream, white or ivory wedding dresses supposed to be kept in a locker as a mark of the special day, are being destroyed by brides Down Under - as a part of new trend called "Trash the dress". 

Footie style-punishments for Oz club cricket sledgers from this season - 01 Jan 2008
to be introduced in Gold Coast cricket clubs this season to prevent sledging. The Gold Coast system, approved by Queensland's umpiring coach David Orchard, - will involve... down on the behavioural problems we have had in cricket on the Gold Coast

Queenslanders among folks who live longest in the world - 01 Jan 2008
Melbourne, July 3 (ANI): Women on Queensland's Sunshine Coast have the longest... that women on the Sunshine Coast live to an average of 84.7 years, followed... for women:  1. Sunshine Coast (84.7 years) 2. Upper Great Southern (WA

The giant lobster that could be 100 years old! - 01 Jan 2008
London, July 21 (ANI): A giant lobster that has been caught off the British coast could be 100 years old, according to experts. At 5.8kg (12.8lb), it was so heavy it broke the winch on the fishing boat of two fishermen, Jack Baker

Need to reach humanitarian effort to nature's victim - 16 May 2008
Weeks after the devastating Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar coast in which more than 30,000 people are feared to have died and thousands more have gone missing, the humanitarian aid to the storm-hit nation has increased significantly

'Hudhud'cyclone is very severe, but not a 'super cyclone' - 12 Oct 2014
is expected to make a landfall near Visakhapatnam coast. It is noted... on the east coast as 'very severe' in scientific terms, but certainly not a 'super

India successfully tested interceptor missile system - 06 Dec 2007
Wheeler island near the coast of Orissa. This missile has a capacity... from Chandipur in Orissa Coast while AAD was fired from Inner Wheeler island which

Beijing Olympics opening ceremony too robotic - 01 Jan 2008
Sydney, Aug 11 (ANI): Australia's most prolific world record breaker, former Olympian and Gold Coast mayor Ron Clarke, has criticised the Beijing Olympic... remained the best he had seen. Due to his commitment as Gold Coast mayor

West Bengal and Bangladesh on Cyclone alert - 15 Nov 2007
cyclone hit the Orissa coast, but the fear of amount of disaster is still hanging... in West Bengal coast as it has subsequently headed away from Orissa coastline... Bengal-Bangladesh coast near the Sagar Islands by Friday. According to West

Curtains for Big Brother Down Under - 01 Jan 2008
Melbourne, July 14 (ANI): Failing to grab TRPs Down Under, reality TV show Big Brother will be shutting down after announcing its present series winner at the Gold Coast. Channel ten execs announced that Monday's show would be Big

Archaeologists save 3,500 yr old 'sauna' from destruction - 01 Jan 2008
Edinburgh, August 25 (ANI): A team of archaeologists has saved a 3,500-year-old structure in an island off the coast of Scotland, thought to have been used... of the Burnt Mound at Cruester, a Bronze Age site on the coast of Bressay facing Lerwick

First Persians made their way through the Persian Gulf on foot - 01 Jan 2008
of what is now the Iranian coast on the Persian Gulf.  Siraf dates back... has yielded ivory objects from east Africa, pieces of stone from India, and lapis

Five nations naval exercise indicates a strategic shift of power - 08 Sep 2007
Sep 08: The ongoing naval exercise called “Malabar Exercise” between five nations in the coast of Bay of Bengal including United States... practice in Indian coast and also heading towards a new military cooperation between

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