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Tips for Stress Free Moving of a Household

It is always exciting to move into a new home, your dream home, but sometime "moving part" can become a stressful and traumatic event. Imagine your dear coffee table getting scratched or favorite dinner plates getting chipped. It is necessary to pre-plan things before you move out including both the packing and unpacking part so that it does not become a headache at the eleventh hour.

If you work in a planned manner and organize everything, moving in will be easy and stress-free.

Here are few tips and tricks for a stress-free moving of household:

  1. First and foremost don't leave anything to the last minute. It becomes easy if you start packing stuff 6-8 weeks before you move. Go slow and small, pack little things, clean away one area at a time, throw away unwanted things.
  2. When you start packing stuff, you will come across lot of things that have been there occupying space for years. Though it is difficult to get rid of stuffs of your past but try to think are they important in your future. It is necessary to get rid of things that are not really important. By getting rid of it, doesn't mean throwing away. One can always go for charity, if such things can help others in need then why not give it to them.
  3. Donate unwanted items to a charity.
  4. Packing things requires boxes, lots and lots of boxes. One can buy these boxes from packing companies and supermarkets. You will also need strong tape for packing and marker pens for labeling contents on the side of the boxes.
  5. Most delicate things to pack are Dishes, glass items, plates, lamps, cups and glasses. They should be packed very carefully. Use foam peanuts and Styrofoam pellets or wrap them up in newspaper or bubble. Blankets, cushions and pillows can also be used to wrap breakable items. Mark the boxes as "delicate" or "fragile" in which you pack this stuff.
  6. Important documents like passports, legal paperwork, financial documents, birth certificates etc. should be kept in a separate bag and always keep it with you during the move.
  7. Label your boxes with number and note down the number of boxes in a notebook to create a log to identify and track the total number of boxes.
  8. If you are using newspaper to wrap up things, remember the ink can leave stains on clothes or glass material.
  9. Pack one room at a time.
  10. Keep the weight of your boxes under check, you won't want back pain after the moving in is finished, Carrying heavy boxes is difficult, so pack things in medium-sized boxes or small boxes.
  11. Delicate items must be wrapped three or four pieces at a time with crumpled packing paper and wrapped individually.
  12. Electronics items can be kept in original cartons, if available. If not pack these things in cartons surrounded by old blankets. Cords should be wrapped individually.
  13. Wrap small paintings, mirrors, and pictures with paper and place on edge in boxes.
  14. To help you in packing stuff call your friends, as it can be a way to spend time with them and workload on you can get off a little.
  15. One can also hire professional packers that will pack every small and big thing with utmost care and will also unpack things for you.
  16. While unpacking, do not hurry, open one box at a time. Place the things inside it wherever you want in your new house. It can be beneficial if you already have a little idea of where to put big things like drawers, coffee table, TV, etc.

Though moving a complete household can be a hectic work, planning little things and organizing the way to carry out the moving part can make moving a household a lot stress free and easy.



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