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Phumi Prey Khpuos city of Cambodia
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City: Phumi Prey Khpuos. Latitude and Longitude of the city Phumi Prey Khpuos is 11.2 / 105.417

Here is the latest Map of Phumi Prey Khpuos city:

Country: Cambodia

City: Phumi Prey Khpuos

Latitude and Longitude of Phumi Prey Khpuos

Latitude: 11.2

Longitude: 105.417

What is Latitude and Longitude of Phumi Prey Khpuos in other units?

Latest News from Phumi Prey Khpuos, Cambodia

Large population of endangered monkeys discovered in Cambodia - 01 Jan 2008
of monkeys in Cambodia. According to a report released by WCS, there are 42,000... in Cambodia's Seima Biodiversity Conservation Area, which represents the largest... in Cambodia, conservation can and does work when you have government commitment

Cambodia awards the 'Royal Order of Sahametrei' to Dr. Chinkholal Thangsing - 22 Jan 2009
Phnom, Penh, Cambodia, Jan 22 (ANI/Business Wire India): The Royal Government of Cambodia has awarded its prestigious "Royal Order of Sahametrei" to Dr... by Royal Decree of His Majesty, the King of Cambodia.  This award recognizes

Cambodia marks 30th anniversary of Khmer Rouge's downfall - 07 Jan 2009
Phnom Penh, Jan 7 (DPA) Cambodia Wednesday marked 30 years since the downfall... Cambodia and ended the Khmer Rouge's bloody four-year reign.   ... in the parade, described the anniversary as a great day for Cambodia.   'I

Bullies now using cyberspace to attack their prey - 01 Jan 2008
Washington, Aug 3 (ANI): Bullies have moved over the school grounds and have found a new place to wield punches on their prey - the cyber world. "Cyberbullying," as it's now called, is like regular bullying except it's done online

Morgan Freeman falls prey to the curse of Batman! - 01 Jan 2008
London, Aug 5 (ANI): Dark Knight actor Morgan Freeman was the fourth to fall prey to the jinxed movie, after he was seriously injured in an accident in Mississippi.  After Heath ledger's and a film technician's death and Bale's arrest

Young Julie Walters almost fell prey to a paedophile - 01 Jan 2008
London, Aug 5 (ANI): Legendry film actress Julie Walters has revealed in her autobiography that she almost fell prey to a paedophile when she was 10 years old. Walters, who grew up in Smethwick, West Midlands was so shocked

Dispute over 25-cm land leads to murder, suicide - 06 Nov 2008
Phnom Penh, Nov 6 (DPA) A dispute over a 25-centimetre strip of land in Cambodia ended with a man murdering his brother and sister-in-law and then committing suicide, media reports said Thursday. Police in Prey Kanlaong province said

Rare plants and endangered species at risk from traditional medicine in Cambodia and Vietnam - 01 Jan 2008
species such as tigers are at risk from traditional medicine in Cambodia....  "The supply of many wild animals and plants for medicine in Cambodia... in traditional medicine systems in Cambodia" examined the use of wildlife products

Dogs have evolved to chase prey, cats to creep - 04 Dec 2008
Washington, Dec 4 (ANI): While dogs depend on an energy-efficient style of running over long distances to catch their prey, cats seem to have evolved... in my view." "But cats need to creep up on their prey. Most scientists

Cambodia, Thailand begin border talks - 11 Nov 2008
step in resolving the border issue,' Var Kimhong, head of Cambodia's border... high after Cambodia's ancient Hindu temple Preah Vihear was awarded world... temple and its surrounding area belong to Cambodia

Bats can detect rustling sounds of prey despite highway background noise - 01 Jan 2008
up rustling sounds produced by its prey, even against the background noise... no obvious problems locating their rustling prey against the traffic background... rattling reed beds, the bats seemed to find it difficult to locate their prey

Humpback whale's high-speed dive maximizes prey catch - 28 Nov 2008
its chances of catching prey. The research was undertaken by Jeremy... forces the blubber to expand around a large volume of prey-laden water, which... level of dense krill patches to maximize prey catch for its energy expenditure

Cambodia claims Thailand violated its airspace - 15 Oct 2008
, but there were casualties on both sides,' Hang Soth, the director-general of Cambodia's... of Cambodia's Preah Vihear authority, he said.   He said there were casualties

Hindu temple Thai, Cambodia tense military stand-off continues - 01 Jan 2008
is in Si Sa Ket province, to the west of the ancient temple that Cambodia has... is the makeshift Wat Viharn temple that Cambodia built in the disputed area in 2001... political crisis, and nationalism is looming as a factor in Cambodia's general

Bosses resign as Dexia falls prey to credit crunch - 01 Jan 2008
Brussels/Paris, Sep 30 (DPA) The bosses of Dexia stepped down Tuesday after the struggling Franco-Belgian bank became the latest victim of the global credit crunch and was bailed out by three European governments.

Bosses resign as Dexia falls prey to credit crunch - 06 Oct 2008
Brussels/Paris, Sep 30 (DPA) The bosses of Dexia stepped down Tuesday after the struggling Franco-Belgian bank became the latest victim of the global credit crunch and was bailed out by three European governments.

Predatory bacteria attack in 'military-style' waves - 30 Oct 2008
'military-style' attack in a swarm against their prey, before gobbling them up... the inside out and creates a rippling pattern as the swarm moves through the prey... the prey.'  'It may be that we can modify this predator-prey relationship

Pakistan Super League next year may fall prey to ICC Champions Trophy - 01 Jan 2008
Islamabad, Sep 13 (ANI): The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is unlikely to hold the Pakistan Super League (PSL) next September due to clash of dates as the ICC Champions Trophy is also scheduled to be held in September or October 2009.

Cambodian couple literally saw house in half after separation - 09 Oct 2008
London, Oct 9 (ANI): A married couple in Cambodia literally cut their house in half after they decided to go their own separate ways. One half of the house was cut off by the husband and towed away to the other side of the village

Rs.1.3 mn stolen from Ludhiana farmer - 31 Dec 2008
Ludhiana, Dec 31 (IANS) A farmer from this industrial city of Punjab Wednesday fell prey to a thief's prank and lost nearly Rs.1.3 million. The farmer, Iqbal Singh Gill, and his son took out money from a bank on the Mall Road here

Glow worms can switch on and off to a daily biological rhythm - 01 Jan 2008
Canberra, September 1 (ANI): An Australian researcher has found that glow worms can switch their prey-caching light on and off to a daily biological rhythm... cells in the rear end of the animal produce light that is used to attract prey

Scientist unravels invisibility cloak of creatures - 16 Jan 2009
Washington, Jan 16 (IANS) Cuttlefish and chameleons could teach Harry Potter a thing or two about becoming invisible, either as predator or as prey. Roger... easily detect the pattern, it won't recognise it as prey.   Disruptive

Malaria outbreaks in Kanpur - 01 Jan 2008
Kanpur, August 24 (ANI): Malaria outbreaks in Kanpur with reports of at least 500 people falling prey to high fever and many succumbing to the vector spread disease. Over the past few days, several cases of malaria have been reported

Snail toxin could provide relief from pain - 24 Oct 2008
Sydney, Oct 24 (IANS) The toxins with which cone snails immobilise their prey, could potentially offer better pain relief in the future, according to research. Neuroscientists at University of Queensland's Brain Institute (QBI) have

Former Khmer leader detained; presented today before Tribunal - 12 Nov 2007
them to Cambodia's UN-backed genocide tribunal to face the charges that is yet... with his wife Leng Thirtieth and brought them to Cambodia's UN-backed genocide... political party of Cambodia and later renamed as the Democratic Kampuchea

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