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Alta Lake city of Canada
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City: Alta Lake. Latitude and Longitude of the city Alta Lake is 50.1167 / -122.983

Here is the latest Map of Alta Lake city:

Country: Canada

City: Alta Lake

Latitude and Longitude of Alta Lake

Latitude: 50.1167

Longitude: -122.983

What is Latitude and Longitude of Alta Lake in other units?

Latest News from Alta Lake, Canada

Lake Ontario's human footprints date back to 11,000 yrs, not 100,000 years - 24 Nov 2008
a century ago in Lake Ontario, Canada, are 11,000 years old, not 100,000 years..., perhaps the first evidence of human habitation on Lake Ontario, but few recognized... of Lake Ontario to what is now downtown Toronto.  Back then, the shoreline

The Arctic was an enclosed freshwater lake until about 38 million years ago - 05 Jul 2009
that the Arctic was an enclosed freshwater lake until about 38 million years ago, when... a transition from lake to ocean conditions.  On the basis of new evidence from... and Claude Hillaire-Marcel from the Universite du Quebec a Montreal, Canada

Divers all set to confirm discovery of 1812 warship in Lake Ontario - 12 Jun 2009
Ottawa, June 12 (ANI): A team of divers is all set to plunge into Lake Ontario...;In collaboration with marine archeologists from Parks Canada, the divers plan... of a dramatic 1813 battle west of Toronto that helped thwart the U.S. invasion of Canada

Fish loses "armour" to survive in freshwater lake - 01 Jan 2008
Ottawa, August 29 (ANI): A new study by researchers from the University of British Columbia in Canada (UBC) has indicated that by shedding its bony "armour", the stickleback fish has managed to thrive in freshwater and outsize its marine

Wills-Kate take 'magical' canoe ride to Honeymoon Island in Canada - 07 Jul 2011
their tour when they stopped at Blachford Lake, deep in Canada's North West... spot dubbed Honeymoon Island during their Royal tour of Canada, and spent three... being picked up by aides, they described their kayak lake trip as "magical". 

Seven Indians become legislators in Canada's British Columbia - 14 May 2009
Vancouver, May 13 (IANS) Seven Indian Canadians were elected to the 79-member assembly in Canada's British Columbia province Wednesday. The outgoing assembly... Burnaby Deer-Lake as did Harry Bains of the opposition NDP from the Surrey-Newton

Cleanliness drive at Dal Lake - 27 May 2011
cleanliness drive to restore the glory of the famous Dal Lake, currently choked... deployed machines and labourer to clean the lake and make it a tourist attraction... in the past two years. We have started a cleanliness drive to clean the Dal Lake so

Waste management at Naini lake - 06 Dec 2008
designed waste management to restore the lost grandeur of the Naini Lake. ..., is named after Naini Lake, which enhances beauty of the township. With increasing inflow of tourists and urban waste making its way into it, Naini lake's water

Bhimtal Lake dries up in Nainital - 27 Jul 2009
Bhimtal (Uttarakhand), July 27 (ANI): The famous Bhimtal Lake, a perennial lake... and increasing levels of silt and pollution, threaten the existence of the lake, one of the ecological assets of the region. The lake once had massive bamboo

Renuka lake of Shimla decays - 31 Dec 2008
Shimla, Dec 31 (ANI): Famous Renuka Lake in Sirmour district, near Shimla... are alarmed. Besides, the people here are feeling hurt, as the water of the lake... places take the water with them. They also offer prayers to this lake and take bath

Opal-like crystals found for first time in meteorite - 04 Aug 2011
Washington, Aug 4 (ANI): Scientists have for the first time discovered opal-like crystals in the Tagish Lake meteorite, which fell to Earth in Canada in 2000. The crystals may have formed in the primordial cloud of dust that produced

Bhimtal lake in Nainital drying up - 01 Jan 2008
Nainital, Aug 1 (ANI): The famous Bhimtal Lake in Nainital is drying up due to pollution and increasing levels of silt. Earlier, the area around the lake... up of the lake. "Construction is going on in full swing to promote tourism

Famous Wular Lake gets a facelift with a garden - 10 Nov 2008
Srinagar, Nov.10 (ANI): An enchanting lake view garden, beautifully landscaped with flowerbeds, is the latest attraction at the Wular Lake as the Jammu... Srinagar. This 260 kms lake had always been a major attraction for the tourist

Insurgents affecting Loktak Lake development - 31 Jan 2010
Imphal, Jan 31 (ANI): Development of the Loktak Lake area of Manipur has been... that was being used to clear Phumdis, or floating bio-mass in the lake. ... to restrict militant activity in the Loktak Lake area. A soldier of 33 Assam

Wills-Kat to compete in Canada Dragonboat race - 22 Jun 2011
Lowther-Pinkerton, has revealed that their day on Canada's Prince Edward Island on July 4 will include a race across a lake - and it will be hands-on. ... - and they will race across the lake to the opposite bank where crowds will be gathered

Nainital schoolchildren to clean Bhimtal lake - 11 Dec 2009
, schoolchildren in Nainital have pledged to clean the Bhimtal lake during... the challenge to clean the Bhimtal Lake during their holidays. "People... thought that Bhimtal is known for its lake and in the summer time, natural

Manasbal Lake in Kashmir gets facelift - 17 Aug 2010
Kashmir's Manasbal lake and its adjoining garden to make it a tourist attraction... place in this area. Some new huts have been built up near the lake... been constructed in Manasbal area. It will enhance the beauty of the lake

Ansari, Indian entourage visit famous Lake Malawi - 09 Jan 2010
and the entourage accompanying him on his three-nation Africa tour visited Lake Malawi, the African continent's third largest lake on Friday. Occupying a fifth of Malawi, the lake is 575-km-long and at its widest point

Cleaning of Naini Lake begins in Nainital - 14 Aug 2010
Nainital, Aug 14 (ANI): Authorities began clean-up operations at the Naini Lake...;There are 62 sewage drains that open into the lake, and garbage strewn on the lakeside... the pipe and drains above the hills and falls in the Nainital Lake. There are 62

Space rock yields important "ingredient in kitchen" on Earth before life began - 27 May 2009
on a meteorite that fell into the Tagish Lake in Canada in the year 2000.  According to a report by BBC News, cold temperatures on the lake prevented the volatile... collected from Tagish Lake in Canada.  The scientists found levels of formic acid

Polutted Hussain Sagar lake threatening Hyderabad's environment - 11 Nov 2009
Hyderabad, Nov 11 (ANI): Rising pollution in Hyderabad's Hussain Sagar Lake is threatening the city's environment, experts have said. The lake... expressed serious concern over the lake"s high pollutant levels, with some living

Man drowns in Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh - 03 Nov 2008
Lake here Monday, the police said. Rajan Rastogi, a resident of Bartana... to Sukhna Lake with his friend Lakhveer Singh, a police officer told IANS. ... lost his balance and fell into the lake,' Singh said.  His friend

Encroachments threatening Dal Lake's beauty - 26 Nov 2010
of Srinagar's famous Dal Lake. Despite a ban on construction around the lake... government has imported machines at great cost for the lake's cleaning... implemented all these roads. Encroachment is banned in the Dal Lake area. Despite

Cops launch awareness drive to save Dal Lake - 12 Dec 2008
drive on the need to conserve Dal Lake in Srinagar and prompt the removal of encroachments in the green belt around the lake.  "Dal Lake is a significant landmark of Srinagar. Everyone here is concerned about the saving of the lake

Climate change threatens Siberian lake's ecological balance - 01 May 2009
that Siberia's Lake Baikal, the world's largest and most biologically diverse lake, faces the prospect of severe ecological disruption as a result of climate... in Russia. Lake Baikal is considered a treasure trove for biologists

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